Kindred Journey, Inc.

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Kindred Journey, Inc.

Post by Guysanto » Tue Jan 19, 2010 1:18 am


Kindred Journey, Inc.

(501C3 –Tax Deductible agency funding Haitian Relief for more than 20 years)

Kindred Journey was founded over 20 years ago, by a Roman Catholic priest in Ebensberg, PA with one purpose only—to help the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Kindred Journey sends 100% of all donations to a Catholic community of religious brothers and sisters (all Haitian) who have spent the past 33 years working amongst the poor in Haiti. All proceeds from Kindred Journey go directly to their relief and development efforts and are tax-deductible here in the United States. The religious communities are called: Les Petits Freres de l'Incarnation (The Little Brothers of the Incarnation) and Les Petites Soeurs de l'Incarnation (The Little Sisters of the Incarnation).

The Little Brothers and Sisters of the Incarnation touch the lives of over 100,000 Haitian people every day. Activities for 2009 include:

Excavation of artificial lakes for cooking, washing, irrigation of farmland, and fish farming --Just completed lake number 128.

Approximately 50 tons of fish were caught this year in these artificial lakes

Approximately 300,000 tons of vegetables were produced due to irrigation of nearby areas surrounding these lakes.

450 - 500 people per day are served a meal via the “community restaurant” in Petit Place Cazeau (just outside of Port-au-Prince. ) Actual cost of the meal is $20 Haitian. Each person pays only $2 Haitian (= 25 cents American)

16 Nutrition Centers dispersed over 5 regions feed on the average 1000 meals per day to preschool children

2000 students receive meals at school daily

100 volunteer workers in the agricultural section of Petit Place Cazeau are fed one meal per day

40 volunteers (former students who have been educated and graduated from the community's vocational high schools) are now working as interns in a variety of specialties in the latest area to be opened up by the brothers' projects in a mountainous area above l'Artibonite. These volunteers receive room and board of 3 meals a day. This is the site of the latest lake project. Formerly 9 hrs. walk to reach the interior on foot—now accessible by the new road which the brothers excavated so that the bulldozers could arrive at the proper location. It now takes only 10 minutes to get there by 4-wheel drive vehicle.

2 Vocational-Technical High Schools and 10 small rural schools

Rural Medical Center and Maternity Center

And last but not least—650 street orphans are cared for and receive 3 meals per day—plus housing, supervision, education, clothing and love.

They need your help now more than ever. Please send your donation to: Kindred Journey, Inc., c/o Msgr. Gaus at Holy Name Church, 500 North Julian Street, Ebensburg, PA 15931.

God Bless you—and please pray for the people of Haiti.[/quote]

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