Film: Haitian movies

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Film: Haitian movies

Post by admin » Sun May 30, 2004 2:55 pm

Haitian movies...This is one segment of our commerce (some of it may even qualify as ART?) that has seen some remarkable advance in just the part few years. Here are just A FEW of the titles (of course, feel free to add to this short list), for which I would like to invite your comments - information, critique, or just your level of appreciation - if you have seen them:

- Le Vent du Désir (réalisateur: Wilkenson Bruna)

- I love you, Anne (réalisateur: Richard Sénécal)

- La Peur d'aimer (réalisateur: Réginald Lubin)

- BARIKAD (réalisateur: Richard Sénécal)

- Pouki se mwen? (réalisateur: Réginald Lubin)

Just now, in trying to doublecheck the directors' names, I just discovered these two very informational web pages from Fabienne Colas (La délicieuse Odénie dans BARIKAD) on Haitian movies (Le Cinéma Haitien).

Fans of Fabienne Colas will delight in visiting this website, - dedicated to the CINEMA world. Congratulations, Fabienne!!

Once again, I invite any of our forum members to share with us their thoughts or feelings regarding this evolving Haitian art form.

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