Haiti’s Government stokes hatred against DR, congressman say

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Haiti's Government stokes hatred against DR, congressman say

Post by DPean » Fri Oct 07, 2005 7:33 am

Haiti's Government stokes hatred against DR, congressman says

Recall Dominican ambassador in Port au Prince

SANTO DOMINGO.- Haiti's government sponsors an international campaign against the Dominican Republic for allegedly mistreating Haitians, aimed at permitting that the one million who illegally reside here are not bothered and continue allowing more to enter gradually.

Deputy Pelegrín Castillo made the accusation yesterday, and today asked president Leonel Fernandez to not let himself be extorted by the Haitian authorities and to take measures which guarantee the survival of the Dominican nationality.

He said that in an underhanded act, Haiti's president Boniface Alexandre attempted to get the Dominican migratory policy discussed as an international issue.

"That position is unacceptable, because the migratory policy is
an internal issue which is the sole discretion of the authorities, not a reason to take it to the table of negotiations, because it is the right of each country to take the measures which it understand necessary against foreigners which reside in their country," he said.

Castillo, speaking by phone in the “Poder de la Tarde” radio program, read a copy of Alexandre's speech before the United Nations, in which he calls for a negotiation on the migratory policy between Dominican Republic and Haiti.

"The political instability in Haiti and the serious economic problems have pushed a large number of our compatriots to expatriate themselves to neighboring lands, considered more hopeful by them. Nevertheless, this causes some tensions with certain segment of the population of the receiving country," said Alexandre, adding that "for our part, we are in favor of opening all negotiation that tends to calm the spirits and to find the solutions according to the international laws and treaties relative to
the migratory topics."

Castillo retorted those opinions saying that the Haitian Government has always failed to complied with what it has agreed and that the Dominican Republic has no reason to accept that request.

"The two last Government administrations committed the error of prioritizing the negotiations. And what has happened, that the country is filled with Haitians, because the authorities of that nation are not in a capacity to comply with nothing," he said.

He affirmed that one of the intentions of that alleged international campaign against the country which is supported internally by several non-Government (NGO) Organizations headed by Sonia Pierre, is to turn the Haitians into the first minority in Dominican Republic.

He asked Fernandez to apply the new immigration law that establishes drastic sanctions against those who hire foreigners who reside here illegally.

In addition, to investigate the origin of funds which the NGOs receive from foreign governments t
o defend that antinational cause that it is punished by Dominican laws.

He warned of the danger to the Dominican nationality, the continuously pacific invasion of thousands of Haitians who weekly penetrate the Dominican territory.

Yesterday, Government sources affirmed that Fernandez instructed Foreign Minister Carlos Morales to travel to Washington, where he is expected to counter the criticism launched against the country during the American secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent visit there.

Confirmed ambassador called for consultations

The Dominican embassy in Haiti today confirmed that Ambassador Jose Serulle was called for consultations the day before yesterday, to address a profuse campaign stemming from the neighboring country, presenting the Dominican Republic as a racist, xenophobic nation.

Pastor Vasquez, embassy secretary in charge of internal commerce, confirmed the news reported by a daily newspaper this Thursday morning. He added that Serulle was
expected back in the country from Port-au-Prince today.

Vasquez affirmed that accusations against the DR continued today on Haitian broadcasting media, as well as through Haitian agencies abroad.

He also told reporters that a meeting with Alejandra Liriano and experts on Haitian matters, at the Foreign Ministry addressed the situation.

This Thursday, Vasquez said, the Lenouvellite, Port-au-Prince's main daily, editorialized on the alleged mistreatment of Haitians in the Dominican Republic.

He added that “as an irony of sorts”, next to the editorial reproduced statements from the Dominican spokesperson, Roberto Rodriguez Marchena, denying that Haitians were being maligned in the country.

Vasquez also said that these reports were being divulged by Haitian-controlled media in France, Miami, New York and Canada.

Lenouvellite states that it gets reports from Dominican religious and communication entities, on the alleged maltreatments of Haitians in the Dominican Rep

Vasquez pointed out that the Haitian daily made ironic references to Rodriguez Marchena's statements, ridiculing the Dominican government's defense against the international discrediting campaign that is being orchestrated from Haiti.

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