Chronique 150 - Kreyol la, a dynamic new sound

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Chronique 150 - Kreyol la, a dynamic new sound

Post by Serge » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:46 pm

After the terrible earthquake which put Haiti on its knees on January 12, 2010, one of the first sectors to seek to recover and to come out of its stupor was the artists: musicians, painters, people of letters, etc. And for a good reason. Haitian artists strive in times of tragedy. Many musicians have released CDs since the earthquake and I take pleasure in resuming the Chronique musicale series with the latest by one of the best so-called New Generation bands: Kreyòl la latest release is entitled: Evolution and , as the liner notes indicates, it is dedicated to the many thousands of our brothers and sisters who disappeared in the earthquake. The Haitian music world was also hit very hard by the loss of some musicians. among them , the great promoter Joubert Charles, to whom Kreyòl la dedicates the CD. It is a fitting tribute.

The band has really surpassed itself on this CD. Thanks to an excellent cast of musicians, this CD is extremely entertaining. With the legendary Hantz (Hansito) Mercier on he keyboard, and musicians like Stanley Herisse, Joseph Zenny , to name just these ones and some fantastic invited guests like Fabrice Rouzier, Hermane Absolu, Richard Cavé, Roberto Martino and many more, the music is dynamic and translates the determination of the musicians not to let themselves be overwhelmed by dire conditions on the ground in Haiti. Hansito Mercier is more creative than ever, showing his thorough mastery of his instrument and making full use of its many different sounds.

While I find all 12 songs on the CD absolutely entertaining, it is worth noting in particular tune no 5, Frustration. As the title indicates, this is an expression of the terrible feelings of anger and frustration that everyone must feel in Haiti after the earthquake. This is a stinging indictment of government leaders who are showing their incompetence and their lack of creativity in dealing the aftermath: Pa gen gouvènman - there is no government; Ayisyen, Souke kò nou - Haitians, get up, stand up. These words are quite powerful and for the most part, the feelings expressed are quite justified. The CD ends with another beautiful tune entitled: "Ayiti Leve - Haiti get up!" The lyrics are quite uplifting, with a nice melody and a different slower beat. Joseph Zenny, the composer, shows quite a bit of creativity in writing this song.

Contrary to previous Cds by Kreyòl La, one characteristic of this album is its diversified nature. There is no monotony in there. The chorus is beautifully harmonized. and the music sounds much more mature than before. The mixing is very good and fans of Kreyòl la will be quite happy with this product. If you do not have your copy yet, you have been missing something. This is some excellent work by Mercier, Zenny and company.

Help stop Haitian CD piracy, this is bad for everyone!
Sispann vann kopi Cd ayisyen yo! Achte orijinal la pito pou nou ka ede mizisyen yo!

Serge Bellegarde for Windows on Haiti - October 2010

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