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Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 10:00 am
by admin
Amen on this score, Jafrikayiti! I am glad you noted the blatant hypocrisy of that headline from the New York Times. I would not characterize Toto Constant's alleged offense as "a few forbidden crumbs from his masters' table" (though, relatively speaking, it really is) because I do not want to minimize the offense in any way. However, several billions (9, I think) dollars have disappeared from Iraq's economy and have not been accounted for. My bet is that they have made their way to some FAMOUS AMERICANS' retirement funds, for which they also want to be exempt of estate taxes. Thus, while Toto Constant, a paid CIA informant is characterized as an INFAMOUS HAITIAN, others continue to roll in dough, though it is laced with Iraqi blood.

Furthermore, Toto Constant should not have been in a position where he could defraud the U.S. taxpayers further. It is truly the U.S. Government that infamously nurtures tyrants and genocide perpetrators in their midst, and even trains them at the School of the Americas (by whatever name they wish to call it). The U.S. Government alone is responsible for aiding Toto Constant to escape Haiti, when the Haitian International Airport was fully under the control of the U.S. Marines. The U.S. Government is also responsible for ignoring the arrest warrant and extradition request against Toto Constant. They have protected and nurtured the beast all along, and now it must be politically convenient to target an "INFAMOUS HAITIAN" right after targeting would-be "HAITIAN ISLAMIC TERRORISTS" in Florida. Politically convenient, because the talk now is about "securing the U.S. borders" and deporting so-called "illegal immigrants".

"La révolution mangera ses propres fils", oh how right he was!