Nekita enjoyed it so much, she wants to do it again soon...

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[quote]I don't know if you guys want me to say that... But I find the guys in Windows handsome and the girls beautiful. I mean it. [/quote]
Well, I am not sure I fit the description but I'll take it. Parapò diri, ti wòch goute grès.

[quote]For those who could not come, maybe in the summer we can think of a "lower" scale meeting in the North.[/quote]
Not a bad idea, but if you want to do it, you'll have to pick a location and a date very early, and keep pushing for it relentlessly like Jean-Marie did. If you drop out, there goes the reunion! I agree that it should be small scale (in fact, our reunion in Miami was indeed small scale but extremely successful in terms of the satisfaction and the spirit of fraternity that it engendered). I think that "small scale" may have indeed been a key to its success, in the sense that it minimized the overall cost and the logistics of lodging and transport. I don't think that anyone who came to our activities could have possibly regretted it or even thought of criticizing the effort. We simply relaxed and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Could it also happen in Boston or New York or Washington??? Why not? However, quite frankly, you'll need some good stirrers of the pot like Ti Dodo (J-M) principally, like Frantz Jean, and hosting/entertainment agents like Jean Mapou and Tap Tap restaurant. There are numerous Haitian artists in the area who would be glad to entertain. A couple have indicated to me that they would be more than happy to perform in a fundraising event for Windows on Haiti. Perhaps we could take advantage of the tremendous amount of good will for the site. In addition, let us not forget that many people in the North could not plan early enough or simply did not have enough money to entertain a trip to Miami. So, having a "lower scale" reunion in the North, as you said, could just be the ticket for their own participation. All to the good, but to the risk of repeating myself, over and over again, I must remind everyone that wishing it to happen will not make it come true. Someone must step up to the plate, like Ti Dodo (J-M) did in Miami. He was our designated hitter. Will you be that person, Nekita? Can you be that person? I cannot answer that question for you. All I can say is that I cannot be that person, because already I am not doing well enough all that I should be doing, because of my attention getting diverted in too many directions.

So, if it is not me, will it be you, Nekita? If it is not you, Nekita, who will it be? That's the main question that must be answered from now on. Who is willing to volunteer to be the focal point for any other "lower scale" or "larger scale" Windows on Haiti reunion? We need AN ORGANIZER or more than one (if we are talking about different regions in the U.S.) I say the U.S. because that's where most of our members reside, we might also think of Canada, Haiti, Cuba, etc. [Cuba??? Ha... ou konnen, fòk ponpongon sa ki nan Kay Blanch lan al fè wout li yon jou!]

But let's come back to reality. The question to our membership is: does the "lower scale" and local gatherings of Windows on Haiti and Ann Pale members appeal to you or should we decide to concentrate on organizing just one ANNUAL event? If it's annual, should we keep it in one location or should we change venues (the North, the South, HOME, etc) ? Can we have names of people who would volunteer to organize if the event is held in their neck of the woods? Who is willing to go to bat for Ann Pale or Windows on Haiti? Those are important questions to consider, if we want to go beyond wishing or dreaming.

[quote]By the way guys, gals, I am going to hell because I did not go to church last Sunday... JM will accompany me... [/quote]
Well, you got your consolation prize! Throw in Leonel in the mix, and you might just make hell a pretty attractive place to visit.

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