Ann Pale is a force to be reckoned with and recognized!

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Post by admin » Fri Feb 24, 2006 11:16 pm

Thanks, Makendal! By the way, did you notice which two selections of The Maroons CD I used on Ann Pale? I really enjoyed them and if you could say anything more about them, I would be quite appreciative of that.

I would not use "Sex" though (or is it "Sax"?) Don't quite seems to be used interchangeably in that piece... which brings me to a young lady in Ann Pale, who was made the object of that particular piece of Spoken Poetry. Supposedly, she is very shy, but one would not have guessed that night, given the very particular attention she was subjected to, in front of everyone. I don't know, man. I kind of blushed for her, because the words were truly (...)

What can I say, my ears are chaste. Si Leonel te la, li ta rantre nan won.

Anyway, that young lady sent me lots of pictures of the Ann Pale Reunion in Florida this past week. I am waiting for some more from Serge Bellegarde and Frantz Jean, then I'll put them all in an album for viewing. I would have started doing that already if I had found the time. Perhaps, Sunday.

In addition, Jean Mapou has, I understand, both the video of the Mapou cultural presentation for Wndows on Haiti, and the radio interview we gave on Sunday morning, featuring our service activities and Kiki Wainwright's vivid poetry. If that is true, we all are in for a treat! Wainwright's rendition of his own "Mardi-Gras" was truly exceptional. I can't wait to digitize the sound and offer it to Ann Pale members who were not lucky enough to be present.

So, for those who would like to see pictures, audio, and perhaps even some video clips, I beg your patience. It's coming...

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Post by Carline » Tue Mar 07, 2006 5:16 pm

[quote]The Truth...another track on the CD is a group piece performed by all of the Maroons. This track is an "in your face" wake up call to the lies and misconceptions, to the atrocities and to the hidden truths. When you hear me say in this track..."Levis Jeans and Disney, you better stop the misery in Ayiti", this should make the listener wonder and question why I would mention Levis Jeans or Disney. I will not reveal for greater is knowledge when sought out on one's own. My favorite part of this track is "I think American politicans should apply for a green card, just to have permission to walk through my backyard! 62nd Little Haiti". Here we are alluding to the fact that there are so many immigration laws that we must deal with when attempting to enter this country, perhaps it is only fair that we impose the same on our culture and our country, especially Little Haiti.

The Truth is definitely one of my (and it seems the crowd too) favorite Maroon piece. I don't think that I can grow tired of it no matter how many times I see you guys perform it or listen to Underscore's CD. It really brings home so many of the same sentiments I share towards the inequality our brothers and sisters deal with.

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