Neocolonists inciting political instability is the problem

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Neocolonists inciting political instability is the problem

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The legacy of impunity in Haiti by Marguerite Laurent, HLLN, Haitian Perspectives, Oct. 30, 2006

Political security is Haiti biggest problem. It is this political instability that is primarily responsible for the legacy of impunity, endemic poverty and violence in Haiti. This political instability is due to what HLLN calls neocolonialism - the diplomatic, military and economic efforts of the former colonists and enslavers, who with their black opportunists in Haiti, work feverishly to limit Haitian independence and sovereignty, binding Haiti to endless foreign debt, dependency and domination.

In a recent Miami Herald interview, Haitian President Rene Preval succinctly stated how violence, crime, corruption and incompetence are not innate and particular to the Haitian citizenry. He said:

“…It's not insecurity that makes people not come and invest in Haiti. There is an inordinate amount of kidnappings, if not more, in other countries whose names I won't mention. The problem in Haiti is a lack of political security ... Once you can guarantee that there is political stability, that another government is not going to come and change the game, there will be investments... It's a problem of the image of Haiti. …

“…We are underdeveloped in everything, and we are underdeveloped in corruption too. If they are looking for a country that has corruption, I don't believe Haiti is the model of corruption. I believe Haiti has a weakness in fighting corruption but it's petty corruption; it's not big corruption ... If you put it proportion to the problems of the country, it resembles big corruption. But if you look at other countries, we are not yet strong in corruption…” ( Q & A with Haitian President Preval Miami Herald Jamaican Gleaner, Oct 26, 2006 ... #interview )

Below is an Oct. 30, 2006 report on Haiti's current challenges by the International Crisis Group, stating, in sum, that insecurity, violence and impunity is Haiti's number one problem. The report: “examines the security challenges facing René Préval, including youth gangs, drug trafficking, kidnappings and corruption in the Haitian National Police (HNP), and outlines what needs to be done to create a stable environment.” ( )

Essentially the report states that “The Préval administration must simultaneously tackle the pervasive violence while launching infrastructure and development projects to combat extreme poverty and give people reason to trust in government.” This is the ideal and would be feasible except for one crucial factor overlooked by most policy groups analyzing Haiti's problems: keeping the Haitian state apparatus in perpetual chaos and instability is the aim of the world's most powerful governments and forces.

President Preval, because he was popularly elected is suspect to the powerful International Community determined to dominate Haitian politics and economy. President Preval and his government, just like President Aristide before him, won't be supported to work in the interests of the Haitian majority because the developmental interests of the Haitian majority is diametrically opposed to the profit-over-people ideology and values of the economic elites in Washington who currently run and rule the world.

The International Crisis Group doesn't factor in its analysis that in order for President Preval to create a stable environment, the majority poor in Haiti must be empowered. Empowerment means an end to exclusion - the social, cultural and economic exclusion of the poor majority in their own country.

To get to building solid and lasting Haitian infrastructure, President Preval must have, not only state security and stability, but the political, diplomatic, economic and military support or even the authentic neutrality at least, of the powers-that-be in the Western Hemisphere, along with resources – hard cash, funds from the collection of Haitian taxes, Haitian state enterprises, tariffs from goods, international credit and decent loan terms – all this is not what USAID, IMF, World Bank are based on. These Breton Woods organizations are in the business of containing developing countries in poverty and exporting all their harvest to the reigning US/Euro metropolis.

How can President Preval, make infrastructure improvements and stop the instability when the folks responsible for Haiti's political instability deny it as Haiti's primary problem and act against Haitian advancement and progress while blaming the insecurity, chaos, corruption and underdevelopment on incompetent Haitian leaders and the poor Black majority that elects them?

Until and unless the real reasons for Haitian violence and impunity are duly addressed, there will be little systemic change in Haiti. Until the truth about the Neocolonists/international community's role in the cyclical Haitian problem of impunity, coup d'etats and violence is in every report and analysis on Haiti, there will be no progress made in the understanding of Haiti's situation.

Nonetheless, it must also be equally pointed out that the International Crisis Group' October 30th report, makes all the other valid and important points that need to be made on Haiti's current situation.

In fact, this policy group, like COHA, has been consistent in outlining the Haitian situation without demonizing and criminalizing Haiti's majority poor and without making Haiti's small youth gangs the major cause of Haiti's insecurity, corruption, underdevelopment and impunity problems. (See, Haiti pulls back from the brink: Campaign aims to disarm gangsters; 'A country where almost everything is broken' ) For this they remain in the singular minority amongst think tanks, policy groups and foreign NGOs. Fact is, it is not their business to challenge the status quo and advocate for Haitian rights, sovereignty, liberty and self-determination. But that is HLLN's mission.

And thus we submit to our Network this Oct. 30th report, as we continue our series on the bicentennial of the assassination of Haiti's founding father, Jean Jacques Dessalines.

The point we make here is that to understand Haiti's legacy of violence and impunity and know President Preval's challenges, one must acknowledge the criminal interference of the International Community and the Haitian economic and Eurocentric elite in undermining the poor majority's historic and daily quest for liberty, fraternity and equality in Haiti.

Until this is at the center of EVERY conversation, analysis and report about Haitian rights, progress, violence and the legacy of impunity in Haiti, we shall stay on this treadmill of coup d'etats, slaughter of the poor and defenseless, execution of Haitian youths, destruction of all progressive Haitianist achievements, followed by an Internationally-pressed reconciliation with injustice, where the Duvalierists, the FRAPHs, the Lame Timanchets, the Toto Constants, Raoul Cedras, Phillipe Biambys, Louis Jodel Chamblains, the Boulos, the Apaids, Bakers, Stanley Lucas' are continually absolved for their human rights violations, even given US-Euro-sponsored asylum, amnesty, visas, golden parachutes, jobs, legitimacy and "respectability. “

Until the role of the International aiders and abettors to Haiti's containment-in-poverty, misery, violence, impunity and underdevelopment, is at the center of EVERY conversation, analysis and report about Haitian rights, progress, violence and the legacy of impunity in Haiti, we shall stay on this treadmill of Haitian underdevelopment that enriches only the white settlers and their Haitian agents.
  • Who is primarily responsible for the political instability that fosters violence and the conditions that lead to impunity, allows for no State accountability and maintains the misery in Haiti?
No report, or analysis can be made about the security challenges facing President René Préval, “including youth gangs, drug trafficking, kidnappings and corruption in the Haitian National Police (HNP)” that doesn't acknowledge the primary authors of the violence and security challenges facing President Rene Preval.

No analysis of the political instability of Haiti, may authentically speak of youth gangs, drug trafficking, kidnappings and corruption in Haiti that remains silent about why the disenfranchised majority in Haiti MUST constantly take up arms (from the Maroons, to Gorman, to the Pikets, to the Cacos, to the people and youth gangs of Site Soley, Bel Air, Gran Ravine, Cap Haitian, Gonaives...) to defend themselves because of the weakness of the Haitian state, which is supposed to be responsible for the security and well being of Haitian civilians. For, Haiti's political instability did not start with Aristide or President Preval, or because of the defensive actions of the totally disenfranchised youth "gangs" in Site Soley or elsewhere in the populous neighborhoods of Haiti.

The PROBLEM began and continues to exists because the Haitian economic and Eurocentric elites, intellectuals and technocrats, along with their powerful foreign allies in the International Community, bring on the POLITICAL instability and insecurity in Haiti (which, in Feb. 2004 were: the US, France, Canada) that is the FOUNDATION of Haiti's underdevelopment, violence and legacy of impunity. From Dessalines' murder in 1806, ONE SECTOR, this sector - the Haitian economic and Eurocentric elites - educated, emboldened, financed and sponsored by the Euro/US Neocolonists and former slaveholders, are the ones who benefit from, and are sustained by, Haiti's chaos, violence and impunity.

The critical question today is not how can President Préval's administration “simultaneously tackle the pervasive violence while launching infrastructure and development projects to combat extreme poverty and give people reason to trust in government.” For indeed the majority of Haiti's peoples TRUST President Preval. But they don't trust the UN who has been acting as military proxy for the Haitian elite and Washington's neo-liberal hit men. They trust Préval to try and work in their interests, but don't trust the coalition government and economic elites not to block his progressive endeavors.

The International Crisis Group report correctly finds that: “Haiti will turn the corner only when citizens sense a reappearance of state sovereignty and the rule of law in daily life”, says Mark Schneider, Crisis Group Senior Vice President. “That will require cleaning up the HNP, wiping out the perception of the state as a means to personal enrichment and opening up opportunities for the poor”.

But the economic elites in Washington and in Haiti NOT opening up “opportunities for the poor” in Haiti is precisely why the there is no state security apparatus. To keep the popularly elected Haitian state apparatus in perpetual chaos and instability is the AIM of the world's most powerful governments and forces.

The political insecurity in Haiti is created in order that there will be no development and opportunities for the poor. The International Crisis Group's October 30th report states: “The state security apparatus” in Haiti is as much a source of “the problem as the solution.” That's true. But, what the report does not write is that the Haitian economic elites - black overseers in Haiti - with their powerful friends in the International community don't EVER intend to use their resources to SOLVE the problem because NOT opening up “opportunities for the poor” in Haiti is the VERY REASON why they strum and create political insecurity, impunity and chaos in Haiti.

Until the Haitian majority are able to make a way out of no way, these fascists opportunists will consistently make sure that a popularly elected Haitian president does not have a community-based and adequately trained Haitian police force, well equipped, duly trained and adequately compensated to service the majority in Haiti. This powerful and well-connected anti-people force will actively work to assure that Haiti does not have a competent and un-co-opted Haitian judiciary; nor a Haitian legislature, judiciary and president that is afforded the diplomatic respect of the Western nations and not boycotted or blocked in their attempts to confront, within the parameters of Haitian and international laws and with complete sovereignty, the State issues faced by most governments such as job creation, providing social services, electricity, sewage, clean water, affordable housing, transportation, health and Haitianist education policies and goals, and implementing provisions to counter smuggling of drugs, weapons, contraband and to protect and prioritize Haitian civilians, Haitian businesses while securing Haiti's ports and borders form illegal activities and other foreign meddling. If the International community did not block these goals in Haiti that most Haitians struggle to bring into manifestation, this would mean a respect for Haitian sovereignty and that would be against the tenets of the neocolonialism that has reign in Haiti since the assassination of Jean Jacques Dessalines. ( ... html#ahead ; "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions " 'Black People Remain Oppressed', The Herald (Harare) May 25, 2006, , and F.M.I., travay Feliks Moriso Lewa )

From 1806 to 2006

Who killed Dessalines, Haiti's founding father? Toussaint Louverture was kidnapped and killed by the French enslavers and colonists. Then, the Haitians, most allied to these white colonists and enslavers, killed Haiti's founding father.

Petion/Gerin- the Reactionary Mulatto Generals more allied to French/colonial economic and cultural interests than the Haitian majority are responsible for the assassination of Jean Jacques Dessalines because he wanted the bounty, the assets of Haiti to be equitably divided amongst Haitian citizens. (See Three Historical Documents on Dessalines assassination, )

Following Dessalines' assassination in 1806, under the long Mulatto and Eurocentric presidencies of Petion (12 years) and Boyer (25 years), the name Dessalines was execrated, declared loathsome, cursed, marginalized and not allowed to be spoken. Neocolonialism had begun in Haiti, would be formalized with Boyer's "Independence Debt" ($22 billion with the last slave-trade payment made in 1947 to US, the richest country in the world by Haiti, the most defenseless and poorest. See HLLN's Open Letter to the People of France. .)

The legacy of the impunity and undemocratic offenses of this one class and sector of Haitian society, continues to this day…

This Haitian economic elite with their foreign allies cannot accept the principal of one citizen-one vote because it would mean that they would lose their privileges and influence. Hence, the Feb. 29, 2004 coup d'etat and current UN protectorate under President Preval which pursues the interests of foreigners and their black overseers in Haiti. ( , and Answers to media questions about Haiti by Marguerite Laurent, March 2, 2004 ).

Haiti's founding father, Jean Jacques Dessalines, said, "I Want the Assets of the Country to be Equitably Divided" and for that he was assassinated.

That was the first coup d'etat in Haiti. This, the new stage in the Haitian holocaust following 300-years of horrific European chattel slavery – the organized exclusion of the masses, their orchestrated misery, poverty and the impunity of the economic elite – continues to the present, with Feb. 29, 2004 marking the 33rd coup d'etat in Haiti.

These coup d'etat's, these POLITICAL instabilities in Haiti, are the foundation for Haiti's current instability, insecurity and proliferation of human rights crimes, violations, kidnappings, foreign pillage and rapes of Haiti's resources and assets. (Haiti: Latortue's Legacy , Jamaican Gleaner, (Myrtha Desulme) Oct 22, 2006

Haiti's peoples continue to resist the return of despots, tyrants and enslavers who wage war on the poor majority and Black, contain-them-in-poverty through neocolonialism' debts, "free trade" and foreign "investments." These neocolonial tyrants refuse to allow an equitable division of wealth - excluding the majority in Haiti from sharing in the country's wealth and assets. (See Expose the Lies of the International Community about Haiti, its People and Resources. Demand The International Coup Detat Countries (France/US /Canada) and enforcers (UN/OAS) not President Rene Preval, Set All The Political Prisoners Free, End The UN Military Occupation, began a Humanitarian and true civil exchange with Haiti; And Return Stolen Haitian Assets .)

  • The powers-that-be create death programs through endless debt. They also create, harbor and pay death squads, and then use their diplomatic, political, military, media and economic powers to guarantee their thugs, mercenaries and economic hit men will not serve time for their war crimes and crimes against humanity.
In 2006 - The same French colonial mindsets, along with the same mentally-colonized Haitian sector that was responsible for the Independence Debt in 1825, its protection and implementation down the annals of Haitian history, is also responsible for the 2004 ouster of President Aristide for, inter alia, demanding, in 2003, for the return of said embezzled funds ($22billon) by France to the people of Haiti. This same Euro/US intellectual sector and their few economic and Haitian agents, responsible for the death of Dessalines, are the same forces that, in 1991 brought the first coup d'etat against president Aristide and, the second coup d'etat in 2004. The same Euro/US intellectual sectors, along with Haiti's Eurocentric and economic elites were represented when the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) forces in Haiti created the Haitian death squad called "FRAPH."

It is this Haitian economic elite with its powerful foreign handlers that were represented, when, on October 14, 1993, according to a secret internal memo, the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), met with Emmanuel "Toto" Constant, an acknowledged CIA asset and FRAPH's leader, to help senior officials in Lt. Gen. Raoul Cedras regime assassinate progressive Haitian Justice Minister, Guy Malary.

Justice Guy Malary's death still goes unpunished. Just as tens of thousands of other Haitian progressives, down the annals of Haitian history, continue to fight against these despots and tyrants; continue to be assassinated, sent into exile, or, imprisoned-until-death, like Toussaint Louverture was, by these same foreign forces determine to destroy Haiti, since the beginning of Haitian independence.

Most current analysis of Haiti's problems tend not to single out the immoral role of the greatest military and economic powers on earth against Haiti defenseless peoples and base their analysis on the “humanitarian and benign” interventions of this “International Community,” hardly contextualizing the insecurity in Haiti with insecurity in other parts of Latin America. Hardly proportionally balancing on the scales that there “is an inordinate amount of kidnappings, if not more,” in other countries. And that the problem in Haiti, as President Preval points out, is not about crime, but “lack of political security - Haiti is underdeveloped in everything, including, again, as President Preval states, “…we are underdeveloped in corruption too. If they are looking for a country that has corruption, I don't believe Haiti is the model of corruption. I believe Haiti has a weakness in fighting corruption but it's petty corruption; it's not big corruption ... If you put it proportion to the problems of the country, it resembles big corruption. But if you look at other countries, we are not yet strong in corruption…” ( Q & A with Haitian President Preval Miami Herald Jamaican Gleaner, Oct 26, 2006 ... #interview” )

Most in the corporate media and those who regularly analyze Haiti's problems would face alienation, not be rewarded with financing or status quo approval if they should point to and contextualize the long and protracted Haitian struggle to survive in a hostile American Mediterranean. But one simply has to take a brief look at Haitian history and current affairs to know, in general, which Haitian sector has continually been responsible for the impunity and violence in Haiti. It is not the youth gangs and folks in Site Soley without international reach or powerful moneyed allies. It is the so-called "beautiful people" in Haiti and abroad, the so-called technocrats “representing” Haiti in their suits and ties - the economic hit men, living behind foreign embassy gates and Haitian mafia families with multiple passports and high-powered friends like the accused, Republican pedophile, Mark Foley. They are the ones bringing brutality, oppression, exclusion, perversion, immorality and they live, not in Site Soley, but in the non-tax-paying, gated and well-armed sections of Port-au-Prince, Jacmel, Cap Haitian, et al. (See, Mark Foley - The US Congressman who insulted the Haitian majority by sponsoring a Congressional bill to honor the Gerald Latortue for his hatchet job as the unconstitutional Prime Minister in Haiti, and who sponsored HR611 which gives coup d'etat USAID more support in Haiti, has just RESIGN from Congress over "improper conduct" with a teenage boy! )

For example, according to the October 28, 1993 internal CIA memo, on Toto Constant and the killing of Justice Minister Guy Malary: “In early to mid-October, [Brig. Gen. Phillipe] Biamby and his associates coordinated the murder of Justice Minister Guy Malary, which took place on October 14, with members of the Revolutionary Front for Haitian Advancement and Progress (FRAPH).”

“FRAPH members Jodel Chamblain, Emmanuel Constant and Gabriel Douzable met with an unidentified military officer on the morning of October 14 to discuss plans to kill Malary,” the memo added. Gunmen shot and killed Malary and two aides later that day just as they were leaving the ministry in downtown Port-au-Prince."

"U.S. officials and Constant, FRAPH's founder, have admitted that he worked for the CIA between 1992 and 1994 for a reported $500 a month. Constant, who escaped to the United States on a visa issued by the American Embassy in Port-au-Prince in October 1994, said he met with U.S. intelligence officials frequently, often daily." (Go to: ; Constant on ; and US judge orders Haitian strongman to pay $19.5 million to rape victims, AP, October 25, 2006 ; The Morally Repugnant Haitian Elites and The Families: The Seven Mercenaries and others ).

It is these same morally repugnant Haiti forces along with their foreign allies, who rode the coup d'etat repression wave and tried to legitimize the rule of the un-electable Haitian technocrats like the Boca Raton regime and their ilk; who hire mercenaries, such as death squad leaders and warlord Toto Constant, Guy Phillipe, Raoul Cedras, Jodel Chamblain, and now, as of 2005, who arm and hire, the mercenaries of Lame Timanchet (Lame Timanchet, Labanye and his successors and the rogue Haitian police, protected by the UN, have taken over the bloody role of FRAPH and the Haitian army in this second coup d'etat against Aristide.) These undemocratic forces, are the ones primarily responsible for continuing Haiti's legacy of impunity, violence and poverty. The organized press won't tell you this. The big human rights groups, like Amnesty International, et al, won't spell this out clearly and unequivocally.

But it is this rabid world elite, their Black overseers - previously called Afranchis, or Black freedmen, that will rarely express outrage as the U.S./Euros organize either a press conference or "democracy enhancement" USAID-sort workshop for the likes of Emmanuel Toto Constant and his colleagues or calls FRAPH and Group 184, the legitimate opposition to Haiti's democratically elected governments, giving these fascists mercenaries a US/Euro platform and 'civil society' facade through funding from IRI, NED, and or, NGO organizations such as, Reporters Without Borders, The Solidarity Center or the Haiti Democracy Project.

It is these same fascists, predatory forces, demagogues and their Haitian house negroes, who after the Haitian people have fought, as they just did from Feb. 2004 to the election of President Preval in 2006, and through sheer will and flow of their blood, checked these rabid world elites' unfettered brutality and repression, who will then, write long bureaucratic tracks for consumption by Washington law-makers and key-stakeholders about "Management Without Principle: A Path towards Chaos." (See Stanley Lucas' - the Washington Democracy Project- advise to Preval on how to handle Haiti's chaos and insecurity! see, also Response #1 to Stanley Lucas- the new and modern incompetent "intellectual" house nigger at )

Mr. Lucas, like Toto Constant, Andre Apaid, the Boulos', the rich mafia families in Haiti, the Jodel Chamblains, the Guy Phillipes, Lame Timanchets, all, work for the interests of their Washington "Democracy" project masters, and for their "trickle down dollars," not for Haitians.

Recently, a New York court handed a verdict against US-created Haitian warlord Toto Constant and, for once, the impunity in Haiti was handed a blow. (See, “US judge orders Haitian strongman to pay $19.5 million to rape victims, AP, October 25, 2006, ... ml#totopay )

But the rare verdict against Haitian war criminals and political terrorists has been handed down before with one or two of these US/Euro-sponsored warlords and poverty pimps. Colonel Carl Dorélien's November 2000 US verdict and conviction for conspiracy and complicity in murder and other crimes in connection with the Raboteau massacre is a case in point; or the Haitian justice system's convictions of the many other Raboteau warlords. But these conviction were never prosecuted to completion, and were effectively vacated or voided during the 2004 coup d'etat and under the reign of the Boca Raton Regime's coup d'etat judges. (See, Haiti: : Amnesty International's

According to Amnesty International, all the Haitian warlords listed below ESCAPED prison during the 2004 coup and roam freely in Haiti. Three days after the Feb. 2004 coup d'etat, on March 3, 2004, Amnesty International issued an urgent action release listing these escapees and calling on the international community, through its Multinational Interim Force, “to take immediate steps to counter the threat to human rights and the rule of law posed by these individuals.” Neither the UN nor the Multinational Interim force attempted to capture and re-imprison these coup d'etat warlords that always commit crimes and human rights abuses on behalf of foreign interests. In fact, ten years back-pay was given to the former Haitian army under the imposed Boca Raton regime, the Raboteau verdicts against military leaders involved in the 1994 mass massacres of residents in Gonaives were summarily overturned by Latortue's coup detat Supreme Court; and, in a sham overnight trial, Louis Jodel Chamblain's conviction for Antoine Izmery's assassination was voided. He was acquitted for the Site Soleil burnings in the first coup d'etat, Antoine Izmery's murder and for war crimes as the #2 strongmen for the death squad, FRAPH ( )

Wanted Haitian criminal, Guy Phillipe, the agent who led the failed 2001 and 2002 coup d'etat attempts, and a DEA-accused drug-trafficker, was provided major international press coverage, with an “embedded” reported in his vehicles as he and his commandos crossed the border from the Dominican Republic to attack police and civilians during his 2004 coup d'etat killing rampage. Phillipe was fêted and interviewed on major corporate press, including on CNN with Wolf Blitzer during his murderous rampage as shocked Haitians watched abroad in complete horror. He was called a “freedom fighter” by Latortue, and propped-up and allowed to run for president of Haiti after he had oustered the legitimate President as if he wasn't a known criminal to the Haitian people. Phillipe received less than 1% of the vote in the elections. But, to his foreign handlers, he, like Latortue, are still "honorable" men. During the 2004 coup d'etat attacks on the police and jails, over 3,000 prisoners, murderers, thieves, rapists and crooks, were set free. Guy Phillipe, Louis Jodel Chamblain and a great many other bloody military and paramilitary officers, roam Haiti freely right now, while thousands of innocent political prisoners are still in jail and the Empire forbids Haiti's democratically elected president from returning to the country of his birth.

On March 3, 2004, Amnesty International had issued this statement:
  • Escaped from prison during current (Feb. 2004) crisis and of concern:

    Jean-Claude Duperval - deputy commander in chief of the army convicted in Raboteau massacre trial. Sentenced to forced labour for life and returned to Haiti from the USA to serve the sentence.

    Hébert Valmond - lieutenant colonel and head of military intelligence convicted in Raboteau massacre trial. Sentenced to forced labour for life and returned to Haiti from the USA to serve the sentence.

    Carl Dorelien - Colonel convicted in Raboteau massacre trial. Sentenced to forced labour for life and returned to Haiti from the USA to serve the sentence.

    Jackson Joanis - military police captain convicted of the extrajudicial execution of Antoine Izméry, and sentenced to forced labour for life. Returned from the USA to Haiti to serve the sentence. Also indicted in the investigation into the assassination of Father Jean Marie Vincent; case not yet brought to trial.

    Castera Cénafils - army captain convicted in Raboteau massacre trial. Sentenced to forced labour for life.

    Prosper Avril- General and leader of the 1988 coup d'état, indicted in the investigation into the 1990 Piatre massacre; case not yet brought to trial. (For full statement, go to: Amnesty International - “Haiti: Perpetrators of past abuses threaten human rights and the reestablishment of the rule of law” )
In fact, General Prosper Avril was prominently seated, in front rows with the International community representatives who employed him, during President Preval's 2006 inauguration. The irony here is that it was President Preval himself who had personally participated in the initial arrest of Prosper Avril during Preval's first presidency from 1995 to 2000 for his mass killings and human rights abuses. (See Hope and Humiliation: HLLN's analysis of May 18, 2006 and the Inaugural of President Rene Preval by Marguerite Laurent at ) . The legacy of impunity in Haiti of the sector working against Haitian national interests, and for their war crimes, continues virtually unabated.


When will the likes of IRI's Stanley Lucas, sweatshop kingpin, Andre Apaid, the Afebril-scandal-Bouloses, or the Charles Henri Bakers and their Euro/US handlers face dishonor, to say the least of criminal chargers, convictions and judicial punishment that stick, for the Haitian murders, mayhems, massacres and political destabilizations and instabilities they strum up in Haiti that cause unspeakable suffering to the Haitian majority and destroys Haitian image internationally? (See, for instance, Children growing up without deported mom By Dianna Smith, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer | October 22, 2006 )

Haiti has gone through not one, but two US/Euro-sponsored coup d'etats in less than fourteen years. No one from this international sector, with multiple passports has been seriously hampered in their repugnant tasks in Haiti.

Lame Timachet, the rogue Haitian police and other such coup d'etat executioners, emboldened under the Latortue regime, carried out and still are carrying out the role FRAPH held under the first Coup d'etat as death squad assassins. Political destabilization is Stanley Lucas' specialty and with his various tracts, (like the one noted below), he pecks at the Preval Government, doing what he does best for Washington: to bring on another forceful ouster of a democratically elected Haitian President, the result of which is always the death and further misery of thousands upon thousands of innocent Haitian civilians. (See, Stanley Lucas' Management Without Principles: A Familiar Path to Chaos in Haiti, Oct. 28, 2006, )

When will Guy Malary and the peasants of Piatre, the peasants of Jean Rabel and the 2004 coup d'etat victims of Fort National, Bel Air, Site Soley, Gran Ravin get a hearing? Whether its IRI's Stanley Lucas, the bloody Haitian army's Guy Phillipe, or FRAPH's Toto Constant, if the world was governed by laws, the time would come when their Washington handlers would not be able to shield these Haitian warlords from prosecution, conviction and actual punishment, for their heinous crimes in Haiti.

When that time does come, when the corporate press stops citing these murderers as if they were representative of Haitian society at large, when that time comes when the Haitian struggle will be contextualized by those writing "human rights" reports on Haiti, that will be when the era of complete impunity in Haiti, of the Washington protected or economic elite and their military-arms, will end. And, Haiti's people may begin to build a sovereign, independent and progressive nation. (See, ... tml#malary and )

Until that day, the Haitian majority, trying to make authentic Jean Jacques Dessalines' ideals and legacy, has no choice but to continue to protest with their life, their breath, talents and skills, the rage of the world's rabid elites. No choice but to continue struggling, from one generation to the next, for inclusion, for equality, for justice and for economic democracy. (See, “We Will Fight From One Generation to the Next: Remembering Genevieve 'Kòkòt' Laguerre, her living legacy, Remembering a proud Haitian Continuum” | Sept. 9, 2006 )

Haitians of the mother and father soul of Haiti know no alternative to slavery, in all its forms, except freedom.

They are continually facing the hypocrisy of the International Community and making a way out of no way. They wait without hate for when that day comes when the Haitian problem will correctly be stated by one and all. ("Why the Hostility Towards Me: We've Not Met Before" by Marguerite Laurent, from the Red, Black & Moonlight monologues. )

When that day comes, Haiti will no longer have this endemic problem of coup d'etats, state orchestrated violence, containment-in-poverty and the blanket impunity of the economic elites who deliberately cause most of this damage to Haiti and how it is perceived.

Marguerite Laurent, Esq.
Founder and Chair,
Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network
Oct. 30, 2006
For the October 17th Events - HLLN's FreeHaitiMovement - Dessaline is Rising Worldwide

Links Noted:
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Haiti: Security and the Reintegration of the State Int'l Crisis Group, Oct, 2006

Media release for of the Intl' Crisis Group on Haiti: Security and the Reintegration of the State
; and

Stanley Lucas' Management Without Principles: A Familiar Path to Chaos in Haiti (Oct. 28, 2006)

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NY Times on IRI and Stanley Lucas: Democracy Undone | Back Channels vs. Democracy: Mixed U.S. Signals Helped Tilt Haiti Toward Chaos By WALT BOGDANICH and JENNY NORDBERG, January 29, 2006, New York Times

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The subject of HLLN's "rants" and Sensitive Wim's tolerance

Post by Ezili Danto » Sat Nov 04, 2006 5:15 pm

Sensitive Wim,

Your comments are simply riveting in contrast to my boring rants.

But if you ever do open that closed mind of yours to the light of day, here are a few things you may want to note:

1) Ezili Dantò and HLLN's defiant work falls outside of your comfort zone. It will always be “ranting” to your sort because it's not our job to cuddle your delusions, sensitive Wim;

2) Nonetheless, human being to human being Sensitive Wim, we again equally state that our work is not personally directed to you no matter how important you've made yourself in your own mind – or is it, no matter how important white supremacy, what you term as “the natural order of things” has done to convinced you about your own spotless self-image.

3) To speak the truth as, Henry David Thoreau, once wrote, takes two. One to speak, and another to hear it; try to hear it and then we may have some level of communication. (In fact, listen to your own self Wim, but put NAMES, to the abstracts, as below indicated. Then you may speak and hear yourself differently. Just a thought.)

4) Haitians have been at this Neocolonialist game for longer than anyone else on this planet and we hear your sort of arguments, "it's not intentional." "Haiti has NOTHING we want." "Why would we regularly 'conspire' to keep it contained-Haiti-in poverty or chaos?" You opine, the, same, like this Wim[quote]This containment-in-poverty is not intentional... Neither is it specific for Haiti or non-whites, but the result of a global system that can't maintain a global minority's level of wealth without excluding others from the resources to create wealth for themselves.

Talk about boring rants!

But, this denial doesn't change what we live, experience and have been struggling against for over 500 years -300 of which was total European enslavement and 200 of which is their containment-in-poverty through neocolonialism.

5) You can't help anyone Sensitive Wim until you decolonize your own mind and go beyond your structured comfort zone. Until then, this Haitian woman's work is just plain gibberish when it hits the hardwiring of your brain. You don't have a software in there to upload it.

Ohh, don't get excited now Sensitive Wim, I won't be doing a back 'n forth with you. Just wanted to record this, for those who don't find Ezili Danto/HLLN's work “rants.” As you do say above, you did find, some glimmer of usefulness, in the main point in our "rant" above. So, let's just leave it at that. You keep asking the same self-serving questions Wim. Perhaps no Haitians can provide direction and guidance to you. Perhaps no one, especially not a Haitian someone, is CAPABLE of helping to pry open the shut trap, called Sensitive Wim's closed mind?

But for those who learn from our work, I point out, that Ezili Dantò/HLLN's work reaches more than one hundred thousand folks with each of our Listserve mailings, our website gets more than 50,000 hits a month and we are proud to have built a very loyal following since the Ezili Danto listserve began a mere three years ago.

The article above "Legacy of Impunity" was completed Oct. 30, 2006 and sent out that day. As it notes, it is part of the Oct. 17th FreeHaitiMovement mailings. But, if it pleases Sensitive Wim to believe it was written for him personally on Nov. 1, 2006, just 15-minutes after he asked for feedback on the ICG report, than why should I rant about it. Have it your way Sensitive Wim.

Those who are not delusion, full of disrespect and open disdain for Ezili Dantò and the Haitian majority HLLN, in general, gives voice to; those who find no solace in patriarchy or white supremacy already know this, as many of you reading this post, are on our Ezili Dantò Listserve, and those who are not, may check our e-mail archives at: ... 00015.html where you will note "The legacy of Impunity in Haiti" was written days before it was posted on Windowsonhaiti.

[quote]Resending: The Legacy of Impunity in Haiti | Stanley Lucas: The new and modern incompetent "intellectual" house nigger | Please click on the links for other posts sent in previous e-mail not transmitted.... erzilidanto

To: ezilidanto@lists...
Subject: Resending: The Legacy of Impunity in Haiti | Stanley Lucas: The new and modern incompetent "intellectual" house nigger | Please click on the links for other posts sent in previous e-mail not transmitted....
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 22:29:30 -0800 (PST)
; and [/quote]

You want advise, Wim, mine to you, as head of the most relied-upon, well-known and recognized pro-democratic Haitian advocacy group, run and financed by Haitians, with the most diverse of participants, on the international scene right now, is this:

1. Why don't you subscribe to the listserve, (, learn a little more and then, perhaps in a few years, or so, you might be less delusional. But, I think I've already given that advise before. Take it seriously my sensitive man. It was meant to help you if you're serious about going beyond your comfort zone. Ezili Dantò/HLLN is well respected Wim and taken very seriously by those working in this arena.

2. You write: [quote] "and what is the solution? how do I tell this to my government "[/quote]

Wim writes:[quote]The question I am wrestling with is ...The Dutch government ended bilateral aid to the Haitian government a couple of years ago. Should we ask it to restart it? ...Or should it end all aid because the conditionality makes it neocolonial? Unconditional aid is impossible in the Dutch political context. [/quote]

Yes Wim, tell the Dutch government conditionally foreign aid that, in effect, undermines Haitian independence, sovereignty and provides jobs primarily to Dutch citizens is not helpful to Haitians. If you really want to help Haitians, then advocate for the Dutch government to consider, if it wishes to help, providing bilateral aid to the newly elected Preval government, which Preval's government will administer as they see fit, but with both parties having outlined, upfront, the necessary and quantifiable assessments and goals to communicate program results within defined timeframes. This is the solution and the way to create a solid partnership and gain the respect of the Haitian people and the fruits, for both sides, of a long term productive relationship.

No Wim, advocacy work is not easy. But, isn't that the precise point. The status-quo's thinking, its ideology and behavior towards Haiti must change. Conditional aid that puts more negative economic pressures on the Haitian people are not helpful. That's just a no-brainer, Wim. Do you think the current UN/MINUSTHA or NGO framework can somehow suddenly be helpful? Noooooo. As President Preval recently stated: [quote]"...Money has been promised, but a lot of that money is going into the non-governmental organizations. That is the first problem. That is why we insist right now they give us budget support. Even if they they say the money is earmarked for specific projects, it's the Haitian government that will decide how to divvy up the money ... Because the government was weak it had no choice but to go through the NGOs. But eventually the government needs to take control of the NGOs without (alienating) them ... They have to do things in conjunction with the government, otherwise it won't be effective. " (See, " Q & A with President Preval" Miami Herald, Oct. 18, 2006 [/quote]

If you have no wish to listen to HLLN, listen to the President of Haiti, sensitive Wim. Funds to NGOs doesn't help us right now.

Moreover Wim, giving money to the UN is not the solution because its intervention is Neocolonial in nature, and, in its current execution. I'm sure you can find the reference where President Preval and Prime Minister Alexis, talk about Haiti having a "new relationship" with the UN.

Wim you write:[quote]I agree with the core of your argument, that political instability is a more structural problem than gang violence and that it results from the containment-in-poverty of the poor majority. I don't go along with your conspiracy theorizing. This containment-in-poverty is not intentional. It's a gross overstatement that "keeping the Haitian state apparatus in perpetual chaos and instability is the aim of the world's most powerful governments and forces."[/quote]

The UN reps take on Haiti, also reflect your disconnect with their analysis of Haiti's problems. HLLN maintains that Haiti's underdevelopment is due to the Neocolonialists and their Black agents keeping the Haitian state apparatus in perpetual chaos and instability. But, UN folks, like Thierry Fargart, see Haiti's problem is due to impunity. [quote]"Impunity is a structural flaw in Haiti, a cancer that eats away at institutions, the childhood malady of an independent Haiti," Thierry Fagart, a French lawyer who heads the human rights section of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (Minustah), told AFP. (See, UN mission in Haiti calls for stronger law enforcement Caribbean Net News Monday, April 10, 2006 ) [/quote]

The structural flaw, according to the both of you, have nothing to do with the Western powers policies in Haiti. To Thierry Fagart, it's the "childhood malady of an independent Haiti" and to Wim Nusselder, it's "...the result of a global system that can't maintain a global minority's level of wealth without excluding others from the resources to create wealth for themselves" and this is "...(n)either..specific for Haiti or non-whites."

Uhmmmm. Think about this again Wim Nusselder.

Why can't both the above analysis of the Haitian problem make the connections Haitians make?...How different is your statement to Thierry Fargat's statement? What's the missing link here if it isn't what HLLN says that "...keeping the Haitian state apparatus in perpetual chaos and instability is the aim of the world's most powerful governments and forces"?

Haiti's impunity, as "Legacy of Impunity" clearly outlines, is not a result of Haitian innate violence, corruption and incompetence...It is orchestrated as we clearly outlined with the way those, in the army and paramilitaries are always not punished due mainly to the intervention of the Western powers. How do you, Wim, explain Chamblain's release, Guy Phillipe's roaming freely, General Prosper Avril's sitting in the front rows of Preval's inauguration??? Not intentional. Not deliberate. Neocolonialism's aims have nothing to do with this?

You can't accept our core argument and not accept WHO brings impunity to Haiti and WHY we have the political instability, Wim. No, it's not the benign result of some abstract "global system" (without a name?) "that can't maintain a global minority's (without a face?) level of wealth without excluding others (neither specific to Haiti or non-whites) from the resources to create wealth for themselves (who is themselves, Wim?).

We don't exist in a vacuum.

Nor is our present unrooted in the past.

Ezili Dantò/HLLN NAME those who are creating wealth for themselves. We identify them in "Legacy of Impunity" as "the world's most powerful government and forces." And state unequivocally that the global minority has a face like me and mines, Wim.

Wim, just because you don't NAME them, doesn't make your statement that different than ours. They're actually the same thing. Except, you haven't gotten to the point where you can have the distance and objectivity to comfortably NAME the prey and the predator.

You sanitizing it into the faceless abstract doesn't make neocolonialism less real to Haitians, Wim, except perhaps for you and yours, who are not "its" apparent preys.

Wim writes:[quote]I don't go along with your conspiracy theorizing.[/quote]

My impatience wears thin.

Been there, done that. Three years ago... ten years ago... fifteen years ago.

Ad nauseum. (See, A Conspiracy or Not, by Ezili Danto, May 13, 2004 ... iracy.html; and The Imperialists making comeback with their Black Overseers
by Ezili Danto, Feb. 17, 2004, )

Don't have time to look up all the citations and accussations of "conspiracy theorizing" over the years. This sort of comment is so typical of the neophyte to world affairs, or the self-defined progressive, programmed to believe what schools have trained them to understand.

Selling out, or denial are the ways to go, I know. I want your abstract Zen too....


Except, for us Haitians at HLLN, for us Desalin's descendants, as I've written elsewhere, "when the animal is already eating you alive, it's foolish to deny it's eating you or to turn the other cheek." So, Desalin's descendants, we fight back. We NAME our attacker. We deny the Neocolonists his spotless self-image. We don't make our meat sweet for him to swallow. That's perhaps why my analysis chokes you Wim, cannot be digested by you Wim. It's against all that you have been taught.

Before the coup d'etat, Wim, folks were constantly telling Haitians like me that these right-wing organizations, and the major news media, World Bank, IMF, IRI, NED, European Union, all, who we saw as pushing policies and agendas to topple Haitian self-rule and development, were not doing this. Over and over again, Haitians like me, would point to how they were wreaking havoc. But we were Haitians, thus, we were so "emotional," so radical, so "not capable of being objective," just plain too loud in our denunciations and defiance, not docile enough or at all...the list goes on and on when you are into only absorbing abstract reality and cannot, wish not, to FEEL, the flesh and blood that is being devoured ALIVE. So, like you Wim, the self-styled "naturally objective," and "scholarly," the so-called "progressive" left the people of Site Soley to face the wrath of empire alone.

"IRI, NED, USAID, US Embassy, France, Canada, the UN," they opine, could not possibly all be working, in tandem, or together, to first destroy Haiti's fledging democracy and then pacify the resisters of the coup d'etat. Like you, they cried "it's not intentional." (See, A Conspiracy or Not, by Ezili Danto, May 13, 2004 )

Well, now, not many of these same folks will proffer that argument today. But it's too late, just too late, for 20,000 Haitians slaughtered from 2004 to 2006.

Ezili Dantò
November 4, 2006
La rouze fè banda toutan soley pa leve

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And the beat goes on, on and on and on

Post by Ezili Danto » Mon Nov 06, 2006 2:48 pm

Maximum respect Jaf, fre mwen

Thank you for the support. Congrats on next week's conference. Went to the link ( ) you referred to and saw that many brothers and sisters, from all over the world, with their umbilical chord tied to source will be there. Jaf, I'm so proud to see you and Pierre will be there representing.

Look like it will be a good gathering of kindred spirits....Enjoy. Keep HLLN updated. And thanks for referring the website. Truly appreciated it. Wish others would also do the same to help support HLLN. Thank you.

I originally came on the Ann Pale site to post this BBC piece I see this morning about how "Haiti tops world corruption table" . It all falls into what we wrote up in Legacy of Impunity and what I was writting on another thread last night.

These folks are working overtime to undermine the Preval government and continue to criminals Haiti's youth. When I saw the title "Haiti tops world corruption table" I thought, "was this corruption index taken under the Bush's Latortue regime or the Lavalas governments?" I'm thinking Eron...I'm thinking inquiring minds wanna know?

But it seemed Haiti may have "topped the world corruption table" under Latortue, because the article states:[quote]"Despite a decade of progress in establishing anti-corruption laws and regulations, today's results indicate that much remains to be done before we see meaningful improvements in the lives of the world's poorest citizens."[/quote]

I doubt if Western journalists will emphasize this point at all. The point of this report, is to keep the heat on Preval and keep the UN in Haiti, whose mandate renewal is coming up...(and the Chinese threatening to veto it.) .But hey, I'm just conspiracy theorizing, right?

It walks like a duck, talks like a duck, eats like a duck, sleeps like a duck, but, hey, it ISN'T a duck!

These folks are institutionalize and the system works towards system goals ...Haiti's containment-in-poverty ain't no coincidences Wim. Yes its intentional. That's just plain REAL.

And that song is on my mind..and the beat goes on, on and on and on. And the (Neocolonialist's) beat goes on, on and on, and on, don't stop for nobody. We get no break whatsoever. That's where I was, Jaf, when I came upon your response on this thread, Jaf.

"Fighting for survival since arrival" my brother and, yes, not our job to make John Browns.

I'll call you about next week in philly.

Now Wim,

About "abstracts" Wim.

First you say, I have it wrong that it's not intentional. Then when I point out how it's intentional. You ignore the examples. When I demonstrate how Haiti's political instability is orchestrated and how that is rooted in our Neocolonial history and why we must put names and faces (preys and predators) and name and define the Neocolonial global system that vies for the soul of Black and non-white folks. You then infer that you always agreed with me as to the causes and who those forces were, but just "preferred" not to publicly say so, like this. You write:

[quote]I'm well aware of the atrocities that are cause and consequence of the unjust global distribution of wealth, power and opportunities, even if I prefer to publicly describe those causes mainly in the abstract...[/quote]

You make a 360, a complete turn about face and excuse yourself like this:[quote]I do believe in speaking truth to those in power, but naming them publicly usually alienates them rather than shaming them and making them mend their ways.[/quote]

Wim, Wim, Wim,....Wim?

Ok, I'll overlook it cause I'm singing today. I'm dancin' today....Y'all should hear my music....

Wim, moral persuasion doesn't work.

As the great Ghanian writer says "that's a zombie's meaningless mutterings. They don't WANT to "mend their ways" Wim. We can't shame them into it. Yes, there are things to be NEGOTIATED on a diplomatic level. But not LIFE and FREEDOM. We feel we've paid the Independence Debt a few times to many. The first thing to be done is to AGREE Haitians have a RIGHT to their independence...that must be a GIVEN. Then, we can negotiate a relationship of peaceful-co-existence that tries to serve everyones different needs and national interests.

Haitians, Wim, are flesh and blood, with the right to self defense, self-determination and a God-given right to LIFE. Not zombies, Wim. (See, Kanga Mundele at ).

The right to LIFE, is not charity that we have to use "shame" and "guilt" to get from the powers-that-be. We are free men and women. We can't shame someone into "giving" freedom to us. Those who have, find that their freedoms are always conditional on the old colonists' good graces. The Haitian majority rejected Neocolonialism in 1804 and have been fighting against in since. HELLOOOOOOO...

HLLN has been through this "lets-use-moral-persuasion-stuff" with the white progressive on the left ad naseum. You're all not HEARING: our mission as Haitians, as Dessalin's descendants is to live free or die trying. It's not to bend over so we can be ridden like animals, like Apaid and Latortue and the Haitian economic elites.

Go, for instance, to: HLLN's Action Alert - Moral suasion is not enough. Make calls to all media, boycott companies promoting colonialism, injustice and death squads in Haiti. Stop the colonization of Haiti. Remembering our roots, calling to you | October 29, 2005

[quote] Ayi Kwei Armah explains what's to be done with such predators and their blan-peyi Haitian lackeys, for they are dead: “Leave them in their graves. Whatever waking form they wear, the stench of death pours ceaseless from their mouths. From every opening of their possessed carcasses comes death's excremental pus. Their soul itself is dead and long since putrefied. Would you have your intercourse with these creatures from the graveyard?”

NO. Leave the dead in their graves. Speak your righteous message not to these “long rotted ash” but address your message, my people, to the living and look only to Dessaline's descendants worldwide. His legacy is liberty. Speak to liberty lovers. Empower the world's lovers of liberty.... [/quote]

[quote]In the book “Two Thousand Seasons,” Ayi Kwei Armah writes:
“How have we come to be mere mirrors to annihilations? For whom do we aspire to reflect our people's death? For whose entertainment shall we sing our agony? In what hopes? That the destroyers, aspiring to extinguish us, will suffer conciliatory remorse at the sight of their own fantastic success? The last imbecile to dream such dreams is dead, killed by the saviors of his dreams.”

And so it is an exercise in futility to go to the perpetrators and executioners of human rights crimes in Haiti in hopes of getting justice for our people. Those who ousted the constitutional government of Haiti – the U.N., which acts as proxy to maintain this international crime, the Haitian lackeys and their Roger Noreiga and State Department masters – are dead inside and cannot hear the cries of the Haitian masses. [/quote]

Now, Wim, on a somewhat different note, Oct 17 events are over and HLLN is done for this year (YEAH) with our main FreeHaitiMovement events. I'm outa here. It's that time of year when I prepare to go on tour with Red, Black & Moonlight. It's also the begining of November, a time when Gede is on my mind and remembering our loved ones gone to eternal rest. So Wim, about ABSTRACTS and about this:

Wim writes and offers me the words of William Penn:[quote]"...when death has taken off the mask they will know one another, though the diverse liveries they wear here makes them strangers.[/quote]

In return Wim, I humbly offer you how I once stated my understanding of our interconnectedness on this planet.

Wim writes: [quote]In the words of William Penn from 1693:

The Humble, Meek, Merciful, Just, Pious, and Devout souls, are everywhere of one religion; and when death has taken off the mask they will know one another, though the diverse liveries they wear here makes them strangers.

For the moment I'll suppose that ranting is just part of your 'livery' and that communicating soul-to-soul is not always feasible. ([/quote]

Here, Wim, is an example of the "liveries" I do wear; the "liveries" I own and define as mine:
  • THE AFRICAN TRICKSTER ... kster.html

    (Director's notes Vodun drummers and dancers performing ritual dances and chanting softly throughout the Mologuist's performance, the African Trickster poem is also a multi-character play. For a passage, see Epilogue, part 2, The Gede Trickster.)

    Ommmm, Ommmm


    The Hero, finding no orgy of profit, power and prestige would halt his crawling years or withering youth - finding that even he, the Hero, must return to the eternal womb where he will again be undivided - escapes by wallowing in mind activity creating alternate universes, marked by divisions, left/right, black/white, good/evil, yin/yang.

    And fitting himself into his alienated society, he discovers, still, he's an embryo riding the coattails of the Universe's melanin entrails. His shrunken essence slipping through the cracks of The Great Black Mother's undivided legs. (Woman looks down. Grabs a fistful of earth soil.)

    But that one night when the African Trickster entered my dream, he told me:

    "All the Zodiac blood signs say the First Worlders' are me in the past when i'd lost my way and tried to suffocate infinity."

    Me, painted in grey mind activity full of statistics, clocks, calendars and theories i'd elevated to a rarefied science.

    Me, a vampire, conceived in fear and dedicated to the proposition of profit - come from the past to remind me of what i had to transcend.

    Me, crucifying my sanity in rational ejaculations, making sense of nonsense and partial wisdom.

    Me, wallowing in mind activity, creating minds worshipping abstract knowledge cause no blood bubbled between my thighs.

    Me, when i refused to know that logic and attention could not reach certain realms; that mind activity was incapable of deciphering the most important of

    Me, when i couldn't find the unity within multiplicity blending collectivity and so i extended abstract Gods with no souls, not living deities like Vodun unrolls.

    Jefferson-me, when i was into denying, disassociating from pain, living in a false reality so i couldn't integrate with my own shadow; so i said i was about saving souls, while a 42-year-old-me kept on molesting a 14-year-old Black girl named Sally Hemings at Monticello, whose very existence i made dependent on pleasing me, while i mouthed to all and sundry context-free words like my love for justice and liberty for all.

    Me, a Y chromosome tightly wrapped in fears shackled in the Enlightenment's braille, my armies of insecurities the psychic imprints blowing me outward.

    Me, when my virtues where alleged and very disconnected from the human body and i had to win my "Cold War" no matter what the human or material cost to developing countries recovering from centuries of my colonizations.

    Me, swinging to and fro - redefining my alleged virtues as i go.

    Swinging, swinging, swinging...leading from abstract, derivative knowledge, from "eternal verities" i'd put on the altar of logic and science, not from source.

    Me, when i was linear and predictable, refused to go deeper than dualism and thought that that was the progressive path, refusing to see life is a palimpsest painting: one picture, a thousand perceptions.

    Me, wedded to theories and pretty thoughts that bring suffering and loss that should never be valued, no matter how "logical" and mathematically correct they are.

    Me, when i went against moving, turning, returning and spiralling serpentine paths and did the linear thing.

    Me, totally frightened by irrationality cause it felt like the abyss before my Western creations... even before mind activity, like i was going back to a primal Black darkness.

    Me, when i couldn't leap from out there with tenderness and faith.

    Me, when i had no 6th sense and could not live-love in my Western created darkness.

    Me, when i recoiled from the contradictions with rational ejaculations; when i clashed with my own mind activity but still i elevated rationality and averted my eyes, like the-Garden-of-Eden Adam did; refusing to look with an inner eye to see underneath the appearances of my creations.

    Me, when i couldn't suck the abstracts out with my own tongue and couldn't find the Kreyol ignition that started creation.

    Me, before i tried concrete reality, killed abstractions like "God," "Democracy," "Equality Before The Law," and all those words i've rendered context-free by my actions.

    Me, full of words i propagated to obfuscate and reduce life's harsh realities, not to bring about transparency.

    Me, when i refused to reverse clocks imprinted with abstract genetic information; when i wouldn't absorb context, but was into carefully painted happy faces, pretty thoughts and hopes.

    Me, when i did not connect with merciless reality and inner wisdom.

    Me, when i didn't know my actions would change the FATE OF HUMANITY
    because they molded Nature's responses and growth.


    (c) 2000 Marguerite Laurent. Excerpted from The Red, Black & Moonlight monologue series, based on Kenbe La! Crossings of a Vodun-Roots Woman by Marguerite Laurent. All rights reserved.


Ezili Dantò

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