Weekend Special En Hommage A Jean Jacques Dessalines

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Weekend Special En Hommage A Jean Jacques Dessalines

Post by admin » Thu Oct 05, 2006 11:42 am

[quote]Groupe de Reflexions des Citoyens Haitiens
Avec Fami Care et D'Autres Organizations

En 1re Partie: Saturday, October 14th at 10AM
BIG MASS IN MEMORY OF Jean Jacques Dessalines

En 2me Partie: Sunday, October 15th at 5 PM

5 PM: Arriving of Jean Jacques Dessalines on his horse

6 PM: Showtime: With Participation of the following Artists:
Farah Juste, Carole Demesmin, Lude Pinette, Alex Alebe, Jean Robert Themistocle, Stalina Vertus, Ludwine Joseph, Troupe d' Arc En Ciel, ETC.

A L'Auditorium D'Irvington High School, Irvington, NJ

Special Guests: Wyclef Jean, Bel Amour, et Bel Angelot
Historiens, Ecrivains et Conferenciers
Suivi d'une vente de signature: "Le Bicentenaire d'un deuil"

Participation: $20 in advance, $25 at the door, $12 for children under 12 years old
For tickets and Information: (908) 591-9859, (718) 856-3323, (973) 372-2272, (973) 573-9310

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Post by admin » Thu Oct 05, 2006 12:26 pm

Bon, jan mwen te pwomEt, mwen parEt ak sa k'ap pase nan lakou lakay mwen nan New Jersey. Men mwen pa fE pati Oganizasyon li.

Detwa ti remak:

- Mwen transkri envitasyon anlE a jan li parEt.
Mwen remake meli-melo angle ak franse ki fEt nan envitasyon sa, epi yo pa mete yon ti kras KreyOl ladan-l. Alatraka mezanmi!

- Mwen remake yo rele sware a "Great Cultural and Evangelical Night". Pou di Evanjelik yo aksepte onore memwa Jan Jak kOmsadwa?

- Nan atis yo, mwen rekonEt kEk non mwen konnen: Farah Juste, Carole Demesmin, Wyclef Jean, san bliye Troupe d'Arc En Ciel. Malerezman, mwen pa konnen lOt yo. Mwen konn tande pale de Bel Angelot tou e mwen kwE se limenm ki ekri e ki pral vann liv "Bicentenaire d'un Deuil" la. Gen yon zanmi mwen Filadelfi ki te resevwa yon kopi an avans (advance copy) epi li di mwen liv la fantastik. Men se nan bouch mwen tande sa.

- Mwen anvi tande Carole "Mawoule" Demesmin tout bon vre. M'ap reflechi toujou...

- Se domaj Jafrikayiti pa la pou li distribiye CD Istwa Dayiti li yo. Mwen ta kab fE sa pou li, men mwen poko konnen li m'ap la, ni mwen pa konnen si OganizatE yo ta pEmEt mwen vann CD yo pou Jaf. De tout fason, sa se yon ide pou nou ki pa ka patisipe nan komemorasyon sa. Premye CD Jaf pwodui a, li koute $10 (men nou kapab koute li an antye sou Windows on Haiti tou; kidonk si nou peye $10 a, se pou ankouraje, e pa gen anyen ki mal nan sa. Si nou vle tande l anvan, nou kapab al chache-l nan seksyon Istwa fowOm lan. DezyEm pati a, se nan 2 CD li parEt, e li koute $20. Men sepandan, si nou ta vle achte-l ansanm ak premye CD a, nou kapab twouve li pou $25. Si nou enterese, nou gen dwa voye yon mesaj pou mwen. Konsa tou, nou gen dwa kontakte Jaf dirEkteman. Mwen gen CD sa yo nan men mwen depi kEk jou e mwen pa rive vann yo ditou, yon bagay ki ti jan dekourajan, paske pafwa nan yon grenn sware sinema nou pa ezite depanse $20. Men chache vann yon liv ou yon CD pou Edikasyon? Sa se gwo tEt chaje!

- Si gen moun k'ap li sa e ki ta renmen patisipe nan sware sa, fE mwen konnen. Nou va ban mwen plis ankourajman pou mwen patisipe tou.

- Ou kwE se vre gen yon moun yo rele Bel Amour?

- Mezanmi, epa mwen li AnperE Jan Jak ap vini sou chwal li tou? Misye gen kouraj, paske mwenmenm, mwen pa t'ap pran chans sa ankO!

- Antouka, m'espere Desalin pap pEdi, poutEt direksyon yo ki nan melanj Franse ak Angle. Men poukisa Ayisyen pa kab aprann sEvi ak KreyOl nan zafE-a-yo?

- E mEs la menm, Samdi 14 OktOb? Nan ki lang l'ap fEt? Eske Jaf ak Bouli ap aksepte fE "enfants de choeur"? Mezanmi, fOk mwen kite fE anmEdan!

M'ale... (men kote Gelin pase?)


Empress Verite

Mesi Anpil

Post by Empress Verite » Thu Oct 05, 2006 6:27 pm

Mesi anpil Guy:

You make some very good points about this event. Firstly, why is this written in French? How good was Dessalines's French anyway? I saw a clip of Danny Glover's play on Toussaint and the man that played Toussaint spoke French with a French accent. ( Is this rewriting or misrepresenting History?) Anyway, I have issues with that especially since Dessalines was supposed to represent the masses. Again. from the line up of stars I am not surprised. Wyclef Jean and Carole Demesmin are notorious for their insistence on REpresenting the dark skin black Haitian middle and upper classes. This is their messages to the masses, make it and become rich and the so-called "mulattoes" will want to be around you. This is how they both behave in South Florida. It's ugly and it stinks. And this is why we need a new revolution where our heroes and sheras cannot be easily commodified for neo-liberal or neo-conservative purposes.

Secondly, I am baffled and angered by the association of this event with the Evangelical church. Again, another appropriation. Yes, the Northwest area of Haiti seem to have a closer relationship with the British and by extension evangelical Christianity but my impression was that Dessalines was more linked with the Catholics. Didn't he get crowned in the Catholic church? The association seems to benefit the dark and black Haitians who are seeking to distance themselves from the Frenchy "fags" Catholics in order to gain favor (by association) with the Bush administration. (When Jeb Bush gets s/elected they'll go back to being Catholics with pride). In my experience the folks from Port de Paix are most likely to be non Catholic Christian and for that matter the large number of Bahamian Haitians who migrated mainly from Port de Paix who now call South Florida home belong to this category. So the Southern black Haitians (like Wyclef and Carole Demesmin) are perpetrating once again.

Thirdly, I agree with you that EDUCATION and not ENTERTAINMENT a la Hollywood should be the purpose of spending our hard earned dollars. Unfortunately, I found out about Ja and his wife's work a few months ago le zafen-m pat tro bon. So I could not buy them. However, I was EXTREMELY proud and happy that they did this because it will be a great learning tool for all folks of all ages. In fact, I thought that they should do it on film. This is the kind of documentary/docudrama work that Haitians should be insisting gets reproduced on the big screen. As such, I do not support Danny Glover's work on Toussaint. It feels too much like a minstrel show. I do support Haitians trying to come to terms with their own story by seeking the truth out LOUD.

So, I expect that I will be buying it soon. Have you considered contacting bookstores like Mapou and the music stores throughout South Florida? There are a lot of pro-Dessalines folks out here and it's a little bit to spend on that kind of material when they spend less on a couple of meals at the local take out or flannen nan lari-ya for a couple of hours.

Mesi anko.

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Post by admin » Sun Oct 15, 2006 11:34 pm

Well, I ended up going all by myself, Not one Ann Pale friend in sight. Bouli, next time. Ana, Shelony, next time. Leonel, next time. 2007, perhaps? I missed you for sure, but I have to admit, I had a much better time than I anticipated. Props to the organizers!

I do not have time at this late hour to cover the night in greater detail, but I want to point to the highlights or, should I say, my favorite moments:

- Farah Juste in

a) Felix Morisseau Leroy's "Mesi Papa Desalin", like I had never heard it before!

b) "Le la libere Ayiti va bel ooooooh"

c) Alelouya pou Ayiti!

Thank you, sister. You were absolutely right: "Pi wouye, pi koupe!" Thanks for keeping the flame of Haitianism alive!

- Wyclef in... Wyclef! The only one there is. You managed to elevate the temparature in Clinton High by 17 degrees instantly, just by showing up. The audience roared in their appreciation of the local boy done good. You in kind paid your deep respect to the community by bringing your mother, your sister who performed with you, your wife and daughter who, coincidentally, were seated just in front of me. I never met your family before, but I was impressed by the fact that they were there and that they did not lose touch with the locals. Too bad you could not rap and did not have Shakira doing the belly dance for you. As you said "Unfortunately, my mother is here tonight, so I cannot rap. But I was raised in the church, so we'll do some church music." Church music in the rhythm of konpa of course. Which made it a whole lot more digestible to me. And surely, every single person in the audience was on his/her feet dancing to the sound of your church music. Even jaded Guy Antoine. Yeah, I danced tonight! I just could not help it.

- Bel amour, warning us that plans are afoot to make the town of Milot as un-Haitian like to world's tourism as Labadie. In other words, if we are not vigilant, people will go to Milot without ever knowing that they had landed in Haiti. Sad, but we are watching!

- Bel Angelot, Haitian Historian, giving us a unique perspective of the constitution of 1805 and Dessalines's place among the giants of humanity. Yes, he too warned us of the unending exploitation of Haiti's resources, including gold reserves in Trou du Nord, signed away by Gerard Latortue to some Canadian firm. Damn, we need to spread the word out. Haiti should no longer be for sale!

All in all, an informative and entertaining evening! I wish my Ann Pale friends were there. They missed out on a good thing. But I had a chance to say hello to my young friends of the Haitian Student Association, with whom I worked all of last year to keep the Haiti dream alive.

On to another year!


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October 22, 2006 Program on Dessalines in Rhode Island

Post by Ezili Danto » Fri Oct 20, 2006 10:21 pm

Copy of circulated HLLN Announcement:

Providence, Rhode Island
October 22, 2006 – Commemorate Dessalines
National Organization of Haitian Living Abroad has organized a conference to commemorate Jean Jacques Dessalines. Participants will walk to the nearby Bicentennial Place where the monument of Toussaint and Dessalines is located, which is Roger Williams Park, the 5th largest part in the United States. At that time, participants will lay a wreath in honor of the father of the nation, the Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines.

Where will we meet: Ada's Restaurant, October 22, 2006 at 9:30 am
1137 Broad Street
Providence Rhode Island, 02905

Contact in Rhode island:
Roger Dazulme
732 423 0808

For New York Tri State area:
A bus will leave (The first 49 people to arrive will be seated)
Bus will leave at EXACTLY 5 am on October 22, 2006 for Rhode Island. The bus will leave in front of Radyo Panou at 810
Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Call in advance to reserve and pay for your bus seat. Cost $30 Roundtrip
Contact: in New York/New Jersey and bus reservations:
Desrosier 646 236 6861
Romani: 347 413 8441
Guinsly: 908 472 5362

[quote]The National Organization of Haitian Living Abroad

Oct 17 1806 – Oct 17 2006
200th Year of the Assassination of Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines

Commemorative Program
Oct 22, 2006 @ 10:00 AM
Museum Roger William Park

10:00 AM
1) Welcome and Introduction
By Ms. Marguerite Laurent, Esq.

2) The National Anthem of Haiti

3) Guest Speaker
Professor Saintil Joseph

4) Refreshments

11:30 AM
5) Raising of the Flags and the National Anthems

6) Special Guest Speaker

7) Laying of wreath

8. Acknowledgements


The National Organization of Haitian Living Abroad
P.O. Box 25527, Providence, RI 02905
Phone: (732) 423-0808 or (401) 451-1534

Dear Compatriots,

October 10, 2006

October 17 1806, October 17 2006 will mark the 200th anniversary since the reactionary forces murdered the Founder of the nation, Jean Jacques Dessalines.

To commemorate the death of this great hero, the National Organization of Haitian Living Abroad will organize a conference on Sunday October 22, 2006 at 10:00AM at the Museum in Roger Williams Park, Providence, Rhode Island.

The National Organization of Haitian Living Abroad invites you to come and commemorate the Death of the Emperor
Jean Jacques Dessalines.

After the conference, we will walk to the nearby Bicentennial Plaza where the monument of Toussaint and Dessalines is located; which is in Roger Williams Park, the 5th largest park in the United States. At that time, we will lay a wreath in honor of the Father of the nation, the Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines.

Please confirm your presence.

Sincerely yours,

Roger C. Dazulmé, Coordinator
Frantz Jean-Gilles, Treasurer[/quote]

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