Anniversary Note from Mackendal

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Anniversary Note from Mackendal

Post by Guysanto » Mon Apr 21, 2008 12:09 pm

Hello Guy!

Thank you for the invite. Had i still been residing in NY I would have attended this event. Windows on Haiti is to me a pillar of our Haitian internet society and affords all individuals of Haitian and non-Haitian multi-ethnic background th opportunity to see Haiti and Haitian culture (music, art, literature, dance, politics) in it's naked and strong beauty and truth.

It would have also been a pleasure for me to possibly even request to perform at this event one of my multi-lingual performance poems, but as the economy would have it right now, airfare and hotel allude me.

I wish you, all the members of your staff and members of Windows on Haiti much success and congratulations on your 10th Anniversary. May you continue to be Haiti's window so that others may look in and see a beautiful living room and dining room of culture. Se youn gwo plezi pou mwen voye mesaj sa ba ou epi mwen ta swete ke ou resevwa li nan bon sante. Youn gwo kout chapo alawonnbadè pou ou ak tout Windows On Haiti. Yap pale, nap travay!

Respectfully Yours,

Prosper "Makendal" Sylvain
(Multi-Lingual Performance Poet, Professional Liability Claims Adjuster, 100% Haitian- San Manti).

"I am Haitian not only because I was born in Haiti but because Haiti was born in me".
- Makendal...Poet

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