Duvalier and Voodoo

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Duvalier and Voodoo

Post by Gifrants » Fri Apr 11, 2003 11:14 am

There is one striking commonality: The blood and death of many Haitian people under their rule.

François Duvalier did not hide his affiliation with Voodoo. He changed the colors of the flag. He proclaimed himself President for life, and the jails of Haiti were filled of cells or chambers of torture. He would travel to those well known humfò to praise his gods, and renew with blood his contract with them in order to maintain power. He did it by systematically killing or exiling his opponents, or anybody he considered a threat. The National Palace would be at times the appropriate place for his Voodoo ceremonies, and his oratory was well maintained inside. He was called the incarnation of the Devil, whose symbol in this geo-political sphere was the fowl, or pentad in Creole.

Aristide did not hide either his affiliation with Voodoo. Before he came to power, the colors of the flag were changed to their original ones:
the blue and red horizontal stripes. While I did believe he had already embraced the rooster, before he inherited it as the insignia of choice of the OPL, he also showed no remorse, no pain and no grief in front of the systematic killings, murders of the innocent and the guilty. The violation of human rights is rampant in Haiti. The spectrum of Voodoo under the rule of such a short sighted, and incompetent ruler cannot be a reassuring one. One should not forget all the stereotypes about Voodoo to make the matter worse.

Since Voodoo is a religion now, François Duvalier cannot be depicted as such a great devil after all. If we intend to do so, we do not need to use a magnifier to see that the same devil was hidden under the toga of the priest. I knew it. I went straight to bed the day he announced his candidacy. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will surprise me with Aristide and Lavalas.

Voodoo won't help the Haitians more than the Haitians are determined not to take their destiny in their own hand
s. There are 3 types of death: mental death, physical death and spiritual death. There is nothing we can do for those who are already mentally dead. But we all true believers should pray for the life and soul of the innocent.

Pitit Ginen

Post by Pitit Ginen » Tue Aug 05, 2003 5:06 am

This is so unfortunate that this topic has been overlooked. Personally, I haven't noticed it until today. Still these lines about voodoo is one more testimony about prejudice and ignorance that most of educated Haitians hold about that religion. I can swear to the Creator of the universe that until the end of this world, we would never see members of our elite write : since Christianity is a religion now... Even though the disciples of Christianity have killed millions.

Even Mormon, a sect invented by a white fascist supremacist happens to attract black followers, but Voodoo is still turn down by most blacks. If anything has a direct link to slavery; rejection of the true afrikan religion (Voodoo) by black people is the most obvious one.

Voodoo won't help the Haitian people, but would the other religions do? Or have they done anything better? The true believers are called upon to pray for the salvation of the souls of the innocent. Or, to better translate that idea : to pray for the souls of the Devil's followers (Voodoo's disciples for instance.) And yet : Who are the true believers? The disciples of all religions that are not linked to Afrika (including perhaps Islam.)

We are deep into a very thick confusion : some believers are true, some others are not. Just like that religion (of which followers (the chosen nation) who were awarded the Palestine land)) which is said to have been inspired directly by the Creator while all the others are from the Devil.

Unfortunately, the true believers have not done anything either for Haiti. Actually, anywhere in the world where people are trying to organize themselves, we see those true believers (those former slave traders) going in to create chaos. Those who are not true believers have no reason to feel ashamed because they can say like of the Tainos kings once said to a hangman (sorry, I should have said discoverer) who were forcing him to convert to Christianity : " Si lè moun sa-yo mouri yo pral nan paradi tou, mwen menm pito pran chimen lanfè-a".

Pitit Ginen.

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