God bless America (et blesse les non-américains?)

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God bless America (et blesse les non-américains?)

Post by admin » Tue Sep 19, 2006 3:25 pm

People say "In God we trust" when their actions clearly show that they only believe in Gold (or the dollar sign).

People say "God bless America" when God did not create any political boundaries.

This God favoring America or Israel or any other country on Earth is pure bull from some people's imagination.

That is man projecting himself onto God, for selfish purposes and building rationalizations for screwing other people.

No one should ever need to say "God bless America" if he truly believes in the mercy of God and divine justice. "America" was forged out of deception, thievery, murder, genocide, dehumanization, slavery, and total exploitation. In blessing America, does God implicitly bless the deception, the thievery, the murders, the genocides, the dehumanization, the enslavement, and the radical exploitation of men out of which that "America" was created?

Also I was raised to believe that America was a continent, not a country.

If there is a God, he is universal. If there is a God, we are all children of God.

If there is a God, then to his eyes the rape of a poor woman in Cite Soleil is no less horrific than the potential rape of the Queen of England.

If there is a God... yes, there is God. He does not belong to any one of us, She does not belong to any people. That would be tribal, far too limiting for any God deserving our love...fear...respect. If there is a God... s/he is unlike any man-made god.

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