"I want the whole menu."

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Post by T-dodo » Sat Feb 18, 2006 4:44 pm

Yesterday was another day in the first Ann Pale members' reunion. But, before going into the activities of yesterday, I must go back to a moment of Thursday night that makes the face-to-face meeting so different and uniquely enjoyable. We can exchange all kinds of ideas on the forum over the Internet, but there are certain aspects of each of us, which are apparent very soon after one meets the other that are not so over the Internet. For example, I would never know that you could go to a restaurant and order the whole appetizers' section of a menu.

At the begining, I thought it was a joke. The order was: "I want the whole menu." That includes the akras, the conch fritters, the fritay platter, the chiktay, the tuna salad, the marinads, the fried plantains, the fried sweet potato (haitian one), the griot and whatever else I can't remember. All of that was being washed down with the Tap tap specialty drink: the "mojito.&quo
t; For those of you who don't know, mojito is a drink that comes with actual "menthe" leaves in it. It is very aromatic, to say the least.

Once it donned on me that we were ordering the whole side of the menu, I thought we were not going to be able to eat all that. Lo and behold, before we finished realizing that a well rendition of Manno's Ti Madanm was over, the plates on the table were clean and the waitress was reminding us that we had not ordered our main course (entrée) yet. I won't do this to you, by telling you how good everything was. But, I ordered the lambi creole after that, which came with fried plantains. Needless to say it was delicious until one member reminded me that the combination of mojito and lambi (conch) was harmful to the health and mental state of a bachelor. Thank God, I am married! But unless you meet face to face with that Ann Pale member, you won't never know that when you go out to eat with him, be ready to eat the whole menu. Another one cannot play billi
ards. Of course, I cannot tell you their other juicy peculiarities. The forum moderator would kick me out of the board.

Well, I was supposed to be talking about what happened on Friday, but I got carried away with the events of Thursday night. I hope Serge's pictures will give you a little taste of the atmosphere of the night. It seems that I have to stop here and leave the Friday events for another post. But, I will give you an "avant-gout" (a preview). Be ready, from now on, to read all of Leonel Jean-Baptiste's posts in kreyol with real accents instead of the usual uppercases. Also, saxophonist Didier Labossiere, spends more time now with the Valerie Tyson band singing and warming up the crowd at Ohara's on Friday night than playing the sax. That Hollywood area where Ohara's is located is full of entertainment on a Friday night, including flamenco being played outside on the café terraces and of course the eclectic crowd at Ohara's. Well, my post is getting too long. Let's keep the
rest for another post.


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