Sunday, February 19: A day we will not soon forget!

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Sunday, February 19: A day we will not soon forget!

Post by admin » Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:56 am

A La Yon Jounen Jodi Dimanch 19 Fevriye a Te Ye Pou Nou Papa!



Windows on Haiti came alive on this day, ten-fold.

We received so much recognition from the community, and from so many unexpected sources, it does feel like a dream.

It will take more than a man and more than a day to tell you about today. I will fill you in, but expect reports as well from Padel, Jean-Marie, Nekita, Carline, and myself.

All I will say for now is that it was truly awesome! I am sorry that most of you missed it, but to be honest about it, I don't really have time to be sorry, I am basking in glory.

Thank you to the virtual communities of Ann Pale and Windows on Haiti. It has never been so real...

Hasta luego, amigos y amigas!


Post by T-dodo » Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:06 pm


What you just read, a list of the performances, was just the beginning of the evening. There were two more events to attend. It was too long to put all in one post. Note that I don't have the time to comment on the performances. I will let the other members present to do so: Guy, the Padels, Carline, Makendal, Nekita.

Guy had promised Richard Mirabal, Martha Jean-Claude's son to attend the exposition of the paintings of Victor Mirabal, Martha Jean-Claude's husband. The event was taking place at Tap Tap restaurant in Miami Beach, between 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Obviously, we had a time conflict there. At the same time, we also had an invitation for 8:00 p.m. at Jimmy Moise's house to attend a performance by the poets group, The Maroons, an art, craft and handmade jewelry sale from Haiti with dinner and cash bar animated by Dr. Jean-Claude Fanfan's tunes. That was another time conflict schedule.

We decided to split
. Carline and Nekita were going to Miramar to attend the art and craft sale, poetry reading and dinner event. Guy, the Padels and I were going to drive to South Beach, while my wife and my sister-in-law went back home. When we arrived at Tap Tap, the exposition was almost done. We found Manno Charlemagne playing and singing. That was a surprise as he told us on Thursday night that he was going to travel to Trinidad and Tobago on Friday morning. It turned out that they made him stay so that he could entertain the guests during the Victor Mirabal's painting exhibit.

We also found at Tap Tap trumpetist Haspil with his wife and we went watching the painting exhibit together. I can say that in about ten paintings, Victor Mirabal captures the essence of the two hundred years of slavery history. The paintings are gory and breathtaking. There was also a beautiful painting of Martha Jean-Claude serving as the top of a table protected by some fiberglass clear protector. Richard Mirabal suddenly returne
d and told Guy that he was going to perform especially for him and his guests.

By the way, Richard is a very warm person. He entertained us with stories about his childhood life, and how his mother insisted that Kreyòl be speaking by the children in their household in Cuba. He also told us about the other three children of Martha Jean-Claude, a doctor who lives in Holland, another one who is an opera singer who performs with Placido Domingo and lives in Spain, and a pianist whose location I can't remember.

So, Richard started playing and singing for us the usual Cuban repertoire, including Guantanamera, and some of Martha Jean-Claude songs. We stayed in the second floor of the Tap Tap restaurant with all of us singing and dancing while Richard played the guitar. Most of the songs are well known ones. He also told us how he and his sister went to perform once in New York and, in the middle of the tour, two Cuban musicians of the band defected after the Madison Square Garden performance. Richard and his sister had to cover four instruments in order to continue with the scheduled performances.

This tête-à-tête with Richard lasted until 10:30 p.m., after which we went to the art, craft and jewelry sale at Jimmy Moise's house. Since this was Makendal's event and Nekita and Carline spent more time there, I will let them provide you with a description. But, trust me, it was no less exciting and entertaining than what we already experienced for the evening and night after Guy, the Jeans and I arrived there.


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Post by Carline » Tue Feb 21, 2006 2:12 am

What a day!!!!! I just finished uploading the pictures from yesterday's events and along with jmflorestal's review you can get a pretty good idea of the day.
A show which touched on so many aspects of our culture (dance, poetry, song, cuisine, blague) awaited us at Libreri Mapou. From the beginning of the show until the end I was all smiles and transported into a different space....It's 2AM I have to catch some zzzzzz...s, I'll be back later. I just wanted to give a chapo ba pou Jan Mari paske li fe yon gwo travay ak reyinyon an.

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