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The Chile 8.8 Earthquake

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:08 pm
by Tayi
Wow. I am shocked by the news that Chile has just been hit by an 8.8 earthquake. I pray for Chile, and I pray that the tsunami will not come to pass.
I have a couple friends that live in Chile but haven't heard form them yet. I hope they are okay.

Quick question: The Haiti quake was 7.0. This one is 8.8, but the news is saying this may be 500 times (or more) bigger than the one in Haiti. How is that possible? What does that mean?

As a Haitian who knows too well the feeling that this catastrophe can bring, I extend my love and support to Chileans. I encourage all of you to extend your love and support as well to any Chilean you may know.

God help us.