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Eugenia Charles, 301-537-8162
Jacob François, 312-735-6071
Haitian Priorities Project at (954) 914-5593

JUNE 15, 2007


* Diplomatic Corp. is a drain on Haiti's budget because of their unproductive state and their incompetent members.

* HPP exhorts President Préval's and the Haitian parliament in Haiti to recall the Diplomatic Corps immediately, and investigate why official documents intended for the Haitian government are being withheld by members of the Diplomatic Corp and their mishandling of Haiti's affairs.

* A new generation of Haitians under 40 years of age are waiting to assist in reinforcing core Haitian institutions. They are well qualified and willing to work on behalf of the Haitian people. Moreover, this generation has not been involved in any corruption, which has tarnished Haiti's image.

New Orleans, Louisiana. The anti-patriotic movement dubbed "GNB" that culminated into the 33rd coup d'état of the elected government of Haiti has left Haiti more vulnerable than ever before. Every political party in Haiti is partly to blame for Haiti's dilemma today. One has to question where Haiti is headed in the future. The constitutional government remains in limbo, and under an international protectorate. These parties have proven themselves incapable of repairing the tarnished image of the country locally and abroad, as well as implementing clear directives on how and where the country is heading.

On October 24, 2006, Representative Alcee Hasting of the 23rd District of South Florida-a state where Haitians are the most mistreated-delivered to the Haitian Embassy in Washington, DC a letter in which he pleaded for President Préval to write a letter to President Bush demanding "Temporary Protected Status" (TPS) for Haitians. President Préval came to Washington in April 2007 and he did not speak on any bills with a direct bearing on the Haitian population that he represents, nor did he spoke about any bills that would provide relief for Haiti (See H.R.E.S. 241, H.R. 351, H.R. 454, H.R. 522 etc.).

One has to ask this question, did the embassy in Washington conceal the letter directed at President Préval, or does the President simply not care? Preliminary investigation has proven that President Préval may not have received the letter in question. Haitian Priorities Project (HPP) sent a letter to Minister Clérismé dated April 30th, 2007, and to this date no acknowledgement of this correspondence has been received. HPP is aware that Mr. Anthony Dessources, Chief of Staff for Minister Clérismé is in possession of HPP's request. HPP is asking why the request for clarification has fallen on deaf ears. Moreover, we sent an emissary to President Préval's office in Haiti prior to his arrival in Washington to investigate whether President Préval received the letter which was addressed to him by Representative Hasting before he came to Washington last April. Thus, it is easily to understand that lack of preparation showed in the message that President Preval delivered to President Bush regarding the plight of the Haitians living abroad during his past visit in Washington, DC.

The lines are getting longer at the Haitian Consulates abroad. Haitians have been condemned to mistreatment wherever they are. Most consulates are staffed with incompetent people. No background checks on staff as to their ability to perform the duties required by their jobs, and no jobs descriptions either. Most diplomats are not leaders in any field, nor do they have the capacity to carry such a demanding responsibility. HPP believes a diplomat must be a strategist, a powerbroker, and a business-minded individual, and such person must also be well verse in the language of the host country.

A glance at the Haitian consulates would indicate why Haiti is in limbo. Nowhere in Haiti and abroad is the government responding to the need of the people. This has to change. HPP members attempted to call the embassy phone number in Washington, DC and found no staffers to respond to calls. Demands and needs are unmet, emails are not responded to, and the overall office is dysfunctional. If the Diplomatic Corp. cannot be transformed into a profit center for Haiti, the government needs to eliminate it.

HPP urges President Preval to act swiftly and make the changes necessary within the Haitian diplomatic corp. Investigate and punish those who are intentionally withholding information pertaining to the safety and well being of Haitian living abroad and at home. Take action against those who are mismanaging Haiti's affairs, and the "GNB" way of doing business on behalf of the Haitian people must be stop.


“A time comes when silence is betrayal; we are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation, for those it calls 'enemy.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rebuilding Haiti, One Branch at a Time!
Eugenia Charles, Executive Director
Fondasyon Mapou
P.O. Box 33724
Washington, DC 20033-3724
Phone: 202-370-6407; Fax: 650-360-6407

Contact Haitian Priorities Project at (954) 914-5593 or e-mail: info@hpp4haiti.com for more information about the letter that was sent to President Preval and Minister Clérismé or visit www.hpp4haiti.com :

lundi 30 avril 2007

Jean Rénald Clérismé, Ministre
Ministère des Affaires Étrangères
Blvd. Harry Truman, Cité de l'Exposition
Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
Tel : 298-3768
Fax : 298-4454

Honorable Ministre Clérismé,

Projet Prioritaire Haitien tient à vous informer qu'une lettre du député américain Hasting destinée au président Préval a été remise à l'Ambassade Haitienne à Washington en date du 24 Octobre 2006 pour supporter son projet d'implémenter les haitiens dans la loi (TPS) en faveur des réfugiés. Le but était de demander au Président Préval d'intervenir en faveur des réfugiés haitiens se trouvant déjà sur le sol américain. Dans sa lettre adressé au président René Préval, le député américain a souligné que les peuples du Nicaragua, du Salvador, du Burundi, de la Somalie, du Soudan et de la Libérie se trouvaient confrontés aux mêmes problèmes et ont pu bénéficier d'un statut temporaire à la suite des démarches effectuées par leur gouvernement auprès du gouvernement américain.

Six mois après avoir envoyé sa lettre au bureau de l'ambassade haitien à Washington pour être acheminée au président haitien, le député n'a toujours pas reçu de lettre de suivi ni la maison blanche à Washington de recevoir du président Préval une lettre de demande de statut temporaire en faveur des réfugiés haitiens.

Tout récemment un jeune haitien de trente deux ans a entamé une grève de faim pour contester le comportement des responsables américains vis-à-vis de nos réfugiés. Après 15 jours de grève et malgré l'appui des organisations de base et bien d'autres militants haitiens et étrangers toujours pas de réactions positives du côté du gouvernement américain. Comment expliquer qu'un jeune haitien soit prêt à sacrifier sa vie pour aider à résoudre le problème de nos réfugiés alors qu'il suffirait d'une simple lettre de notre gouvernement au président américain pour trouver une solution à cette crise ?

Nous, à HPP demandons au Ministère des Affaires Étrangères d'éclaircir le mystère de cette lettre. Le bureau du président est-il en possession de la lettre du député américain Hasting ? Sinon, nous nous ferons un plaisir de lui envoyer une copie par courriel ou par télécopie.

L'affaire est pressante, aussi attendions-nous à une réponse du ministère dans un bref délai.

Veuillez recevoir Monsieur le Ministre, l'expression de nos plus humbles respects,

Jacob François, MBA
Projet Prioritaire Haitien
Projet Prioritaire Haitien


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