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[quote]Nous n'avons aucune raison de laisser un Etat en faillite continuer ainsi dans une région...[/quote]
Alors que préconise Mme Mendelson???

Passons sur le mépris essuyé une nouvelle fois par Haiti. C est affaire courante, même si on ne s y habitue pas. Si Haiti est un cancer pour la région, comment faire pour s en débarrasser, Mme Mendelson? Soyez franche. Vous n avez rien à perdre.


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I thought I heard on Haitian Radios here in Maimi, either Tuesday or last week, Prime Minister Alexis, in a speech at a UN gathering at Hotel Montana to commemorate some UN anniversary, protesting emotionally against the declarations made in the DR. The terms he used were very blunt to the point that they startled me as he was in a diplomatic setting. He expressed how much the Haitian government was unhappy about the statements made. He started the speech by saying how much he regrets to have to bring such a discordant note in a festive event. I am here paraphrasing.

What startled me was that in international relations, you have the right not to be happy about something, except that countries will pay attention to you only if you can do something about it, or you can convert your unhappiness into some action that may make someone regrets offending you. From what I heard in the spech - and I did not hear all of it - it did not seem to me there was any stick behind the words. Helas! Haiti has no sticks, anyway!

It should be obvious to all now that if Haiti wants respect, it must act accordingly. Words enough won't matter unless we can back it up. Once we start putting order at home, getting respect abroad will be much easier to obtain. Like Tip Onei'll said before:"Politics is always local"

Ezili Danto
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Ottawa Initiative, Johanna Mendelson, Stanley Lucas,

Post by Ezili Danto » Mon Nov 06, 2006 4:27 am

Onè Jaf,

Jaf writes [quote] I do not think Alexis and Préval needed to limit their reaction to an emotional one. They could have declared that woman persona non-grata if they fail to obtain her departure through persuasion of her superiors. [/quote]

Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis has declared a Western diplomat persona non grata before (with that Canadian,) so he is well capable of flexing backbone. Of course, Haitians beleive it was for this he was then blacklisted and not allowed into Canada, if you all remember.

At the height of the Latortue regime's killing spree, Alexis was, to Canadian officials, "a man of (Lavalas) the past" and therefore he had trouble travelling out of Haiti whereas the murders and assassins like coup d'etat Latortue were most welcomed at all the Western capitals. Canada barred Alexis from the country because his name was put on a list of people accused of “crimes against humanity.” eventhough the Canadian government later apologized, admited it had no specific evidence against Alexis for such a charge and withdrew the immigration bar when Haitians stood behind Preval and his choice. (I'm not sure if Alexis has every travelled to Canada since.)

Jaf writes: [quote] When dealing with a breed of pathological racists, Haitian leaders need to learn how to let Dessalines' spirit dwell in them. [/quote]

True that Jaf, true that! Di djab bonjou l ap manje w. Pa di l bonjou l ap manje. That's djab's nature.

Isn't it best to understand li se djab and thus persona grata.

Exerting backbone, though, will cost, like Alexi has already found out personally when he did declare djab's last emissary persona non grata. But, like Bob Marley sings "Buffalo soldiers, in the war for America, fighting on arrival, fighting for survival, driven from the mainland to the heart of the Caribbean..."

Our folks have been fighting on arrival and got to still get up, stand up and don't give up the fight. (Sorry folks, got my Bob Marley on as I write this.)

The "Conspiracy theorizing" comment I got in reference to "Legacy of Impunity" gave me the opportunity to go back and read the previous such comments HLLN has gotten over the years. And after reading some, I couldn't help but think there was a reason for going back to those posts. I 've jotted these notes to complete a piece called "Coincidence or Intentional" I'm still working on
http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressc ... l#neocolon :

  • Coincidence or Intentional? - Is there an International plan to depopulate and exterminate a large portion of Haiti's population?

    1. According to UN consultant, Johanna Mendelson, Haiti is a menace to its neighbors, (Alterpress, Oct. 25, 2006, http://www.alterpresse.org/spip.php?article5293; See also, Johanna Mendelson at USIP/Haiti Democracy Project's workshop with Jacques Bernard, the discredited CEP Executive director. Listen to Mendelson at the USIP workshop Jacques Bernard was flown out off Haiti to, in a "special flight" arranged by the US Embassy, to appear at after his hatchet job in the elections. Listen to C-Span's Haiti coverage; to HDP and Washington's first use of Jacques Bernard the way they used zealots, Leon Manus and Pierre Paquiot to undermine Haiti's elected government: www.usip.org/events/2006/0222_haiti.html )

    2. Recently, IRI's former head man, Stanley Lucas, says he's inspired by Rwanda (See, Le Rwanda et Haiti 12 ans Apres by Stanley Lucas, Nov. 2, 2006 http://www.margueritelaurent.com/pressc ... html#apres ) . In 1994, Rwanda saw one million murdered and a 5 million depopulated (refugees forced to relocate to other countries...)

    3. The Ottawa Initiative on Haiti in 2003 demanded regime change in Haiti before January 1, 2004. At this high level meeting of Western diplomats, including the OAS and European Union, Canada's foreign Minister, Denis Paradis, reportedly stated that Haiti's internal problems is a "threat" to North American countries because Haiti might have, by some estimates, a population of 20 million by 2019. "It is a time bomb," Paradis said, "which must be defused immediately." (See, Haiti Progres' Canadian Officials Initiate Planning for Military Ouster of Aristide | http://www.haiti-progres.com/2003/sm030 ... 03-05.html )

    4. Edwidge Lalanne says 5% of the population (450,000) of Site Soley should be physically eliminated (in French) (For, The Haiti Democracy Project connection with Edwidge Lalanne http://www.haitipolicy.org/content/1470 ... 656d39e4c9 )
Coincidence or a plan currently being methodically carried out?

These "do-gooders", these self-defined "friends of Haiti" keep pushing Haiti as "a pariah", "a time bomb, which must be defused immediately," "a menace," and their only hard evidence are the "bandits" in Site Soley, or that we've got HIV... When, to paraphrase President Preval, Haiti is underdeveloped in crime and corruption; that political instability ( and I say, that the International Community/the Neocolonialist pushes down our throats with the Haiti Democracy Project/USAID/NED/IRI's Lalannes, Bernards, Lucases, Apaids, Latortures, Mendelsons, Haiti Democracy Projects, IRI, USAID "reforms"...), not crime, corruption or the "bandits" are Haiti's main problem. Haiti does not have the highest aids rate in Latin America, nor the greatest corruption, crime or kidnapping problem... So, is it simply the white settlers feel our young population (also 60% the population of Caricom) is too much, must be curtailed, exterminated and "contained."

Bob Marley's "Top Ranking" is playing right now: "They don't us to unite, all they wanna us to do is keep on fussing and fight. They don't want to see us living together. All they wanna see us do is kill each other...top ranking..."

Hey but, I'm probably just conspiracy theorizing, right? If a white man connected these dots, they would definitely make more sense, right? As Haitians say for double standards: de pwa, de mezi. The standards are different for us.

Ezili Dantò

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