Incredible Nekita story! - & - Meeting Richard Mirabal!

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Serge and the others will be giving you their own impressions of this extraordinary meeting and the ones that followed.

Nekita missed her plane and because the flights were completely booked, she then had to take the Greyhound bus, from Boston to Miami. She will only be arriving Sunday morning, but she was determined not to miss the 1st annual Ann Pale reunion. Well, we will hopefully have the opportunity to spend a few hours with her before leaving.

For those people living in the Miami area who did not join us, think of Nekita's story (I am sure she will have a lot more to say about it when she returns). If Nekita takes the bus from BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS to come and be with us in MIAMI, FLORIDA... you could perhaps have tried harder. In any case, those of us who made it are having a great time, talking to each other about Ann Pale (the rest of you) and all the other topics we usually talk about on the forum. Except that now, it's face to face. No online misunderstandings, and lots of fraternity. Good humor too!

And I saved the best part for last (well, the best part, so far). Seeing Richard Mirabal, Martha Jean-Claude's son playing just for us, and accompanying Manno Charlemagne. He was electifying on the guitar. He also told me a lot about his family, that is, our very dear Martha, her husband Victor and children.

Richard is trying to get the Martha Jean-Claude foundation going again. More on this later...

On Sunday, also at Tap Tap, Victor Mirabal (95 years old and going quite strong) will have some of his paintings exhibited there. We intend to stop by to see them and to mix some more with the great group at Tap Tap restaurant.

We also plan to go to Tap Tap tomorrow, for more great food and music.

On Sunday, we plan on having "soup joumou" at Libreri Mapou, and to attend a cultural presentation put together by none other than Jean Mapou. We probably will then make a tour of Little Haiti.

Anyway, there are a lot of personal stories evolving around this 1st Ann Pale reunion. I will let the actors speak for themselves however. Be assured that one can already call it a great success.

And there is more in store...

Wish you were with us.

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