Nan Mayi a : Ti Dodo and Leonel make a culinary discovery!!

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Nan Mayi a : Ti Dodo and Leonel make a culinary discovery!!

Post by admin » Sat Feb 18, 2006 11:31 pm

Hi everybody, I can't believe that Nekita is still on the bus for what seems now like an entire week!

By the time she gets here, most of the crew will have left already!

But if she arrives at 6:00am as scheduled, and after going to the airport to retrieve her luggage [which probably was left behind in Boston, anyway], then she can break Jean-Marie's morning routine, which consists of going to some Haitian restaurant, the name of which escapes me now, because it was made entirely irrelevant since Jean-Marie decided to call it simply "Nan Mayi a").

The daily routine, it appeared to me, consists of the gentleman from Denmark and the gentleman from South Florida going over to "Nan Mayi a" and ordering... what else? One of three varieties of "mayi" : "Mayi Sòs Pwa ak Pwason", "Mayi Sòs Pwa ak Mori", "Mayi Sòs Pwa ak Fwa". These "mayi sòs pwa" have the well-developed particularity of swimming in the "sòs pwa", lots of it (not the kind that the gentleman from Jérémie remembers eating in his childhood, hence this new fascination). It's also a good way to enhance your personal savings, because after you eat this early morning meal, you definitely do not have to eat again until the next morning. Nice trick and a lot of our compatriots in South Florida seem to have learned it, because there were plenty of customers waiting in line to order their "mayi sòs pwa". Of course, as inquisitive as you know me to be, I had to go along this morning to observe this new phenomenon. To be polite to my colleagues, I let myself be dragged in "Nan Mayi a", after the obligatory stop in "Presidente" for the purchase of a trio of "zaboka" (or "zabèlbòk" for the connoisseurs).

Anyway, in the evening, we did receive the unexpected?!? visit from Pwofesè Pistach, whom I had not seeen for at least a couple of years. A lively discussion followed on the necessity to promote a standard orthography for the Haitian national language. Pwofesè Pistach drew on the Fowòm Ayisyen (precursor to Ann Pale) archives to make a quite convincing case.

Then came the practical session on how to easily make the diacritical marks (accents), using the US international keyboard. To that end, Leonel provided the largest and heaviest notebook you'll ever see. He thought and still thinks that the bigger the better. Pi gwo, pi lon, vintage Leonel. When I helped him "transport" it to the airport today, it nearly broke my back! Hopefully, the lessons learned on making accents will not be forgotten though.

What about today's activities? This may have to wait until tomorrow, because for some strange stomach is hurting right now.

"Nan Mayi a"

P.S. Someone else in our party may write about our interesting meeting with Jean Mapou and our community's own Woman of Any Year, Marlène Bastien.

Tomorrow, it's off to radio interviews and more cultural activities. [No time for "nan mayi a", I think (and I hope) ]

Jean-Marie's addendum
[quote]The name of the restaurant where we ate the fish or salted cod (morue) with polenta (mayi moulen) swimming in red bean sauce (sòs pwa wouj) is called Chez Madan John Restaurant, Le Griot. It is on N.E. 125th Street. I never knew I would go to a restaurant to eat "mayi moulen ak sòs pwa". I hated "mayi" when I was a child. But the way they cooked it in that restaurant - which seems to be that they cooked the "mayi" in the red bean sauce - makes it very tasty. Thank you, Leonel, for that discovery.[/quote]

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