What do you want Ann Pale Forum to be?

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What do you want Ann Pale Forum to be?

Post by Guysanto » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:42 am

Dear member,
Please choose from one of these alternatives and vote with your response:

1) A PORTRAIT : that is just another Haiti-related forum with lots of past discussions but with currently little activity and no real purpose other than looking sometimes at who may have posted a new topic and what it may possibly be about.

2) A 1 MAN SHOW : where, exceptionally, one forum member decides to do this or that and everyone else observes with just a tad of passing curiosity, but without comment or further participation.

3) A LEMONADE STAND : some place on the road where you stop by momentarily to quench your thirst, leave your business card perhaps, and then move on, never to come back -- but wishing them the very best, but definitely not with your input.

4) A GALLERY : where you may stop by once in a while to glean whatever new cultural, artistic, or historical information may be posted by others, and always by others, with completely free admission by the way.

5) A "LAKOU" OF INFORMATION, IDEAS AND OPINIONS : a place where you visit, see what's around, make suggestions, talk with other visitors, interact meaningfully, provide some information that you have that may be useful to others, where you have no fear to stand out and in fact have a real desire to stand up and be counted as a member who really cares about what it means to be counted as a member of a distinctive and enriching interactive group of people who are not of the mind to sign on for no reason whatsoever, but with the intent to be meaningful and relevant. To enrich and be enriched. To open your eyes, ears and mouth instead of shutting down and falling in a comatose state. To be open to being touched as well as to touch others, inside and outside your initial comfort zone. To experience a new adventure in fraternity and solidarity.

So, please take your pick and let us know: do you prefer a portrait, a one-man show, a lemonade stand, a gallery, or a "Lakou" ? Your answers will determine the future of this forum, so please make your vote count.

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Post by Shelony » Wed Jul 08, 2009 10:51 pm

Guy, I want Ann pale to be Lakou as it was before. I know I am responsible for making it more of a gallery now. And I am trying to participate again, maybe not as much as I used to but enough to help keep good discussions.


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