Meet Leonel Jean-Baptiste

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Meet Leonel Jean-Baptiste

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February 8, 2006 - Vol 1 #6

Meet Leonel Jean-Baptiste

Who is Leonel Jean-Baptiste?

I am Leonel Jean-Baptiste, son of Leclerc Jean-Baptiste (Hinche) [son of Pericles Jean-Baptiste and M. Calizaire] and Solange Victor (P-au-P) [daughter of Louis Fils Victor and Carmelia Francois].

Where did you grow up for the most part? Where do you live now for the most part?

I was born and raised in Cite Militaire, Port-au-Prince. At eleven, I lived in Cote Plage-Carrefour. I did my primary studies at Jean Marie Guilloux. Thinking that it was too weird to go to St Louis de Gonzague after spending 7 years in an all-boy school, I decided to go against my parents' will. I ended up in different schools, Anglade and College de Port-au-Prince.

How do your youth experiences relate to your life as an adult?

As a kid, I always knew my parents as helpers or saviors for a lot of people. We always had differet people every Sunday at a big table where everyone would come and eat. We were about 6 on my Dad's side and 5 on my Mom's side. With cousins, friends, and other members of the family always present, our house was always full. I ended up like my parents, always trying to help others, either by finding a job for them or by feeding or sending money. In other words, we really believe in helping one another.

Are you the person that you wanted to be as you grew up?

Yes and No.

Yes, I didn't want to be a criminal. I didn't want to be a drug user. I didnt want to deceive my family and other people.

No, I wanted to be a cardiologist or gynecologist. I am neither.

No, I wanted to be a professional football player (real football). I did not become one.

How did your physical and social environment impact your personal development? Are they conducive today to your own sense of fulfillment?

Well, as I stated before, I was raised in a large family where friends, rich or poor, were welcome. Also, we've moved different places where we met different people. That really plays a positive role on how I can relate to people in general. I see everyone as family.

I also had the opportunity to socialize with different groups of people which make me able to differentiate or comprehend different aspects, more or less, of any group.

Tell us about your activities in general and your special interests.

I am trying to donate to different organizations. Trying to give to the less fortunate. Perhaps, it was from my Catholic or Christian upbringing. ‘Cause I have always known and said that one does not need to have a lot of money to help his brothers and sisters. I also realize that I need to involve myself more in what is going on in my native country. I am trying to travel more often. Being in Europe for almost three years makes me understand the world better, makes me more aware of different cultures.

Anyway, it would be unfair not to mention my special interests. I love football ( soccer !! ) I would miss a lot of things for a soccer game, which is responsible for almost all my injuries (knees, ankles, back and Achilles' tendon). My wife knows about her rival (soccer).

What is your perception of the community or communities in which you are currently engaged - or - that you wish to belong to, on a long term basis?

Besides my family and my extended one (WOH), I try to be part of helping some world organizations. I realized a long time ago that there is only one race: The Human Race. I can witness it in the way we think, behave, eat, play and suffer.

In terms of organizations which I usually donate to and will continue to do so are: Unicef, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Fonkoze, etc

What would you consider the biggest challenge to the development or betterment of your community/communities?

The biggest challenge is Love. Such a powerful word but, yet so simple. One does not spend that much energy to love. Hate needs a lot of energy and is dangerous! Although religions try to preach Love, they are the driving power behind hate, separation, discrimination and war. Remember: Kill the evil-doers, if they are not like you. They don't think like you. They don't pray like you. Therefore, you need to kill them...

What are your persistent hopes and most frequent fears?

I hope that one day we will have a peaceful world. One day, my native country can be like any developed country where the infrastructure won't be a problem...

My frequent fear is that I won't be able to see that, and that my kids will not see it either.

What is your most cherished dream?

I know that I will sound like someone on drugs, but: Peace and Love!

Now suppose, just suppose, that we grant you ten million dollars for doing this interview, with the stipulation that you must spend it in 24 hours or less, what would you do?

Well, I will buy a lot of real estate for 8 mil, and leave them to my kids to manage with a note that they should share at least sixty percent of the benefits with some of the organizations mentioned above. Well, 2 mil would pay my student loan, mortgages, buy a couple of cars with enough left for family members.

Now suppose, just suppose, that you knew for certain that you had one week (7 days) to live, how would you spend your time?

I would visit Nelson Mandela in South Africa, I would visit Fidel in Cuba. Then, visit some other African countries. The final three days, I would spend them with my family. I would make them laugh and enjoy the last time with the King!

Is there a world leader (past or present) in any field (arts, science, rights, political, spiritual, etc) that you most admire?

It is not possible to cite just one. I love so many:
My ancestors, Dessalines, Toussaint, Christophe, Petion, Charlemagne Péralte.

Ernesto Guevara, Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Muhamed Ali, Malcom X, Louis Farakhan, William J Clinton... and Diego Armando Maradona.

Leave us a parting word.

Love, Respect and Acceptance of one another. Life could be so beautiful if Human used his brain not his instinct. We are not animals! Hate and War are not the answer. Peace is easy with understanding...


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Post by jafrikayiti » Thu Jan 03, 2008 10:55 pm


I want to extend sincere thanks to Guy and Chris for the opportunity and privilege they offered me to welcome the first day of 2008 in good company that of -until that day- my good virtual friend - Leonel Jean-Baptiste.

MonchE Leonel, mwen swete ou rekOmanse jwe foutbOl la tEt kale. Men, pa neglije pran oserye ti mesaj kO a ap voye pou ou detanzantan. Paregzanp, sa gen kEk ane, yon vagabon te voye yon pas pou mwen ki te tElman san repwOch, mwen pa fE ni de, ni twa, san reflechi, mwen vOltije tEt anba pou mwen fE 2 pye kole. Epi, boul pase tou pre kan an, piblik bat bravo, men mwenmenm se tou pre lanmO mwen te pase. FE de pye kole se youn, leve atE a, se de.

Mwen tou pwofite wete chapo tou devan pi bEl mwatye ou la ki definitivman, merite pote laviktwa sou konpetitE a (foutbOl).

Mwen te pase yon bon moman ak nou kanmarad.

RespE !


Post by » Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:36 pm

I am impressed, honored and inspired by your words of wisdom. You are most definitely an amazing person with lots of hidden talents.

Y. J. B.

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