Chronique 104 - Serge Duviella

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Chronique 104 - Serge Duviella

Post by Guysanto » Thu Oct 04, 2007 7:49 pm

Chronique musicale 104

If you have been feeling somewhat mellow, romantic, nostalgic, or if you may own a business and are looking for some nice, soft, relaxing background music, I have the right CDs for you which will meet all your needs: First, Serge Duviella' s most recent release entitled “Achaba”. It had been a while indeed since he seems to have disappeared from the scene, but this CD obviously shows that while he was hibernating, he did not stop working.

The CD is a refreshing look at beautiful slow tunes written by some of the best bands and composers in Haiti: Les Ambassadeurs, Shleu Shleu, les Fantaisistes, Michel Desgrottes, Robert Martino,Wawa . It is evident that one CD would not have been enough for Duviella to cover all the artists and groups, so I can imagine, as he says so himself, the agonizing moments he spent trying to choose which songs to include on the CD. However, he did a wonderful job.

Duviella's arrangements are very lyrical and with the help of keyboardist MichelAnge Bazile, the songs receive strong harmonic support. Duviella has a way of superimposing different melodies and seamlessly merging them into one in a very harmonious package. Duviella does also a beautiful job using the different registers on his instrument. His programming of the keyboard is something else and shows how much he has mastered his craft.

For me the highlight of this CD is certainly the wonderful potpourri of the music of Les Ambassadeurs which closes out the CD. Ah!, the memories that these beautiful melodies must bring to those who used to be on their first dates at that time. The songs fit into each other in such a way that you do not feel any unwanted sudden break from one tune to the other, but rather very nice harmony enhanced by tastefully organized arrangements.

This is a most relaxing experience which is repeated with another of Duviella's recent release entitled “Elle”. The experience may be different, but the music is as rich. Different because this time, he is not interpreting someone's else music, but playing his own, which means that he has much more freedom to add whatever he wants and arrange it the way he feels. Some of his arrangements reminds me very much of the work of the great composer Yani. The strings arrangements provide tremendous richness to the melodies as you will hear in the title tune “Elle”. Throughout, the music is lyrical and melodious, evoking nostalgia, a certain sadness at times, deep introspection, but always profound sensitivity. The CD has only recently been released, but as Duviella was telling me, he wrote the songs some time ago, but it is the first time that he is releasing them to the general public. I am glad that he decided to so them.

Of course, I should warn you that if you are looking for fast moving music, these CDs are not for you; on the other hand, if you are looking for some quiet and mellow sound, I recommend these 2 CDs, you will enjoy them. The mixing is simply excellent and the music sounds as pure as it can be. So enjoy!

Serge Bellegarde
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