Judas: The real story

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Leonel JB

Judas: The real story

Post by Leonel JB » Fri Apr 07, 2006 2:43 am

An article from yahoo came out where they have found some scriptures on Judas which contradict the New Testament!

Judas was Jesus's favorite disciple based on the translations. I would suggest to you Believers, go and make more unbiased researches. Then, you will know the truth!

Verite sou tanbou!

Gelin, why was Judas hated by Christians?

I was supposed to print the article, but, unfortunately I couldn't. Anyway, you guys can go to yahoo.com and read about it.

I believe that one of these days, everything will burst wide open! Na sispann kwE nan malatchong...

Le Seigneur soit avec Vous, et avec votre Esprit!!
Cardinal Leonel

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Post by admin » Sat Apr 08, 2006 6:32 pm

Leonel, I read about the newly discovered Gospel of Judas, and I would hope that all Ann Pale members interested in Christianity and its origins read it for its extraordinary revelations and challenges to religious teachings and conventional beliefs.

If this new evidence about Judas is authenticated, then Judas should actually be made the First Saint among Saints in the Catholic tradition, since he was not only Jesus's favorite disciple but he was also chosen by Jesus himself to deliver him to his enemies, at a time of Jesus's choosing. In essence, Judas made himself the instrument of Jesus's own will, of God's Will as many would say, and paid the ultimate price by having himself painted as a villain throughout millenia, when all he did was obey a request from his mentor and friend Jesus, something that must have been exceedingly difficult for him to do, on an emotional level.

If that is true, then ALL CHRISTIANS HAVE SINNED FOR UNFAIRLY POINTING TO JUDAS AS AS EVIL. Would it have been virtuous of Judas to refuse to obey the Will of God, in that case???? Why indeed has Judas been badmouthed all along, when according to the Christian doctrine, Jesus came to this world specifically FOR THE PURPOSE OF REDEEMING HUMANITY OF SIN THROUGH HIS DEATH.

Was Judas caught in a case of damn if he does and damn if he does not? I think that he must have understood what was at stake more than most of his contemporaries. He chose to allow Jesus to accomplish the MISSION that apparently was the ultimate purpose for human incarnation. Would Jesus have set Judas up? Would he have asked Judas's help and later condemned him for all of eternity for doing his bidding? What kind of Jesus would that be???

I think that Christians in general are practically always DEAD WRONG in their notable penchant for rushing to judgment of fellow human beings. WE CAN OBSERVE THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR LIVES. Christians are ALWAYS pointing the finger at people and groups of people, for whatever characteristic they think is sinful. Wouldn't the ultimate sin be to be Christian for being so judgmental and intolerant of other human beings? No wonder Jesus Christ was not a Christian and can never be made to be a Christian, historically, in spite of our most extravagant fantasies.

Give Judas his due! If his sin was to acquiesce to Jesus's will, then this whole thing is really screwed up.


Re: Judas real story

Post by Gelin_ » Mon Apr 10, 2006 8:58 am

[quote]...Gelin, why was Judas hated by Christians?[/quote]

leonel my friend, here is one way to find out: find a few 'christians' who HATE Judas and ask them why they feel that way about him. For sure, I can't answer for all those who call themselves 'christian'. Judas is not my enemy, and even if he was I am commanded not to hate him by the very one he betrayed with a kiss.

Guy, some of your questions I cannot answer because they are too deep for me. For the rest, I can try to address them as they relate to the four gospels, Matthew-Mark-Luke-John.


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