Ghosts of Cite Soleil and other films on Haiti

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[quote]Was the white french lady the real lover of the two brothers or did the bad taste of the Leth family went sofar as to hire a danish porn actress (with a french name) to sleep with them?[/quote]
Try not to confuse Junior Leth's movie with Senior Leth's upcoming movie of his exploits with an underage Haitian girl, daughter of his maid, which he fancied as his sex slave (I think that if Jacmelians really knew about this, they would run the weasel out of town! If Jacmelians truly have the character that people say they do, how would they, how could they not... ? This is not meant to incite anyone to take the law into their own hands, but I wonder about the dynamics of a much vaunted municipal character.)

Now, Harvard, what's this with the Danish porn actress?

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