"Our Lady" and the War in the Middle-East

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quelques mots de gérard lenormand

Post by Gelin_ » Thu Aug 10, 2006 8:38 am

Texte de la chanson d'innocence
de Gérard Lenormand

<i>Elle disait faut pas toucher
Aux oiseaux dans les champs de blé
Je tuerai le chasseur qui les tuera
Je te tuerai même si c'était toi
Et la violence de ces paroles
De cette chanson d'innocence
Ça m'fait pleurer quand j'y pense

Catherine le monde as changé
Les chasseurs sont du bon coté
Pour les oiseaux y a plus grand-chose à faire
Il tuerons les pigeons au nucléaire
Les champs de blé de nos jeux d'enfance
Seront bientôt comme comme ce désert
Comment me taire quand j'y pense

Ils s'ont fiers de leurs bombardiers
De leurs soldats, de leurs idées
Y a des goulags pour ceux qui parlent trop
Y a des médailles pour jouer les héros
Y a pas une chanson qui peut faire
Changer les choses, non aucune chose
Ça m'fait chanter quand j'y pense

Les maîtres de la guerre sont là
Dieu est à leurs côtés tu vois</b>
Ils se déguisent derrière leurs discours
Ils nous mentent un peu plus chaque jour
Quand les larmes et le sang
N'auront plus aucun sens
J'irais prier si j'y pense

Elle disait faut pas toucher
Aux oiseaux dans les champs de blé
Je tuerai le chasseur qui les tuera
Je te tuerai même si c'était toi
Je me demande si elle croit
Toujours en la violence
Ou si elle croit encore en l'amour
Ça m'fait douter quand j'y pense.</i>

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Post by admin » Sun Aug 13, 2006 6:32 am

Our Lady is named "Ezili" (in Haitian) or "Erzilie" (in French). I don't know if there are official Spanish or English appellations for her. Like the early PC Game heroine Carmen ("Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego"), she assumes multiple identities and travels around the world. She may appear to be Black or White, dark-skinned Indian, Latina, or what-have-you. She truly is multilingual, speaking Haitian, Spanish, French, Spanish, Franglish, Spanglish, Cubano, Dominicano, Martinican, Guadeloupean and many other languages and dialects (even Dyasspeak) with equal ease. She goes everywhere from Brooklyn to Côtes-de-Fer, from Little Haiti to Little Italy, from Little Havana to Czestochowa, from Fatima to Soweto and just about everywhere you could think of. No one has ever managed to stamp her passport. An extraordinary number of men claim to be married to her, one day a week or one week a day, but she laughs at their claims as no man is man enough to claim her as his own. She is said to have had more lovers than any demographer could count. She is fierce and tender. She flirts and she teases. She is passionate and calculating. No one who has met her can ever forget her. Her iconic representations are in the bedroom and in saintly places, in small dark rooms and in the largest basilicas.

She is the irresistible mermaid, guiding seafarers to northern or fairer sideways climates. She is the feared whale, taking Jonases in her belly for three days and three nights, for safe passage to a peaceful world.

She opens every door of opportunity, but the jury is out on whether she can close the door on war, misery, and exploitation.

Ezili is every man's hope, but should she be?

One wonders if she'll ever settle down. But I know she will. I have a dream place for her, from which she will not want to wander.

When she visits it finally, you can all kiss her good-bye.

Empress Verite

Our Lady and the Cease Fire In Lebanon

Post by Empress Verite » Tue Aug 15, 2006 5:44 am

Hey Ja:

I appreciate what you're trying to say about the Church and Our Lady and the call to pray for the innocent victims of this recent war. I just want to ask you not to blame Hezzbollah for any of this problem. Please do not ask them to stop protecting and defending their country and their people and their self determination. As a Haitian, natif natal, and one who fights for their rights I know that you also understand the fear that Hezbollah felt towards "Israel". After all, that nation state occupied their country for 18 years! The ex Haitian slaves built a fortress and placed canons to protect themselves in case the French returned, well Hezzbollah prepared as well and they have a right to defend themselves. Let's get it straight, this war was brought on by the White supremist with the help of imperial powers such as the US and the UK mainly to expand the Zionist State of Israel. Hezzbollah is like the ANC of 30-50 years ago founded to begin acts (deemed terrorist) to dismantle the yoke of oppression, colonialism, racism etc. They have a right to fight against tyrany at whatever cost. I don't expect them to keep turning the other cheek. The previous Christian regime of Lebanon was obviously too open to the Zionist at the detriment of its own people and that was not fair.

Please check out the WSWS on Hezzbollah and the war: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2006/jul20 ... -j21.shtml

Secondly, I would also like to say that Kanye West did a revolutionary act when he hijacked media time on NBC to deviate from the written script and say that "Bush does not care about the Black people". Funny that he should be from Chicago. Still, he can kiss my black Haitian butt. I say this because hip hop owes a great debt to Haitian culture and to folks like Wyclef Jean who continue to help the culture maintain its integrity and international cred. Yet, they treat Haitians like 2nd class citizens and as outsiders in the game. They continue to borrow selectively from our culture. For instance, did you ever wonder how 50 cents got his name? You go figure, in my reading that particular term is not as meaningful in African American urban culture as it is in Haitian-Degouden! And I find it even more significant that he's from Queens too.

Thirdly, Kanye West and all of the other so-called African American activists who want to cry for the innocent black victims of Katrina in New Orleans should acknowledge the real reason why this happenned. In addition to the fact that the city was ill prepared due to continued denial of funding to fix the levies by the State legislature and the US government; there is evidence that these levies were purposefully tempered with before Katrina. Spike Lee is supposedly doing a film about this situation. Why would this happen under the watch of an overt and outrightly pro-Evangelical Christian administratin? Oh, I forget, New Orleans, the cultural capital of the US is also populated mostly by black folks whose ancestry goes back to those so-called Voodoo practitioning Haitians. You oughta read "The Free People of Color in New Orleans". This book documents the strong influence of Haitians in that city. Apparently, the mass migration of Haitians to New Orleans in the 19th century was the biggest one yet seen in US history (at least for that time) and Voodoo is strongly associated with that city. By the way, a beloved daughter of New Orleans, Luisah Teish, has also documented this in her book Jambalaya. It's a strong ode to Oshun or Ezili Danto as she believes herself to be a daughter of that tradition. You might also note that Mamzelle Laveaux (the first) migrated to New Orleans from Ayiti and led the movement for Voodoo practice in that city. She brought authenticity and creativity and power to this tradition in New Orleans. Of course, she had to struggle against the imperial powers and against male aggression.

Finally, I would like to say to you Guy that Ezili the internationally (re)known lover, activist, etc... sounds like a revolutionary woman. However, I can't help but feel that in spite of all the love and strength that she embodies she is still a spiritual geisha for Haitian men. Like you said, for all of the doors that she opens, it doesn't seem that she can close any of the volatile ones. My feeling is that she is ultimately, the quintessential male fantasy woman-perfect lover, experienced lover, but a virgin diplomat and mediator. She has no skills in war and she therefore cannot protect against aggressors. For me this signifies that the position of women in the Revolution is still prone. Condoleeza Rice is somewhat representative of that image. She is a learned and well travelled diplomat but she cannot stop male destructive aggression. Her symbol in the Bush administration is purely sexual. She is there to remind the white establishment that they got us just where they want us-under their feet. I can go on about how her lack of experience in these matters and her size and the fact that she is "single" reinforce the idea of the Black female slave mistress who is ever ready to fulfill the massahs wishes but you get the drift.

And the Ezili that you describe is essentially what men seem to want in their women an experienced sexual partner who can provide them with carnal pleasure without being violent or aggressive. This is the dichotomy of the Virgin Mary-she is simultaneously virginal and wanton. We know which one the Haitian man marries and the one he keeps as mistress. Unfortunately, neither is a fighter or warrior. And what is the specific profession that she was trained in? Many Hezzbollah women are trained in various fields. I think I want to join their camp. In your view she is wandering like a homeless high class sex worker. And you write that you have the perfect spot for her. Won't you be enslaving her if you make her stable? Her paradise seems to be that she is free to roam free to be free-not tied to any one person (male or female) or to one situation. We cannot own her and that perhaps is the most revolutionary thing about her.

best regards. and much respect. Please know I got only luv for you guys so no offense.

Empress Verite

"Our Lady" and the War in Haiti/Ayiti

Post by Empress Verite » Tue Aug 15, 2006 8:27 pm

Sak Pase all:

I am so thankful for spiritually strong Haitian women and So Ann is one example for me. She survived 27 months of unlawful incarceration and she held on to her beliefs. I feel that Haitian tradional culture that emphasives female strength and autonomy is linked to the "cult" of the virgin mary as it is seen for instance in La Ville Leoganne with St. Rose parishioners. So Ann is a saint and an angel because she continues to be vigilant. So I say more power to her and all who are like her in Ayiti and in the djaspora.

* EXCLUSIVE: Haitian Political Prisoner So Anne Released After Over 2 Years
in Haitian Jail *

Popular Haitian-American folk singer and political activist Annette Auguste,
has been released after spending over two years in a Haitian jail. Auguste,
commonly known as So Anne, was jailed shortly after the 2004 coup that
ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. So Anne joins us on the
line from Haiti.

http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl? ... 15/1326250

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