Information on Preval's economic development plans

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Information on Preval's economic development plans

Post by Charles Arthur » Fri Mar 10, 2006 8:07 am

1) Haiti seeks help from Brazil
9 March, 2006, LEOGANE, Haiti (AP) - President-elect Rene Preval says he will ask Brazil to help Haiti develop its stagnant agriculture industry during an upcoming trip to South America. Preval is scheduled to visit Brazil on Thursday to meet with President Luiz Inacio da Silva for talks aimed at securing resources to rebuild Haiti's battered infrastructure, spur economic growth and create jobs. Preval also plans to visit Chile and Argentina.

"We will meet with the Brazilian president on agriculture and other issues. We're going to discuss how we can work together to move forward," Preval said during a visit to a sugar refinery in Leogane, a rural town west of Port-au-Prince. Preval, a 63-year-old agronomist, mentioned sugar and coffee as two areas where Brazil could help Haiti, which has seen its agriculture production fall steadily due to poor farming practices, depleted soil and lack of investment. Brazil, the world's largest sugar producer and exporter, could provide valuable technical expertise needed to modernize Haiti's sugar sector.

2) Préval en visite à l'usine sucrière Jean Léopold Dominique de Darbonne promet de favoriser le redémarrage des activités de la centrale et la réalisation de projets bénéfiques pour le pays
Port-au-Prince, 8 mars 2006 (AHP)- Le president élu René Garcia Préval, a été accueillie ce mercredi par des milliers de paysans, planteurs et d'autres membres de la population de Léogâne lors d'une visite à l'usine sucrière Jean Léopold Dominique de Darbonne dont les activités ont été suspendues depuis plusieurs mois.

M. Préval qui a fait un tour de la centrale pour constater l'état des lieux et adopter en temps et lieu les dispositions qui s'imposent, a donné la garantie que toutes les mesures seront prises pour favoriser le redémarrage des activités. Le nouveau chef de l'Etat qui était accompagné notamment de l'actuel ministre de l'agriculture, Philippe Mathieu, et de techniciens cubains, a promis également que les revendications des planteurs de canne-à- sucre de la région seront prises en compte.

Les paysans réclament notamment des systèmes d'irrigation pour l'arrosage de leur plantations de canne, et l'accès immédiat au produit des ventes de canne pour pouvoir recommencer à travailler.

De 2001 à 2005, l'usine n'avait pu fonctionnner à plein rendement, a fait savoir Luckner Désir de l'association des planteurs et distillateurs de Léogâne, en raison notamment, a-t-il dit, du fait que les techniciens haitiens formés pour remplacer les cubains n'avaient pas toute la compétence requise pour gérer la centrale, même sur le plan administratif. "Des mesures doivent être prises à présent pour rendre l'usine plus rentable, c'es-à-dire pour rendre les planteurs aptes à produire bien plus de canne à l'hectare, a fait savoir M. Désir.

Pour sa part, le directeur de la section agriciole de l'usine, Frantz Calixte, s'est réjoui de la visite du chef d'Etat à Dabonne et a dit croire en la bonne volonté de ce dernier pour relancer les activités dans cette usine. Selon Frantz Calixte, la relance des activités à l'usine sucrière Jean Léopold Dominique constitue un soulagement pour les habitants de la zone.

3) Préval talks to the Haitian media about his forthcoming foreign trips
9 March - Radio Metropole, originally in French
"I wish to reassure the Haitian people that we are actually in the process of making preparations for when after I am sworn in as president of the Republic. We are working inside and outside the country. As you know, we have already been to the Dominican Republic. This week, we are going to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. It is the duty of the president of the Republic to get in contact with authorities overseas to find ways to create a cooperation program with them. As long as a father stays home, he will not be able to find resources to help his family. I therefore want the Haitian people to understand that this is not a leisure trip but rather an opportunity for us to seek cooperation. For, we must get out so we can find the means to help the people at home. And for this reason, we have to make several trips. We are not going out to enjoy ourselves.

Another thing I want to point out is that there is the Hero Act [Haiti Economic Recovery Opportunity Act of 2004] that could be turned into the Hope Act, which is a preferential agreement that could allow us to export clothes made in Haiti at preferential tariffs that can facilitate the creation of jobs in Haiti. For this reason, when we go to the United States, we will meet with members of Congress and the US president to extend this Act so that they can make it easier for investors, for factory owners to create jobs in Haiti. As I said, the purpose of our trip is to find assistance for Haiti. We are not going on vacation.

In the case of Brazil, we are going to see how we can have agreements either with Brazilian banks or the Brazilian Government for the creation of certain programs such as agriculture, ethanol, and so on. And it will be the same thing with Argentina and Chile. We therefore want the Haitian people to know that these two months prior to my taking office are not being wasted, and that when I go abroad I go for business."

4) Brazilian biodiesel project for Haiti
Agência Brasil, 8 March 2006
Porto Alegre - Brazil's biodiesel project, which has been set up to use vegetable oils from crops grown on family farms as an additive, may be an important alternative for resolving some of the economic problems in Haiti. The declaration was made by the Haitian representative, Budry Bayard, at the 2nd Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development which is taking place this week in Porto Alegre. The event is sponsored by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization. "We find the Brazilian biodiesel project attractive because it can resolve economic and environmental problems without cutting into food production," explained Bayard.

Haiti is a small, densely populated country (8 million people in 27,000 square kilometers) where people have been destroying forests to heat their food. Jose Graziano, an aide to the Brazilian president, says biodiesel could boost rural development in Haiti and reduce deforestation by providing an alternative energy source.

5) Jamaican PM pledges full CARICOM support for Haiti
10 March 2006 - Caribbean Net News

WASHINGTON, USA: Prime Minister P.J. Patterson of Jamaica, speaking at the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington on Thursday, stressed that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) will do "everything in its power" to ensure that Haiti is no longer isolated. Patterson spoke to a protocolary meeting of the OAS Permanent Council, addressing OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza, Assistant Secretary General Albert R. Ramdin and diplomats from the 34 member states. The session was chaired by Trinidad and Tobago's Ambassador Marina Valere.

Patterson said CARICOM has pledged to help Haiti "nurture a democratic tradition and receive from the international community the material and technical support it has so long deserved in order to improve the living standards of the Haitian people."

He also called for every effort to bring Haiti into full participation in the various trade negotiations in the hemisphere and the World Trade Organization (WTO). "In this case, there can be no question about the need for special and differential treatment and technical assistance," he said.

The Prime Minister made the remarks while praising the "pivotal role" of the OAS in settling disputes and helping to bring solution to political crises in the Americas, including in Haiti.

He remarked that he and his Caribbean colleague heads of government "welcome and applaud the return of President René Préval as the duly elected leader of Haiti." He added that Caribbean heads are "all anxious to extend a warm embrace to the democratically constituted government of Haiti at our next summit in St. Kitts and Nevis."


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Jiskaprezan, li sanble ke Preval ap di e fè tout sa ki bon. Itilize tan l ap tann lan pou li fè kontak ak peyi etranje yo se yon bon chwa. Mwen pa t'konnen yo tep kesyone vwayaj li yo an Ayiti. Se malere, paske mwen pa ka sonje bagay sa fèt anvan.


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