Whose god?

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Leonel JB

The concept of god

Post by Leonel JB » Wed Apr 14, 2004 11:14 am

I think the concept of "god/jesus" is really flawed. Christianity is brought by the conquerors, with the complicity of the chosen people. First, let's examine genesis or the "CREATION": God had worked for 5 days and rested (WOW), then he created "MAN" whom he thought was incomplete and lonely. Then, bla bla bla, he created "Woman"...

Remember, He (God) is the Powerful, Omnipotent etc. He can see the present and the "FUTURE". He is everything and everywhere. Can one really use logic or reason to challenge the "bible"? Last time I checked, this is that great book that every oppressor used. This is really "The Opium of the Masses". It's O.K to suffer now, car le "ROYAUME DES CIEUX EST A TOI"...Funny!

I've followed a lot of your writings, Jaf. I can affirme that you are very bright and eloquent, like a lot of others on WOH's forum. Please, I need some of your wisdom.

Your wasted soul brother,

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