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By Odette Roy Fombrun

Having announced its decision to help rebuild Haiti, the international community must, at all costs, avoid the errors of the past. The main goal of this new partnership must be to help this country step away from its beggar status and move in a positive direction to help it realize its great destiny based on its unique history and the wealth of its cultural heritage.


1) Urgently finance the larger agro-industrial projects which can create a lot of jobs outside of the crowded cities, to include lodgings and services for workers and their families.

2) Displace the seat of government (even if temporarily) in order to re-think Port-au-Prince with the participation/collaboration of our experts.

3) Rather than rebuild or repair our old dispersed mediocre schools, let us build large and new learning centers which can accommodate all grades to include university and become the new beginning of our public school system.

4) At the same time we must create wealth; to that effect, we must concentrate on intensifying the “regionalization” program as prepared by the ministry of tourism (4 regions) of which the North of the island is the easiest to implement since it offers the greatest variety of historical and cultural sites in the Caribbean, not discounting the unique “Citadelle Henri”.

5) With the help of the international community, the government will build all the planned roads and airports. It will negotiate and sign all interesting contracts with investors, all the while respecting the integrity of the territory. It will insure the effective management of sites, the training of professionals in the tourism field as well as providing intensive courses in Spanish and English.

Although the actual government may have all the goodwill in the world, it is a fact that Haiti has suffered a massive ‘brain drain' in the past three decades. If we are to move effectively in a positive direction, it is imperative to enlist the help of the diaspora and the private sector.

Then and only then will the international community be able to congratulate itself and be proud to have helped Haiti realize its great destiny which is: Haiti the historical and cultural center of the Caribbean.[/quote]

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on June 13, 1917.

Odette Roy Fombrun is a graduate in education from Haiti's Ecole Normale d'Institutrices. Founder of the first Haitian pre-school, she is the author of numerous works on education, history, and civic affairs as well as novels and short stories for children. Her historical works include Ayiti of the Indians (L'Ayiti des Indiens, Port-au-Prince: Deschamps, 1992) as well as The Flag and the Arms of the Republic (Le Drapeau et les Armes de la République, Port-au-Prince: Deschamps, 1989).

Inspired by the peasant custom of the coumbite (konbite), she proposes "Konbitism" as the base for a unifying social contract. Mrs. Fombrun has been a Citizen of the World since 1981. For further information, see: ... mbrun.html

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