On the Verge of a Fever

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On the Verge of a Fever

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ON THE VERGE OF A FEVER ('Le goût des jeunes filles')
Starring: Lansana Kourouma, Uly Darly, Koumba Ball, Néhémie Dumay, Maita Lavoie, Daphnée Desravines, Mireille Métellus, Daniela Akerblom
Dir: John L'Ecuyer
Scriptwriter: Dany Laferrière, based on his novel, 'Le goût des jeunes filles'.
Dur: 88 min
Drama - Canada/Haiti 2004

In French with English subtitles.

Reviewed by Tula Heyes for the Haiti Support Group

On the Verge of a Fever - The story of Fanfan, a 15-year-old boy, who is forced to grow from boy to man over the course of a weekend. Fanfan wants to experience life with his sharp-witted, 'know-it-all' friend, Gege, but Fanfan's mother is over-protective and won't allow the friendship.

The setting is Haiti 1971, and after sneaking out with Gege, Fanfan witnesses a terrifying incident involving a Tonton Macoute. It is observed that he was an eye-witness, and fearful of returning home, Fanfan spends the next couple of days at the home of his beautiful and worldly female neighbour.

Posing as her brother, Fanfan is trapped - should he go home to his terrified mother and risk being caught by the Tonton Macoute, or stay and achieve his long-time fantasy?

The film shows the world through the eyes of Fanfan within the confines of Haitian society in 1971. It poignantly depicts the archetypal roles of women in Haitian society at the time, doing what they needed to do, in order to survive.

The best bits were:
. The return of Fanfan to his mother's house - where he refuses to drink his milk, and his mother dances around gleefully singing "Hooray, we have a man in the house again".
. Gege's views on sex and smoking.hilarious!

Distribution: Christal Films Distribution
http://www.christalfilms.com/officialsi ... nesfilles/

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