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Where is Shelony?

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 7:10 am
by Anacaona_
Guy wrote:
[quote]By the way, would anyone know what happened to Shelony? She was having some fun with this thread too. And then she vanished[/quote]
Shelony is very busy these days working in the lab at NYU for her thesis proposal. She has also been sick from time to time. That is why she is absent on this forum. By the way, I am just her little sister, not her spokesperson. May be that come as a surprise to everyone on this forum. Oh no! I give too much information this morning and I think when she comes back, she is going to kill me.


Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 8:43 am
by admin
Oh...Oh... I think that she is going to kill you too. Die your chicken, my Indian queen, and pretend you never said that. But all the same, pass on to her, and on behalf of the forum, our wishes of godspeed and success in her studies.

Tell her that I never forget that, even though I was already quite familiar with the manifestations of malnourished children in Haiti, she is the one who truly implanted the word "kwashiorkor" in my consciousness. Though Gelin and Leonel had mentioned the word previously, Shelony was the first to give me the medical definition for it, and therefore I will never again forget the word. Tell her too that we miss her insights on social and political issues. Tell her too that we know that she has enough religious compassion not to kill her little sister completely when she finds out what her little sister has done. Finally, tell her that when she is finished "ak inivèsite blan an" that she should not neglec
t to share her knowledge and insights with us at Ann Pale University.

Well, one last thing... tell her that not only we appreciate her a lot on Ann Pale, but we appreciate her little sister as well.

Don't forget... komisyon pa chay!


Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 4:45 pm
by Shellony
Guess what? My little sister and I appreciate everyone on Ann Pale as well and we appreciate you, Guy.

When Anacaona called me this morning and told me that she was going to read someting to me on the phone I thought it was something related to her school or work but no, it was from Ann Pale and I was ... "well, I guess I have to visit sometimes this afternoon". And here I am. After skimming through the news and political sections and meeting a new guy singing so loudly "Mourir est beau, pour le drapeau pour la patrie", I jumped to this section to read silly translations. I realize how much I have missed while absent.

I should say that I knew I missed a lot because there are always good discussions on the forum but as my sister said, I am trying to take it easy. I am at a very important point of my studies. I am doing a double program (MD/PhD). I was very busy studying for the USMLE 1 and I just passed that 2 months ago and
right now I am concentrating on the PhD part (coming up with a thesis proposal) while I have just completed the first trimester of my pregnancy with lots of morning sickness complicated by frequent migraines (I am a sufferer of classic migraine and have to stay away from medication for at least 9 months).

Anyway, I try not to complain too much but get as "much" rest as possible because I am the one who chose my field of study and I really want the baby (my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary this month and not too long ago, we lost a pregnancy, the first one). I also chose to get married before I finish my studies. So there is nothing to complain about. I just need to do what I can do and relax when possible. Actually, I may visit the forum very often now and get some fun in the silly translations or the whole light hearted section or even some good laugh (or sadness may be) looking at my dear copatriot.

Thanks Guy for asking for me and Thanks Ana for answering and more importan
tly letting me know.

You don't have to "Die your chicken" you know I can't kill you sweet sister. By the way, sis, does "Die" as an active verb sound familiar. Do you remember our little sister when she was 3 and heard that someone killed another, she said Someone dies someone else (of course in Creole). I wonder whether she remembers this period (1991-1994). She was between 1 and 4. I would like sometimes to sit together and talk about that period and its impact on ours lives. Maybe, just maybe we will be surprised to see that she remembers something, anything. Sorry, I don't want to talk about politics now.


Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2005 9:17 pm
by admin
Shelony, wow! It sounds like your plate is full (new marriage, pregnancy, PhD thesis, and the rest of your life). Thanks for witnessing on this forum, as a friend. That you are, even if we should never meet in person.

I wish you the very best with the pregnancy, above all else. Take it easy, and do whatever the doctor prescribes. On this forum, we are very patient. Like Motel 6, we will always keep the light on for you.

So check on us whenever you can, but everything else in your personal life is more important.

Best of luck!~


P.S. By the way, I just checked on "Little Sis" website, and she does not even reference Windows on Haiti or Ann Pale... What's up with that? ... ... ... Just kidding!

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 4:13 pm
by Anacaona_
[quote]P.S. By the way, I just checked on "Little Sis" website, and she does not even reference Windows on Haiti or Ann Pale... What's up with that? ... ... ... Just kidding![/quote]
Let's see! I am partially guilty because I should have updated my webpage after I became a member of Ann Pale. However, when I made the site for my class last fall for homework, I totally forgot that there was something called windows on Haiti. I think that I did sign up before but because I never posted anything, my membership was cancelled.

Anyway, now that I got some free time to visit the mathlab on campus, I corrected the mistake.

Ann Pale Family, please forgive me!


Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 10:55 pm
by admin
Anacaona, thank you for referencing Windows on Haiti as this: "I have never found a better page about Haiti!"

I appreciate the sentiment, especially when it comes from someone as young as you are.

Quite often, college students just want to have fun (except when they have to engage in academic research, of course) and this website may be too much on the serious side [Of course, once you get to know the regulars, you discover that they too can have fun.] But Windows on Haiti deals pretty much with the serious side of Haitian Life rather than parties, celebrities, "zen", relationships (love and sex).

It's not that we avoid those topics, but when we approach them, we are even serious about our fun too! See posts on "Pourquoi l'amour est bon pour la santé" and "The First Annual Haitian Jazz Music Festival", for instance. So we do parties, celebrities, and relationships too, but we are adult about it (well, almost all of us

So the college crowd goes to more youth-oriented sites like and (two great web sites, run by friends of mine, who are very dynamic). I am quite satisfied with this situation as I cannot be everything to everyone. I think that Windows on Haiti is pretty unique in its approach, and that's good enough, I believe, for most of you. But when I get Haitian students to become part of the "Windows on Haiti / Ann Pale Family" like you and your sister Shelony, it really feels special because then I know that the site's appeal is not limited to only us, oldies.

Anyway, thanks again for being one of us, and say hello to Shelony!