Sunday morning: Nekita arrives... and we get on the airwaves

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Sunday morning: Nekita arrives... and we get on the airwaves

Post by T-dodo » Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:40 pm


I think you omitted to say that Manno personally dedicated the CDs for each one of us. The whole thing probably took him a full fifteen minute.

I am going to have to skip describing some of the events. They are happening faster than I can keep up writing about them. So, I wil jump to this morning. As you all already knew, Nekita made it to the reunion this morning at 6:00 a.m. After I picked her up from the Greyhound station, we drove to the Miami Int'l airport to pick up her luggages which arrived two days earlier. Believe it or not, Nekita's luggages were in Miami waiting for her, perhaps since Friday night. It was hard for us to believe that after the events of 9/11 your luggages can travel without you. But, that's another story. We did find them. And, at 10:00 a.m., Guy, Nekita, Padel and his wife, plus I were at the studios of Radio Mega as guest of the host, Jan Mapou, for his hour long Sunday morning show, Antenne Koukouye.

Mapou was generous enough to grant almost half of an hour of the show for Ann Pale's members to talk. And boy, we were well represented. After we each introduced ourselves, our senior partner, Guy Antoine, left the best for last. He was the last speaker. Besides expressing his regret for Jafrikayiti who could not make it to the reunion, he used the last minutes to describe the proposed new immigration law which passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is now waiting for the Senate with their own proposal and the reconciliation of the two that would follow. The official name of the bill is the Border Protection, Anti-terrorism and Illegal Immigration Act, also known as the Sensenbrenner bill. As a master at details, Guy Antoine provided the listeners of Radio Mega, 1020 AM, a description of the bill that any two-year old, including me, would understand. What he basically said is that, among other things, the bill would criminalize, making it a felony, if in any way shape or form you provide assistance to a person living illegally in the USA. If that person is not a US citizen, he can be deported for having assisted the one living illegally.

Before that Guy took some time to inform the listeners about the activities on and the Ann Pale forum and how he used them to teach Kreyòl to dozens of people, inform on Haitian culture and provide news of Haiti. Mapou has asked Padel to explain his efforts in Port-à-Piments. Very eloquently, Padel explained how he helped children at a high school there where he provided ten computers, personal training and solar power for the computers to run so that the children can use them. He also paid the computer teachers' salaries for some time It is a great story and an Ann Pale member is the one who made it happen.

Earlier, Nekita had briefed the listeners of Antenne Koukouye on her lifelong efforts for better education for our children and the use of religion to enhance that. She highlighted some of the challenges faced in educating the children and provided some ideas how to make Jesus' life a part of it.

But the highlight of the show, for us, was the reading of a short story on carnival in Jacmel by writer, musician and entertainer Kiki Wainwright. Through his words, which were flawlessly delivered in Kreyòl, Kiki made us relive the memories of the good old carnival. The images are vivid, and we were all spellbound as he delivered the story. To spice it up, he used his voice to ape some of the rasin music normally heard in rara bands in carnival. We were mesmerized. Luckily, later this afternoon, Kiki will be featured again, this time as musician, in the cultural events - poetry reading, folkloric dance, music, etc. - that will be performed at Libreri Mapou for us.

Afterwards, we will be attending an exposition of paintings by the husband of Martha Jean-Claude at Tap Tap. After that, we are invited to attend a private party which includes an art and craft sale at a friend of one of the Ann Pale's members.

We ae very grateful to Jan Mapou for having given to us that opportunity. It is unfortunate that you all could not participate.


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