Double alarm on the eve of Haiti's independence day

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Double alarm on the eve of Haiti's independence day

Post by Guysanto » Sun Dec 31, 2006 7:25 am

[quote]It does not take much analysis to realize that the November 22 U.N. attack on Cité Soleil (Haiti) had NOTHING TO DO WITH COMBATING KIDNAPPINGS. If it did, you would have seen released hostages and arrested kidnappers whom they would be too happy to display for the media.

Obviously this latest attack (conducted at 3 in the morning !!) can happen because a disturbing number of terrorized (shock and awe) Haitians have lost their common sense due to the recent kidnapping spree and are willing to condone the sacrifice of thousands of human beings who happen to be too poor to live with a straight face some are pretending not to understand how barbaric and illogical this kind of action is.

Aren't there gangs in the U.S? When have you ever seen a whole neighborhood blasted in the U.S. on the excuse that they were looking for gangs? If these Site Soley people whose assassination is being dismissed as mere "collateral damage" were blond hair blue eye folks would they be shot like this in Haiti? Would their murder be so carelessly dismissed - "collateral damage!".

There have been a number of kidnapping cases in Petion-ville. It is known that some of Haiti's wealthy families have ties to the kidnapping gangs, should the U.N. helicopter flying at 3 a.m. and start blasting Morne Calvaire also?

IT IS A KNOWN FACT THAT THE POLICE IS A CORNESTONE OF THE KIDNAPPING INDUSTRY, is the solution to randomly execute police officers and claim the innocents caught in the lot are mere "collateral damage"?

If it is so easy to realize the absurdity of proposing using these blind strategies on folks who have "status" in the society, why is it so difficult to also understand that Cité Soleil - for all its ugliness - is a neighborhood. That means it inhabits HUMAN BEINGS - not flies, not rats, not pests, but thousands of human beings, including babies who never opted to be born in the mud of a racist and classist society.

Every time a person cheers their massacre, that person helps to reveal why it took so long for racial slavery to be abolished on this continent. Indeed, many were too happy with the privileges offered to them under the plantation system to ever challenge it. After all, for the whites, their standard of living depended on it. For the Affranchis, their privileges depended on it, and for the house negroes, the crumbs that fell off the masters' table depended on keeping his field brothers and sisters in the sub-human condition....

Thankfully, it came to pass that a significant enough number of house negroes and Affranchis came to their senses quick enough to join the struggle and help end racial slavery. This is the importance of the soup joumou that Mrs. Dessalines taught us to share every January 1. It is the communion, the sharing of what used to be a valued privilege that only the few had access to - not the slaves - the vast majority of human beings on the island. Exclusion we had to fight then, exclusion we have to fight now. The same way, the slave masters established a principle that African slaves were forbidden to eat soup joumou, the same way today a principle is being forced upon our logical minds that poor people are forbidden to live by the harbour front. IN OUR OWN LAND OF DESSALINES !!!!?? Adye !

Today, you and I are sleeping without bullets flying all over our heads... The child in Cité Soley, in addition to the mosquito flying dangerously over his weak body, carrying deadly malaria, he has to worry about the MINUSTAH coming to punish his father' family, his neighbor and his neighbors friend for the audacity of declaring themselves CITIZENS of Haiti. That is poor people who dare have a political opinion. Poor people who dare want what the U.S. embassy says is forbidden. Poor people who dare lift up their five fingers to remind the lazy political and economic "elites" that a presidential mandate is FIVE YEARS long and that it is ANARCHY to be constantly plotting coups d'état in a country that desperately needs political stability.

These poor people are being punished because they have the audacity to hold a huge MIRROR to the face of hypocrites who come to lecture them about democracy with machine guns in their hands. The mirror held by Haiti's poor is very disturbing indeed. It shows to the privileged class its true ugliness. Despite all the masks it uses to make itself look better, despite the efforts made to project all the ills of the nation unto the poor masses and whosoever associates with them at any given time, again and again the mirror reflects to the so-called elites and their foreign puppet masters that the true UGLINESS to be found inside Haiti resides not in Cité Soleil but inside the U.S. Embassy, in the Institut Français, inside the huge houses on top of the hill where too many human beings have allowed themselves to turn into insensitive vampires.

It does not have to be this way. No more than Apartheid in South-Africa had to have existed. It can change. It must change.

But, if in our laziness, if in our cowardice, we refuse to be intelligent; if, we refuse to use our creativity and our courage to come up with new solutions...rather that rehashing the same old repressive methods...used back in the late 50s against the "bandits" of Daniel Fignolé or in the late 40s against the "bandits of Dumarsais Estimé", or in the 1910s against the "bandits of Charlemagne Péralte", we will continue to have the same results.... lave men siye atè !

MINUSTAH killing babies in Cité Soley will not stop the kidnappings. No more than cutting someone's head will cure him from a headache. Doctors who prescribe you such remedies are CRIMINALS. And patients who accept such remedies are intelligent?

Peace with Justice ! (in 2007 and beyond)



and this report (in French) from a Canadian webiste: ... Ward_f.asp

(To my friends in Canada, please provide an English translation if one is avalable.)

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Post by jafrikayiti » Sun Dec 31, 2006 11:54 am


I am not sure an english version of this text exists but it is very symptomatic of the problem faced by our people in this weird season of our existence.

Reading this document, it is obvious through the many contradictions therein that Mr. Ward is a pilot who thinks he is a multi-talented genius.

For instance, he accurately identifies the conflict that exists between the Haitian Nation that is united through common ancestral heritage, religion and language....and a state where the French-based institutions are fake and do not serve the nation. Yet, what he is proposing as a solution is more of the same. A foreign tutelage that is expected to deliver better results on the uncertain premise that the "international community" has at heart the wellbeing of the Haitian people.

He writes: [quote]La logique de la solution de tutelle pour résoudre les problèmes actuels en Haiti est valable, mais elle repose sur une hypothèse fondamentale, celle de la volonté politique. Elle présume que la communauté internationale veut réellement atteindre les buts énoncés dans le mandat de la MINUSTAH et qu'elle est prête à tout mettre en œuvre pour y parvenir. Si ce n'est pas le cas, l'argument n'a pas de raison d'être, et nous assisterons à un cycle répété de mandats à court terme appliqués comme solutions temporaires pour surmonter la crise du moment.[/quote]

Duh !

In other words, we are dealing with a bunch of amateur Frankensteins who think that Haitians are laboratory rats with whom they can test whatever fantastic theory they have cooked up in their pastime.

So, if the experiment goes wrong....oh well....too bad...we had good intentions....sorry, my bad!

Meanwhile, the "collateral damages" keep piling up.

As I write this message another set of Frankensteins are meeting at the University of Toronto to design yet another solution to the "Haitian crisis". This time around it is Barbara McDougall who is playing the role of Tarzan to suggest how to save the natives of Haiti from themselves. I will post something about that meeting later on.

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Post by jafrikayiti » Sun Dec 31, 2006 12:12 pm

Please consider the following message, I received the other day about another special meeting being convened for Haiti's sake (of course !), once again by the good members of the "international community".


[quote]Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 11:16:53 -0500
From: Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs <>
Subject: January 30: Couchiching Round Table on Haiti with Barbara McDougall

January 30, 2007
University of Toronto Faculty Club

with the Honourable Barbara McDougall

The poorest country in the western hemisphere is Haiti -- the first independent democracy to be governed by ethnic Africans, but betrayed by a succession of repressive and incompetent leaders. Once rich in potential it now has depleted resources, polluted beaches, forests stripped of trees and a violent, slum-filled capital. Countless Haitians continue to flee to neighbouring Dominican Republic or points beyond, including Canada.

Yet Canada has never given up on this former French colony. Haiti is the second largest recipient of aid, after Afghanistan. Haiti's police force is being trained by Canadians, and Canada has played a key leadership role in the UN peacekeeping force. And now some say that things are just beginning to turn around.

Can the international community be convinced it can still make a difference in Haiti? Why does Canada have such a strong interest
in supporting democracy? What about human rights? Can newly elected René Préval heal the damage done by his predecessors, most recently Jean-Bertrand Aristide? Can the UN fulfill its mandate to establish security and a new governance structure?

The Honourable BARBARA McDOUGALL has considerable experience working on issues relating to Haiti. A member of the Washington-based Haiti International Assessment Committee, she has frequently travelled to Haiti over the past eighteen months, and has written about it often. Barbara has a lot of expertise in international affairs, particularly Canada¹s role in the world, having served as secretary of state for external affairs and minister of immigration.

So join us on JANUARY 30 for a rich discussion with Barbara about this poor little country.

$35 for CIPA members, $20 for CIPA student members;
$40 for nonmembers, $25 for students
Includes GST and hot and cold hors d'oeuvres
with wine from Henry of Pelham Family Estate


Call 416 494-1440, ext. 225, or e-mail <>, or
register online at <>. [/quote]

As you can see from its tone and structure, this announced "rich discussion" is unlikely to have anything to do with Haiti's wellbeing and only a select few will be in attendance. But, you may still be curious to know what exactly constitutes Barbara McDougall's great experience that qualifies her to speak so authoritatively about the people of "this poor little country"?

Exactly, one year ago, she was in the news (See December 15, 2005 Globe & Mail), stating with great authority: "We cannot abandon Haiti again" .

McDougall is with the Haiti International Assessment Committee established by the International Republican Institute (IRI), an infamous Washington-based organization that is well known by Haitians and other peoples who have known military coups d'état in their countries. ( )

In February 2001, as many as 5 days before Jean-Bertrand Aristide took the presidential oath in Haiti, the Washington Post revealed that the political hand of the bicentennial coup, "The Convergence Democratique" is lobbying for open CIA backing to overthrow Haiti's President.

« Convergence was formed as a broad group with help from IRI…it also includes former backers of the hated Duvalier family dictatorship and of the military officers who overthrew Aristide in 1991 …The most determined of these men…express their desire to see the U.S. military intervene once again…. to get rid of Aristide and rebuild the disbanded Haitian army… the CIA should train and equip Haitian officers exiled in the neighboring Dominican Republic so they could stage a comeback themselves» (Washington Post, February 2, 2001).

As we know, this is exactly what happened 3 years later, in February 2004 ! A group of thugs trained and equipped by the CIA, led by Guy Philippe and Louis-Jodel Chamblain, crossed the Haiti - Dominican Republic border and prepared the way for U.S. Marines to enter the Haitian President's residence and complete the regime change, discussed and planned years in advance, in CANADA.

All the while the Canadian Armed Forces secured the Toussaint Louverture Airport to facilitate the U.S. Marines' dirty work.

The participation of IRI in the bloody February 2004 coup was so deep that the matter was debated in the U.S. Congress and, eventually, it did cost a U.S. Ambassador his job. ( ... change.htm )

So Barbara McDougall's qualifications stem from her work for the International Republican Institute (IRI).

But to decode the language and find the real roots of these "rich discussions" about to take place in Waterloo, one should dig just a little deeper further into the history of Haiti and her relationship with her good neighbors.

[quote]Alleged Anarchy

The United States Government has wished to make it appear that it was forced on purely humane grounds to intervene in Haiti because of the tragic overthrow and death of President Vilbrun Guillaume, July 27–8, 1915, and that this government has been compelled to keep a military force in Haiti since that time to pacify the country maintain order. The fact is that for nearly a year before the coup d'état which overthrew Guillaume, the United States had been bringing pressure on Haiti to compel that country to submit to American control. " EXCERPT FROM: “The Truth about Haiti: An NAACP Investigation[/quote]”

Isn't it amazing how the current situation in Haiti and her people's relationship to what used to brazenly call itself the "white world" (now prefering to operate under the code name "international community"), throws at our faces the fact that so very little has changed over so many decades?

Couldn't the above excerpt be easily adapted, with little tweeking, to describe the 2006 occupation of Haiti, under U.N. cover?

But for all Canadians, especially those of us who are of African origin, the sad but inescapable conclusion that crass racism and hypocrisy is still at the heart of international politics is a tragic one.

Whereas throughout the 19th century, Haiti was under constant attack for ransom at the hands of French, German, Spanish and American naval fleets; In the 21st century, it seems that our very own Canada, a child of colonialism, wants to also have its fun playing bully on the vulnerable Haitian State which so many are eager to declare "failed". So, entered the "Ottawa Initiative on Haiti" whereby, on January 31 and February 1, 2003, in Gatineau, a few members of the "international community" met to decide the overthrow of the Haitian President by January 1, 2004. According to journalist Michel Vastel, it was very important to them that this coup d'état takes places before the bicentennial celebrations of the overthrow of racial slavery by the Africans of Haiti ( ). Here again, history would show that nothing is really new: "in 1805, one year following Haiti's declaration of freedom and independence, French foreign minister Prince Charles Talleyrand wrote to U.S. Secretary of State James Madison "The existence of a Negro people in arms is a horrible spectacle for all white nations"? Back then, the United States answered this open call to white supremacist solidarity by banning trade with Haiti in 1806 and renewing its embargo in 1807 and 1809.

Today, as occupied Haiti falls into the worst crisis it has ever known as a result of the coup d'état planned in Canada, her self-appointed saviours are once again calling a meeting so they may better jump to the rescue of what they tell us is "the first independent democracy to be governed by ethnic Africans, but betrayed by a succession of repressive and incompetent leaders".

Indeed, it is suicidal for a Haitian to let his or her children believe there is such a thing as Santa Claus.

January 1, 2007 should be a day of awakening for us sons and daughters of Dessalines. We ignore these provocations for Jane and Tarzan at our own peril because they are completely drunken by their own delusions and actually think they are for real.

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