Thank you for the recipes and advice!

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Post by Yanique_ » Tue Nov 07, 2006 5:30 pm

Hi Nekita,

It's funny that you mentioned your mom does not like bouyon on Sundays. Bouyon is traditionally cooked on Saturdays. I think the reason is that (at least in my family) bouyon is a very energetic meal. It provide lots of energy, it's not necessary to cook anything else for the day. Let's assume that you are very busy shopping and cleaning. A pot of bouyon will keep everyone satisfied for the whole day. Traditionally Haitian families cook a lot on Sundays. There's always rice with bean sauce and chicken or turkey, no matter whose house you go to. You know how it is! There's nothing left to do but go to church and feed the whole family (including extended family that drop by unexpected).

I would get the same reaction from my family if I prepare bouyon on a Sunday.

God bless.


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