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Posted: Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:50 pm
by Tayi
And remember January 12. Senou that was a beautiful reflection on your part. I can sense the fire in your passion. I appreciate that you put action as priority in this dialogue. That initiative sounds like an exciting idea but It would be good to get all diaspora together to discuss these issues, in cooperation with the established consulates we already have in the country. Perhaps the first step would be (after prayer of course :-)) to call for a national conference for the whole Haitian diaspora (we can start in the US) and/or we could even try to organize an international conference held in Haiti, the one country that most Haitian diasporas can travel to. You know, I feel really strong about the last point: Let us gather in HAITI, the motherland where we can be re-inspired and mobilized. Perhaps then, our president can do that for us, call all Haitians to return to motherland to reflect with her and about her on how to go forward. At that meeting we can have different tracks for the different diaspora countries and share ideas on how to best be organized in the diaspora. Just throwing out some ideas. I like where you're going with this.

On a slightly different note, I think the administration should invite young Haitians living abroad to come participate in the rebuilding of the country in Haiti. Many Haitians would respond positively and go offer their expertise in their particular fields. I think and hope so. Surely those same people would not always need to wait for an invitation but such an invitation could stir up a new sense of mission and utility for the country.