A Letter From Br. Francklin Armand

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A Letter From Br. Francklin Armand

Post by Barb » Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:52 pm


Dear Friends of my country and the world,

I finally have the courage to take a pen to write these few lines. I am collapsed, overwhelmed, annihilated, wiped out, hurting, that's alii can say. I thank God for allowing me to live in my flesh and see first hand this incredible and terrifying phenomenon that is an earthquake of 7.1 on the "Richter" Scale.

To see with my own eyes, the collapse of hundreds of thousands of houses, with the dead littering the streets of the Capital, people turned upside down wandering the Capital without knowing where to go.

A friend who is very dear, after the earthquake walked at least 7 kilometers to come tell me: "Francklin, I have no house." Then he said "Goodbye. That is all I have to tell you." And, he left immediately to go back. This friend, in normal times would not act like that. It's a sign that his mind is totally disturbed.

The number of people who are losing their minds are numerous. Friends from all over call me and say: I have no more house, my children are dead. I lost two, three, four children, my husband, my wife ... Another friend called me and said: My cousin, her husband and their children are buried under the rubble of their homes.

Am I in a dream?

Have I become suddenly alien? Is this really what I see with my eyes and what people are telling me? The main infrastructure of our Catholic Church in Port au Prince and some Province cities were completely razed with the dead unnameable and innumerable. The Cathedral of Port au Prince, sign of Church pride, is totally in ruins, our Metropolitan Archbishop and many members of our church: Our Archbishop, Bishop, priests, religious women and men, laypersons, teachers, pupils, employees, coworkers are snuffed out, not to mention the abysmal property damage.

At Petite Place Cazeau, we saw the deluge of neighbors turned upside down, running everywhere, dead and more dead. I cannot forget the image of a young person dying in my presence in the yard of his family under a tree, a young doctor gave him a transfusion. The Little Committee that we have gathered and we, unable to breathe because of the pestilential odor of corpses, have taken the decision to bury the many dead in our Francoise and Rene de la Serre School, in a hole dug for the storage of garbage. The trauma was such that parents did not come, each one came and threw the remains that was theirs and left to not assist in this tragic scene: The burial of a relative on this occasion is inhuman and bestial. Suffering can be read on the silent faces of people who no longer have the courage to smile within a country where a smile is part of Haitian courtesy.

But, in face of all this, My God, what do you want, what do you want to say to us? I know even in my guts that you are the God who loves us, creates us, saves us, forms us, sends us.

I know that the Church is yours, you love with an unconditional love, free and without prejudice. You have no pretense and scheming in You. You are the God of goodness and mercy. Your justice and mercy is fitting for all humans. You are a Mystery. Your Grace is also a mystery. But is not evil also a Mystery?

I will never understand you, nor your Grace, also. I am not trying to understand this mortal evil that fell upon us so suddenly, killing us, humiliating us, putting us on our knees, but we know that evil is not the last word: Love believes all things, understands all things, accepts all things ... Jesus, Your Son, told us: Have courage, I have overcome the world.

My God, thank you for what you are, what you do. We love you as you love us. Our lives and our spirits are in your hands.


PS- At this moment, we are organizing the evacuation of Port au Prince persons to take them to the Provinces. In this regard, we are in direct touch with the French Embassy which is helping us to concretely actualize this. At Petite Place Caseau, 700 persons are gathered and we foresee with a caterer to feed 2000 persons. In the Central Plateau: Pandiassou, Thomonde, Papaye: gather 3000 persons. Committees are forming to prepare to welcome these persons. In another step, young students and others are going to be mobilized to organize and work on producing future food sources.

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The original message was posted in French earlier on this forum, but thanks for posting the English translation.

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