Time to move on

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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Mon Mar 27, 2006 4:50 am

Senou, I agree with everything. But it is not easy!
It is easy to say "Move on". But it will take more than words!
Haiti or Haitians will need more psychological therapies than anything else. I don't know how and where they're gonna get it from?
For, this is a Country where they are not too keen on Compromises. A Country where almost every former President was violently removed.
This is a Country where your rival is automatically your enemy. This is a Country where almost all of Us living Today knew about the Tonton Makouts. This is a Country where someone with a gun is powerful beyond imagination. A Country where the kids had witnessed different Thugs such as rat pa kaka, Zenglendo, ChimE, fridOm faytE and a very Corrupted Police Corps.
A Country where the Kids witnessed a simple Government employee can make fortune illegally. A Country where, any senior Citizen with a lot of money can own various mistresses or under age girlfriends. Enfin, enfin, I can go on and on!
Let's Move on is like sweeping everything under the rugs. But, we will have to face the trash soon or later!
How do we deal with the Youth for a better Tomorrow? That in my opinion would be a better approach.
When our Beloved-Brother Frantz sent the Computers and Solar System in Port-a-Piments. He did not say, let's move on only. He thought about educating the kids, for a better tomorrow!
I used to think that Moving on alone was the right solution. Until I realize that we need to do more. We need Public Libraries for the Kids. We need electricity for everyone. A better Educational system. A national Healthcare for everyone. A less polluted Country. A sewage system!
And one of the therapies which I think will be very fruitful for every Haitian is, The Love and Respect for our Country. In other word, respecting and loving every law-abiding Citizen.
Once more, I could agree with the Moving on, but, there are therapies needed for so many trauma caused by the insensitivity and inefficiency of past LEADERS...
L'union Fait la Force

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