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Post by Guysanto » Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:13 pm

[quote]Koman yo bwe bier Haiti la?[/quote]

Congratulations for learning so quick from one Kreyòl lesson!

Do you mean to say:
1) How does one drink Haiti's beer? (Kòman yo bwè byè Ayiti a?)
2) How do they call Haiti's beer? (Kòman yo rele byè Ayiti a?)

To answer the second: The best-known beer from Haiti (or at least the only one that I really know of) is our award-winning "Prestige".
[They call it "Prestige" = Yo rele li "Prestige"]

To answer the first: Like any other beer.
[Like any other beer = Tankou tout lòt byè]

Something tells me that you may be one of my Haitian Creole students at Seton Hall University Law School. If so, even though your Kreyòl was not perfect, you're a quick learner. And now I know what my lesson plan should be for the next session! :D

N a wè!

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