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Empress Verite

Pope Ratzinger and the Catholic Church

Post by Empress Verite » Mon Sep 18, 2006 11:50 pm

Hey Bouli and Ja:

I am happy that you 2 decided to address this issue on the forum. I have been watching the developments and reactions to Pope's Ratzinger's comments about Islam on TV. It is truly alarming to me how these Western Christian church heads have codified white supremacy. In a supposed statement where the Pope Ratzinger was paraphrasing or quoting his church's centuries old beliefs about Islam (as an "evil" religion) he seemed to have angered Muslims around the world. A Catholic noun was killed in Somalia and Islamic militants are promising riots and protests all over the world.

I am personally sympathetic to the Muslims since I know first hand the pathologies of the Catholic church. I remember well the codes that they used to promote divide and conquer mentality at school and church both in Ayiti and in the US. I was a victim of this and so were members of my immediate family. My father who was an alter boy and a nice obedient student of the pret suffered a great deal and went on to become a great abuser of females. Although I never felt his wrath in that manner I will forever resent the role of the Catholic church in shaping the ogre that he became specifically in his relationships to females.

Secondly, I personally feel that a cardinal of color should have been appointed as Pope this time around. Bishop Desmond Tutu said as much. When was the last we had a pope of color? Centuries ago and it's time again, especially since Latin America and Africa comprise the largest growing numbers of Catholics on this planet. Moreover, Pope Ratzinger, has a cloudy past being that he was a runaway child soldier in the Natzi German army! Go figure and now he is one of the most powerful figures/men in the world! And the so-called Zionist headed by Nyetenyahoo (sp?) will be bowing down to him willingly!

Lastly, another problem that I have with this bigoted Pope Ratzinger is that he stated that the US media made too much of the child molestation cases that were brought out in the open a few years ago. He maintained that since only 1 in 4 Catholic boys were victimized it wasn't such a big deal! Mr Bigot, I would like to make you one of those boys and see how you feel then. Or perhaps you were one and have become an abuser yourself. Still, this was a ridiculous and insensitive statement to make. 1 in 4 boys out of millions of Catholics in the US alone. We have not heard about the cases in the so-called 3rd world where the Catholic church invaded and established themselves permanently. We are speaking here of Latin America where sexually motivated crimes and volatile regimes are too common. And what about the fact that it has been stated by experts that children who are abused tend to go on to abuse others? Have we accounted for the abuse that those boys have done to others namely girls and women in their own communities etc?

Finally, if the statistic is 1 in 4 boys I know that it is probably a worse case when it comes to the girls.

Pope Ratzinger needs to keep his word. When he came to power he promised that he would not be pope for long. I expect that soon when the current Bush administration simmers down he too will feel inclined to step down. And perhaps when the younger Bush (Jeb, governor of Florida) (who is a converted Catholic having married a Mexican) is elected president we will have a Pope of color. There were many on the short list from Latin America and Africa. I am not suggesting that he will be different or have more progressive views but he may be held more accountable for his remarks about religions around the world. This pope has sat by and watched as the world ostricizes non Christians and I hope that others in his position will not do the same.


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Post by admin » Tue Sep 19, 2006 2:09 pm

[quote]UN soldiers have a history of raping men, women, boys and girls in Haiti. Those who invited these predators to the country committing such christian scenes should also face justice.[/quote]
Bouli, christians have raped, but rape is not christian.

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Post by admin » Wed Sep 20, 2006 6:19 pm

[quote]Only experts with special privilege know the right time to be in the wrong place, were able to bring foreign whores to their slums friends, assisted secret gangs meetings (Aristide always left early)… [/quote]

[quote]Mr. Antoine, is it general practice to refer to women as "whores" on this site?[/quote]

Bouli either stated a fact of which he has some knowledge or he simply expressed his opinion on a specific matter. That is his right, though you are entirely free to challenge him.

The word " whore" means "prostitute". It refers to a specific profession, perhaps the world's oldest. Some women are whores, some men are gigolos. Who is and who is not is a matter of fact and/or opinion. This is a public forum and everyone is free to express his opinion. What I request here is simply that we do not use vulgar "dissing" words when dialoguing with each other, in reference to each other. That's all. The forum was never intended to be elitist, but it is not a " fish market" either.

I do not think that any woman on this forum or any woman who accesses Windows on Haiti will ever feel that the management of this forum has ever meant to disrespect them in the least. I do not put words in Bouli's mouth and I do not think for Bouli. I assume that he is perfectly capable to think for himself and to express his opinion the way he sees fit. To ban the use of the word "whore" would be an incredible excess. Some women choose to whore themselves. The vast majority of women that I know DO NOT. Some men choose to whore themselves. The vast majority of men that I know DO NOT.

In expressing his opinion here, Bouli has not bent any forum rule. Whether he is right or wrong is an entirely different matter. That's for you to determine and to argue, if you wish.

Please let me manage this forum. I am not paid to do it. I have received some contributions for the support of this site, without any strings attached, and that is the only way I would ever accept them. I do this in my spare time and I try to do the very best job that I can. I would much prefer that other people do not attempt to manage the forum for me or to put the reputation of Windows on Haiti on the line, for whatever word or expression that someone chooses to use of his own will.

All I will attempt to do is try to keep the dialogue between forum members free of overtly dissing words. I have done it in the past. I will continue to do it in the future. But I am not a machine and I will not attempt to be. I do it when I can, using my own judgment, not the judgment of other people.

Once again, Bouli has not broken any rule here, nor is Windows on Haiti, the site that hosts this public forum, guilty of any sexism.

Now. back to the conversation. What is the true significance of Bouli's quote? That is for now, my only interest.

Empress Verite

Pope of Color

Post by Empress Verite » Wed Sep 20, 2006 10:21 pm

Sak Pase Ja and Bouli:

Thank you for responding to my post about the papal situation. I agree with you Ja that appointing a pope of color would only serve the status quo and emphasize tokenism. There was one or 2 Black popes before I would like to know how their tenure was viewed by the world. Anyway, I only said that because the appointment of this current pope was controversial to say the least. Apparently he was not even on the short list! And he is supposedly not a very accomplished cardinal either. So it seems that the job was not supposed to be his in the first place. He was appointed to consolidate the white power structure. And the fact that he is German and appeals to those overzealous bigots in his native land serves their like minded evil workers of inequity around the world.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that a Pope of color would not necessarily express different views and he might be used to confirm the inferiority of races of color around the world. Still, the church should have done the right thing in that situation. And it goes to show you that even the tokens have to fight a terrible situation. (I don't feel sorry for them though).

I had hoped that the Church would have lost its credibility and strength with the sexual abuse scandals but it didn't.

Anyway, I can only remain hopeful that someday soon they will lose all their power. That may come when people around the world stand up and demand the truth.

Finally, I don' t think that the Muslims who are protesting Ratzinger's comments around the world are wrong at all. They have a right to say no to the madness that continues to condemn their religion and their way of life. I feel like rioting and protesting when folks make negative remarks about people like me in the media or anywhere else. That's mainly because I feel that their comments reflect the sentiments of the power structure. And when world leaders make those comments it is used as a code to rally their warmongering troops against the innocent victims.

This is a terrible situation and I would like to paraphrase Frantz Fanon once again, violence is the only way out of this madness. Who am I to tell them how to stand up against tyrany. I too would like peaceful and loving resolutions but I sure remember what they looked like during slavery. Forced raped, and reproduction etc.. Did that work?


Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:44 pm

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Si nou ta gen youn mesaj ke nou ta remin voye bay prezidan Afghanistan
voyel bali sou link ki pi ba. Kestyon pa mwen pou prezidan Hamid Karzai se ke:

Li menm avek prezidan Ayiti, Rene Preval gen youn bagay an komun se ke yo tout le de gen fos etranje nan peyi yo, byen ke fos sa yo pa la pou menm rezon ki jan ke yo santi yo etan ke dirijan youn peyi souverin? ... ormID=1593

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Post by admin » Fri Sep 22, 2006 6:51 pm

Bouli, I sort of anticipated your response earlier and that's why I wrote the following:

People say "In God we trust" when their actions clearly show that they only believe in Gold (or the dollar sign).

People say "God bless America" when God did not create any political boundaries.

This God favoring America or Israel or any other country on Earth is pure bull from some people's imagination.

That is man projecting himself onto God, for selfish purposes and building rationalizations for screwing other people.

No one should ever need to say "God bless America" if he truly believes in the mercy of God and divine justice. "America" was forged out of deception, thievery, murder, genocide, dehumanization, slavery, and total exploitation. In blessing America, does God implicitly bless the deception, the thievery, the murders, the genocides, the dehumanization, the enslavement, and the radical exploitation of men out of which that "America" was created?

Also I was raised to believe that America was a continent, not a country.

If there is a God, he is universal. If there is a God, we are all children of God.

If there is a God, then to his eyes the rape of a poor woman in Cite Soleil is no less horrific than the potential rape of the Queen of England.

If there is a God... yes, there is God. He does not belong to any one of us, She does not belong to any people. That would be tribal, far too limiting for any God deserving our love...fear...respect. If there is a God... s/he is unlike any man-made god.


I personally believe that there are as many interpretations of God as there have been believers since the dawn of mankind, with loose associations of believers (religions) seeking advantage over all others. That being said, the relevant question may be "what is a christian?" Is it the same as a follower of Jesus (someone who puts in practice the teachings of Jesus) or is it someone who believes superstitiously in the insanely contradictory, irrational, unjust, inhumane, egocentric, divisive, authoritarian, genocidal elements, thrown together in a book of books surnamed "The Bible"? Would a Christian act to help his neighbor or act to bomb his neighbor? Would a Christian act to love and empower his neighbor or act to rape and dehumanize his neighbor? Is a Christian simply someone who calls himself a Christian? What Would Jesus Do? Would he have bombed Lebanon, would he have bombed Iraq, would he torture prisoners of war in secret jails around the world, would he rape poor Haitian women just for a little sex, would he propose the development of tactical nuclear weapons while threatening at the same time to war against others who might think of developing their own nuclear energy, and we could go on...

What Would Jesus Do? What Would The Devil Do? What Would God Approve? But Whose God are we talking about?

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