Haitian Child in need

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Haitian Child in need

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From: Georges Lucas <maloukwi>
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Subject: [Haitianpolitics] Haitian child in need

Dear Friends,

Partners in Health is helping a very sick young Haitian girl, Elda, from Port-au-Prince who needs an immediate, complicated and expensive heart surgery. Rainbow Babies Hospital in Cleveland has agreed to Partners in Health's request to perform the procedure for free for the poor girl, who could otherwise never afford the life saving surgery.

Now, she needs your help. We need to raise an additional $5,000 for her travel, living expenses and other incidentals.

I am calling on your generosity to support this little girl in need by making a donation to Partners in Health. Your contribution is tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt confirming your contribution (Partners in Health tax ID number is 043567502). Anyone wishing to donate to this endeavor should write check to Partners in Health 641 Huntington Avenue, First Floor, Boston, MA 02115. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions.

We can save this little life with just a modest amount of money, but there is of course, a great urgency. I appreciate any support that you can give.

Best regards,

Stanley Lucas


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Post by admin » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:48 pm


I hope this situation is credible. I rarely take any information from Haitianpolitics@yahoogroups.com or any other web forum to share with my Ann Pale family. That is primarily because, as a forum moderator, I hate the idea of cross-posting (which generally opens a can of worms). This is one of the exceptional circumstances that I will encourage that action, because of the humanitarian case it refers to.

However, please take note that I have note verified any of this information. If you wish to donate to this apparently great cause (saving the life of a young Haitian girl), I urge you to validate this information, yourself.

By the way, is Stanley Lucas in the business of doing good deeds for Haiti now, having run out of governments to topple? Is René Preval safe?

Keep on saving young lives, Stanley!

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:20 am

Stanley Who?
I am thinking if it is the same one that we know about, I believe it won't be a problem raising 5 thousands lousy dollars. He is in DC with the Big Shots! Come on, is this real?

Dis-moi qui tu frequentes, je te dirai qui tu es...

L'Union fait la Force,

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:24 am

By the way, a lot of young Kids died in Cite Soleil following whatever Stanley was involved in pre and post kidnapping...

I believe that is a change of Heart!

Stanley Lucas from College Roger Anglade, I doubt it.



Post by Tidodo_ » Tue Apr 25, 2006 8:38 am


As moderator, it is your right to decide what is posted or not. Personally, I have become very skeptical of advertised cases like this, specially those from Haiti with such a dubious source. The reason is that there is so much need in Haiti that those same sources not only chose to ignore, but also use national and international policies to perpetuate - by that I mean the suffering of the Haitian people living in misery and abject poverty. There are thousands of children in Haiti with basic medical needs, such as lack of prescription drugs to fight easily curable infectuous diseases, allergies such as asthma, anemia, eye or other surgeries at a place like Deschapelles, and the list goes on and on. But, with such a wide number of needs, it begs to wonder that if someone really needs to help Haitian children whether it is not better to send that money to the Schweitzer Hospital in Deschapelles where, the last I knew, Haitian children's suffering were being alleviated undiscriminately. There are also a lot of other good medical causes as well that may not be as expensive as the heart surgery. I know Haitian doctors, before the insecurity problem makes it impossible, who used to give time, about two weeks each year, to perform eye surgeries, urology surgeries, and others at Deschapelles. I know another doctor - and this is not limited to Haitian doctors only - who used to go to Haiti yearly to fight tuberculosis and other curable diseases. When I was a child growing up in Haiti, American doctors used to come regularly in my home town - we called them Blancs Medicaux - and alleviated the suffering of many people who would have gone without if it was not for them. I personally benefitted from that as I have not had a case of asthma attack ever since they left my hometown over 40 years ago.

I feel sorry for Elda. She is lucky to have friends with contacts who can advertise her case. But, what about those who are not that lucky? Does that mean, we should not fight for Elda? I don't mean that. But, the Elda's medical case, big expensive and complicated heart surgery mostly done in general for experimental purposes from what it sounds, will take a lot of resources away from thousands of other Haitian children with easily and inexpensive curable diseases. Frankly, unless someone can show me I am wrong, which I may be, I think we should prioritize our donation dollar for medical help. The reason is that there are not a lot of it available.


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Post by admin » Tue Apr 25, 2006 10:07 am

[quote]Perhaps one should read over the statements made by Paul Farmer about how his team was attacked in 2003 by the very criminals who were working with Stanley Lucas and IRI from the Dominican Republic.[/quote]
That's precisely the extraordinarily dubious relationship that prompted me to post this appeal, while not wishing to jeopardize the particular case if there were any merit to it at all. In other words, if some life was going to be saved, I would not want to be the person to object.

However, it smells fishy, of course!! That is why I wanted to submit the case to your critical evaluation, so everyone would be aware of what may be happening. Are we witnessing a case of last-minute conversion? a guilty conscience and an attempt at redemption? a PR stunt? a cynical coverup of the IRI's track record? or what?

How did Elda's medical case (among all others!) come to attract the particular attention of no less than Stanley Lucas, the alleged mastermind of the coup against Aristide's elected governent ? What would prompt Partners in Health to associate itself with Stanley Lucas and allow him to broadcast its tax ID number far and wide? All for $5,000? I seriously doubt it.

I was with Loune Viaud (director of Partners in Health) at an awards ceremony in her honor just a couple of days ago, and she did not feel obliged to make a special appeal for Elda. Had she done it, she probably would have collected the $5,000 right then and there. Yet, with the help of some generous and well-deserved grants, she is about to direct the largest AIDS treatment operation IN THE WORLD.

Yet, with Partners in Health tax ID number's in hand, the International Republican Institute's Senior Officer for Haitian Affairs, Stanley Lucas comes to the rescue! Not with IRI's dollars, but with yours.

Sorry, Jean-Marie, that you may have missed the purpose of my post.

Lò nou wè zangi soti anba wòch la, li kab bon pou nou leve wòch la pou nou wè sa ki fè zangi an soti.

Nou kab panse mwen nayif, men mwen kwè nan jete limyè sou tout bagay ki entrige m. Nou pa janm konnen kote lougawou a kache.


Post by Tidodo_ » Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:17 am

Actually, Guy, I was not worrying that much about you. It is a common practice here in the States to see an advertised case for public help, when there are more other deserving ones that never made it to the TV screen or the front page news. It is like the real poverty in Haiti that is never shown by the media like something Americans should put pressure on their government to help alleviate. It is always: "It's them out there misbehaving. We can always pick an isolated Haitian case deserving mercy, like Elda's, to come to terms with our Christian consciousness."


Michel Nau_

Post by Michel Nau_ » Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:53 pm

Jaf wrote: [quote]People should be held accountable based on their record not the pronouncements they make.[/quote]
you make it sound like Hitler doing a fundraising for the Jewish Holocaust Museum.
Putting politics aside, Stanley Lucas' decision to be a spoke person for Partners in Health is a perfect example of unity and awareness for a common cause, to save a little Haitian girl.
This is exactly what Haiti needs right now.

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Lucas one day organizes a fund drive for Lafanmi Lavalas or for the orphan children of Cite Soleil.
What could be wrong with that?

Anpil nan nou konpran ke nou gen dwa ou byen pep la ba nou manda poum pale pou yo e ke nou gen dwa xkli moun nou vle.

Si se youn bagay kap benefisye pep la, ke Mr. Lucas fel. Lise pitit pep la tou. Li gen anpil koneksyon e track recod li montre ke li se youn bon fund reze e si lap itilize talan li nan domain sa pou ranmase lajan pou sove youn et imin, mwen dako avek li.

Guy wrote: [quote]Are we witnessing a case of last-minute conversion? a guilty conscience and an attempt at redemption? a PR stunt? a cynical coverup of the IRI's track record? or what? [/quote]
Politik se politik, afe sosyal e sevis kominote e pou youn bon koz se youn lot.
Sa w bezwen paret ak youn “cheap shot to IRI” poufe.
W pa bezwen konsantre w sou mesaje a.
Sije deba a se youn zafe pirman medical.
Li le pou 2 e 3 nan nou fe youn jefo pou we diferans la.



Post by Tidodo_ » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:17 pm

[quote]you make it sound like Hitler doing a fundraising for the Jewish Holocaust Museum. [/quote]

Actually, Michel, all proportions kept, you may not be that far off reality, here!



Haitian Child in need

Post by Yanique_ » Fri May 05, 2006 1:03 pm

I have very little knowledge of Stanley Lucas, the negative responses prompt me to find out more about this man...
the following is a copy of an article I read online:
Stanley Lucas
From SourceWatch
In an interview with Democracy Now, Stanley Lucas is described as follows by journalist Max Blumenthal:

"Well, to tell you about Stanley Lucas, and he is the program officer for the International Republican Institute, or I.R.I.'s Haiti program. I.R.I. is active in 50 countries worldwide on a mission to "promote democracy". In many of their programs, through their means, what they have demonstrated is something quite different. They have demonstrated -- I.R.I has demonstrated a penchant for backing opponents in regimes deemed hostile to the U.S. and specifically to conservative interests, and I.R.I.'s program in Haiti has been probably its most bellicose thanks to Stanley Lucas. In Haiti there's two sectors of Haitian society that are the traditional obstructionists to progressive change. Number one, that's the industrial sector of the mulatto elite who run the sweatshops and lead the civil society wing of Aristide's opposition. And two, there's the military, which guarantees the conditions by which the elite can operate their sweatshops. Aristide disbanded the military in 1995, so, you know, the military hates him. Stanley Lucas is a bridge between these two sectors. He was schooled in Haiti's finest schools with members of the mulatto elite. At the same time, he comes from a wealthy land owning family close to the Duvalier regime, which ruled Haiti with an iron fist for decades. His family is close to the military. Two of Stanley Lucas's cousins massacred -- organized a massacre of 250 peasants, in 1987, who were protesting for land reform after the Duvalier regime crumbled. The massacre -- it was a terrible massacre documented by Amnesty International and described to me by someone who witnessed it firsthand. You would think that someone from this background wouldn't be able to get a position at a group like the International Republican Institute that promotes democracy. However, Stanley Lucas is a valuable asset to them. He is a judo master who allegedly trained the military in counter insurgency tactics after the Duvalier regime collapsed. He was hired in 1992, but I don't know why he was hired. When I asked I.R.I.'s communications director why he was hired, he refused to tell me why, or what his duties consisted of between 1992 and 1998. A lot of people I spoke to suspect that Stanley Lucas is a CIA asset, including former ambassador -- former U.S. Ambassador in the region. So, when Stanley Lucas was hired in 1992, the country was controlled by a military junta called FRAPP, which had ousted Aristide in 1990 -- in the first coup in that country. Frappe was busy massacring thousands of Aristide supporters. One off the recorded sources, who lived with Lucas, working with Lucas, in Haiti, told me he saw documents indicating that while Lucas was working for I.R.I., he was being paid by Michelle Francois, who was a notorious FRAPP leader. Stanley Lucas is an impeccable dresser, a smooth operater and a lady's man with a broad smile and childlike demeanor that will put his enemies at ease. You have behind that facade an evil man who has been given way too much power. In my piece, I compared him to Achmed Chalabi, because Stanley Lucas is a card-carrying Republican who managed to ingratiate himself with powerful Republicans in Washington. He lobbied for the opposition to Aristide and managed to tie quite a bit of funding to them and introduced a number of Aristide's most virulent opponents to powerful Republicans in Washington. When I.R.I.'s campaign to destabilize Haiti began in earnest in 1998 with a $2 million grant in mostly taxpayer money from the U.S. Agency for International Development, Lucas hosted some of Aristide's most virulent opponents in political training sessions. What he did was he merged all of these disparate groups into one big party called the Democratic Convergence. Now, the Democratic Convergence is not a traditional political party, it's more like the political wing of a coup, because the strategy that it took was to forego the democratic process entirely. Boycott elections and initiate what seemed like an endless sequence of provocative protests. Between 2000 and 2002, the Democratic Convergence rejected over 20 internationally sanctioned power sharing agreements which heightened the tension and provoked more violence. At the time, the U.S. Ambassador, who was named Brian Dean Curran, a Clinton appointee, who was a highly respected career diplomat, uncovered evidence that Stanley Lucas was the one encouraging the Democratic Convergence to reject the compromises and to stay out of the democratic process. When he presented this evidence to the U.S. Agency for International Development, and he asked them to block Stanley Lucas from the program, Bush's Assistant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere, Roger Noriega, apparently stepped in, and within four months--Lucas was barred for four months, but after four months, he was back. So, when he -- when Lucas returned to the program, he retaliated against Ambassador Curran. What he did was he spread salacious rumors in Port-au-Prince in -- and in Washington about Curran's personal life. If I repeated these rumors, it would make Dick Cheney look like Ward Cleaver. It's unheard of for someone like Lucas to actually sabotage a U.S. Ambassador. Lucas threatened two embassy officials and told them they would be fired once the real -- "Real" U.S. policy was implemented. In 2003, Curran was forced to resign in disgust because of Lucas's activities and the fact that Bush administration seemed to give Lucas their tacit approval. A number of embassy officials I spoke to were removed from Haiti by Roger Noriega for opposing what Stanley Lucas was doing in part. So this whole sad episode that led up to the coup was allowed to occur because of Bush's policy of studied neglect in South America."

Source: "Did the Bush Administration Allow a Network of Right-Wing Republicans to Foment a Violent Coup in Haiti?" (http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl? ... 20/1327215), "Democracy Now," Pacifica Radio, July 20, 2004.

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