Anniversary Reflexion in the midst of yet another revolution

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Post by Guysanto » Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:08 am

Hi everyone,

The word from Haiti, these last few days, spells the making of another (r)evolution, the lower-case, italicized or with an asterisk variety. Nonetheless deadly for the unfortunate that get caught in the misfire. In the context of riots against inflation of the cost of basic food staples and fuel for transportation, this appears to be just one of the many that are spreading throughout the world, after the foolish waste of economic resources over the last several years, in the service of war and the concentration of money in the hands of the few. What is happening in Haiti today could be a foreteller of what may happen in more prosperous parts of the world that we have come to know as the masters of order in their own house. Remember when Paris was burning just a year or two ago? That shocked the world! I have a feeling that we may be in for a hot summer, and not just in Haiti. When we get together in less than two weeks, let's think for a moment about those disruptive and cyclical revolutions in Haiti, and what local and global strategies should be applied to avoid an all-consuming explosion.

I am also calling on all who will attend to think of a theme of discussion or group reflexion that they may wish to lead. I hope that there will be several of those, in the midst of our joys of being with or meeting each other.

We can mix the good times with serious reflexion on what we would like to see through the windows on Haiti and what we can do to transform the current landscape.


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