The priority is relief now... but what lies beyond?

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The priority is relief now... but what lies beyond?

Post by Guysanto » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:18 am

Haitians need immediate relief simply because what is happening there is a disaster of unimaginable proportions, not because Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas. What happens to Haiti now relates to your own future, if you still feel cocky about your current wealth. Beyond the relief, Haiti does not need a prolonged pity party but a real Marshall Plan of which we can justifiably feel proud 50 years from now.

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Post by Barb » Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:13 am

From Les Cayes Pwoje Espwa website this morning:

There is only one road from Port-au-Prince to Les Cayes and it is now impassable. One of the mountains that has to be climbed has split in two leaving a huge chasm, effectively cutting off means of transportation for people and goods. Other parts of the road are buried under rubble and landslides. People take buses or tap-taps, disembark to traverse the obstacles on foot and then try and pick up transportation on the other side. Those of us in the south are dependent on Port-au-Prince for food, fuel and all commodities. This leaves us in a desperate situation as we only have enough food for two weeks. I anticipate that there will be a mass exodus of people from Port-au-Prince once the dead are found and buried. People will be arriving in desperate need of medical care, shelter and food. We need your help to be able to address their needs. Please continue to pray for our Haitian sisters and brothers. May God bless all our efforts.

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