For Windows on Haiti

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For Windows on Haiti

Post by Guysanto » Sun Jan 17, 2010 1:35 am

Hello everyone,

The catastrophic earthquake of this week has awaken in me disillusioned memories of the past catastrophe of recent hurricanes and wondering now where do we go from here today. Maybe we can learn from the past to regain the future.

I could not help thinking about the flooding from the Hurricanes of the past years where the North of Haiti and other areas, thousands of human bodies were washed out, and pictures of trucks load full of dead children, woman and men were pushed in our faces and sensationalized in the Internet, the International and National Media. During that time, coffins were sliding down toward the ocean for a last good bye, in the city of Gonaives, Our Independence of 1804 headquarters. Then there were no celebrations of Independence but tears, screams, losses, hopelessness and horrors. We will see similar pictures again in a few days to come in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Acknowledging the lack of personal responsibility and accountability of Haitian individuals, businesses, governmental representatives, and the international community hands out to justify their guilt own inability to recognize Haiti as a free country while they colonized us once more would be a beginning of our consciousness raising. It reminded me of Katrina lost in the first critical 72 hours, in the heat above 80 degrees temperature just like in Haiti today, and no response while on site international medical rescue were fleeing the country, per CNN News.

The disenfranchised people of Haiti were left to fend for themselves as non human, just like the pre-independence period of 1804, slave system era. The road to Gonaives remained practically the same, no new descent hospitals nor schools were built, the Judicial system at his worst while the Haitian Vodou Lakou Soukri, Badjio and Souvenance and many other Peristyles helped Haitians survive with dignity and help rebuild their families and Lakou, as they have done since 1804. In addition, new dishonest evangelists, pastors and priest moved in to convert and with the support of foreign religious organizations made money from the misery of the victims. Some were even accompanied by government officials with their pompous lies and empty promises and not much has changed since.

Now in the cornerstone of this major catastrophic earthquake, the images in the news and the internet are worse but the aftermath is now ours to decide. Yes we need lots of help and we are grateful. However we Haitians need to take this opportunity to truly to put our heart in our action and whether we are Vodouists, Christians, Masons, Rosicrucians, Muslims or other, rich or poor, put aside the outsiders' religious self-serving rhetoric and self-interest in our economic development whose actions seem to colonize our mind, while they take our money.

Would those in power whether locally or internationally be willing to help rebuild a modern Haitian infrastructure that reflects our cultural demands oversee by the Haitian Legal system which represents the needs and protections of all Haitians? In addition, we need to create an indigenous Judicial system of reparative justice of honoring life and repairing wrongs, bringing back people to their families, unlike the Western system of jailing and dehumanizing the perpetrators then murdering them on an electrical chair.

Hope that the funds given from generous individuals around the world will go toward their wishes of helping to rebuild Haitian people's lives, homes, nation through a collaborative effort of responsible transparency and accountability that minimize or prevent future catastrophes and repair the wrongs of the past 200 years.

Let's be vigilant but compassionate and tolerant!

Haiti belongs to Us Haitians and we are a proud people!


Margaret Mitchell Armand, LMHC.
Supreme Court Certified Mediator
Conflict Resolution Consultant
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