Anniversary Note from Tidodo

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Anniversary Note from Tidodo

Post by Tidodo » Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:12 pm

Happy Anniversary WOH. I owe you so much! It is hard to list all of my debts to you, but I will try to list some.

Because of you, today I can read and write Kreyòl
Because of you, my English is much better today
Because of you, today I understand world's affairs better
Because of you, I am more informed about Haiti today
Because of you, I am today a more patient person
Because of you, I got to meet people like Leonel, Serge, Frantz, etc.
Because of you, I also got to meet people like Carline, Nekita
Because of you, I finally met Guy after years of exchanges on the Internet
Because of you, I resumed eating cornmeal - Leonel, plead guilty!
Because of you, I have a better appreciation of real Haitian music
Because of you, I spent many hours of informative entertainment
And the list goes on...

Of everything I benefited from the privilege of participating in the exchanges on this forum, the meeting with fellow board members at the last reunion in Florida was the most fulfilling. I still remember Guy trying hard at my house to teach me how to write accents using a keyboard for English writers. Those were memorable moments that will take time to fade away. When Leonel got me into going to a Haitian restaurant in Miami to eat cornmeal with black beans and fish, I thought of everything one might want to eat besides "mayimoulen." I figured, his coming all the way from Denmark and wanting to eat it might be enough reason to give mayimoulen another chance. After he left Miami, I went to that same restaurant almost every other Saturday morning to eat mayimoulen with black beans and fish. Worst of all, I do cook it at home now. Thanks Leonel and WOH for that reconnection with that part of my childhood.

I can't leave without taking a special moment to acknowledge the engine behind WOH, Guysanto. As indicated earlier, I had been exchanging ideas for a couple of years with Guy on the Internet before WOH was set up. I always admired the clarity of his thoughts, the honesty in the expression of them, his love for Haiti, and his perfect English writing. There was rarely a disagreement with him on almost any subject. When he wrote, the topic was thoroughly covered in such a systematic way that was new to me in any language I was accustomed to read. I always wanted to write like he does. I was able to improve on my writing by reading his, but, of course, I will never be able to write like he does. I don't know many people who do. But on the forum, I became aware also how hard he worked on the website, because he saw it as a patriotic duty and also as part of his legacy. Thank you, Guy, for the time you allowed us to be on this forum, or like Leonel used to say, this university. We appreciate your hard work and our life was enriched by it. Happy anniversary! I hope the reunion up North will be as memorable as the one I participated in Florida. Because of a previous travel engagement, I won't be able to come to New Jersey to take part in the celebration of the anniversary. But, I will be with you in spirit.

Happy reunion!


Editor's Reply:

Thank you for your good words, Tidodo. I am glad WOH made a difference, in a positive way, for at least some of you.


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