Haitian Diaspora in the USA

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Haitian Diaspora in the USA

Post by T-dodo » Thu Aug 11, 2005 8:05 am


La Diaspora Haitienne aux USA
Environ 80 % de la diaspora haitienne vivant aux USA habite la région de New York et de la Floride.

World Bank (1998 Report) : 872,000 Pop of Haiti in the USA

HAFED (Haitian American for Economic Development- 1997) : 1,128,798

Center for International & Strategic Studies - 1996 : 1,000,000


Avoirs des familles haitiennes vivants aux USA, par classe économique.

Classe de familles
Nombre de familles
Avoirs des familles
Pourcentage des avoirs totaux

$ 49 milliards

Moyenne supérieure
$ 60 milliards

$ 11 milliards

$ 5 milliards


: Estimation NOAH


A friend of mine sent me the following message via the Internet that I post above. After reviewing the data, although some are estimates, I found them so inconsistent that I question their validity even though some of the sources, such as the World Bank, are reputable institutions. I wonder what you think? Also, if some of you have some more reliable data, I would like your posting them so that we can compare them to those here in order to assess the reliability of these numbers.

1. I always questioned the estimate of about 1 million Haitians living in the USA. The reason is that raw data suggest otherwise. For example, the 2000 census found about 149,000 haitians living in South Florida (Dade & Broward counties). It is easily beleivble that the New York and Miami areas have the most concentration of Haitians living in the USA. Assuming the New York/New Jersey area have 1/3 more people than the
Miami area (about 200,000) as the report suggests, that would mean there are twice more Haitians (about 500 to 700,000) living outside of the Miami and NY areas. That sounds very unlikely!

2. The number of families they posted below (nombre de familles) add up to 500,000. Unless the average family has two members, this sounds unlikely as well. Haitian families would have at least the husband, wife, and some kids. Perhaps, they mean number of persons instead.

3. Assuming they mean number of persons intead of number of families that total 500,000 (which to me is more likely or closer to the number of Haitians living in the USA). If that is the case it is inconsistent with the data published at the beginning of the report whereby the smallest estimate of the haitian population in the USA is 872,000.

4. When they say diaspora, do they include children of Haitian immigrants who were born in the USA?

5. Let's look at the assets (avoirs) of the family published. Do they mean networth o
r just the assets of the family or person? I wonder how did they arrive at that number?

6. Let's assume for the elite in the diaspora, 3000 families or people owning assets worth of $49 billion. That would mean each family or person owns an average of $16 million. That may be very high.

7. The report also estimates that the average middle class (Moyenne-Moyenne of 262,000 families) own $11 billion of assets or an average of $41,985 per person or family. What makes this group an average middle class, unless they mean the median, when the low middle class (Moyenne-Inferieure of 74,000 families) own $5 billion of assets or an average of $67,568 per family or person, which is hgher than the $41,985 average assets owned by the Moyenne-Moyenne class? If they mean the statistics median of the population, referring to moyenne-moyenne, then they cannot call the top 1% the elite. The world elite refers to wealth or talents.

I have more observations and I will reserve them for after I read the who
le report.

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Thu Aug 11, 2005 8:16 am

The way you are with numbers, I can see you in a corner of a Super Market and controlling the prices (just kidding)!

Anyway, I can't wait to see what will come next?? Interesting.


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