I am dumbfounded...

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I am dumbfounded...

Post by Guysanto » Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:41 am

What do you think of Obama's appointment of Mr. Disaster (Katrina, Iraq), sorry I should say former President George W. Bush to be the U.S. face of disaster relief to Haiti, alongside former President Clinton? Sorry, I do know that this sounds petty, but I cannot contain my repulsion of this appointment without expressing it somehow. Hopefully, the former War President, whose policies have been responsible for the deaths of more than a million of people in Iraq and who totally mismanaged the first critical days of relief to the City of New Orleans when the hurricane hit, will find a measure of redemption in raising tens of millions of dollars for the earthquake victims in Haiti. In fact, he may be uniquely placed to do that because his tax policies favored so many Fat Cats who more than anyone else could contribute something without any danger of going broke themselves. Perhaps he could call Mr. co-conspirator in Death and Destruction, Mr. Dick Cheney and say: "Hey Mr. Dick, what about taking a day off bashing President Obama and see what your powerful friends at Halliburton could do to soothe their corporate conscience, like sending a few tractors maybe?"

I don't think that I am so cynical as to refuse any assistance to Haiti at this point, but I cannot hide my repulsion at the choice made by President Obama. I simply gagged. Si m pa rele m'a toufe.


Post by Zanfanginen » Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:22 am

WHAT???!!!! Are you serious? Damn, this is the most ill-advised decision that President Obama has taken so far.

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