Tayi's words of love

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Tayi's words of love

Post by Guysanto » Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:19 pm

I just felt like sharing this beautiful expression of love from one of ours with all of you.

[quote] Hello Haitian family and friends. I just would like to say again that I love Haiti. I love Haiti. I love Haiti. Haitian, you have dignity. Haitian, you have beauty. Haitian, you have worth. Haitian, you have power. Haitian, you have intelligence. Haitian, you have leadership. Haitian, you have culture. Haitian, you have honor. Haitian, you have respect. Haitian, you have joy. Haitian, you have love. Haitian, I love you. Haiti, I love you. How I love that I am Haitian. I pray that I can live up to the ideals that the Haitian represents.[/quote]


Post by Gelin_ » Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:27 pm



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Post by jafrikayiti » Tue Sep 29, 2009 11:39 pm

How do we harness that love....spread it around, share it, multiply it, use it...every day and everywhere....this is our challenge today and every day.

While there is a ot of talk about money being mobilized to fund projects x, y and Z in Haiti... our thirst remain unsatisfied for the contribution made personally to make effective and efficient the love Tayi - rightfully speaks about.

I know Tayi is right because I have time and again been the beneficiary of that Haitian love. But, there is much to be given, to be shared stilll...

One elegant way to do it is how our beautiful Edwidge Danticat does. After winning the prestigious "Genius Award", which recognizes her hard work, she yet again found a way to make it shine positively on Haiti.

The same week this barbaric criminal murdered six souls in Florida and went hiding in Port-au-Prince and occupied the headlines....came the news of Danticat and her Genius Award which she felt compelled to share with Haiti.

There are many ways to express that love of which Tayi reminds us. Let us all seek, find and express it, as often as we can, in as many places s we can.....you never know who mind get contaminated....because of it.

Respe fanmi yo....

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