The world exhales

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The world exhales

Post by admin » Sat Nov 11, 2006 5:48 pm

From: John Maxwell <jonmax>
Date: 8 November 2006 4:55:30 PM
Subject: The world exhales

The World Exhales
John Maxwell

Like any smart bully, he caved when faced by an opponent not afraid of him.

And although he had only days before derided Nancy Pelosi as a freaky leftwinger from San Francisco, on Wednesday he was perfectly polite and prepared to address her as Madame Speaker, pledging to work with her and acknowledging that she, like him, had the best interests of the American people at heart.

The world breathed a huge sigh of relief on Tuesday night when it became clear that the American people were a lot smarter than their President and his advisers. And I imagine that most people round the world breathed another huge sigh of collective satisfaction on Wednesday when the intelligence flashed through the ether that the Generalissimo, Donald Rumsfeld, Lord of Fallujah and Baron of Babylon, had fallen on his sword. His ceremonial hara kiri came just a week after Mr Bush had arrogantly dismissed questioning journalists with the assurance that Mr Rumsfeld would, like the Rock of Gibraltar, always be there.

As they say – “ never say never” again.

Mr Bush says he doesn't read the newspapers – which is probably good for his blood pressure; because the comment from the United States and the rest of the world is almost uniformly welcoming of the catastrophic defeats suffered in Tuesday's elections by the Republican party.

Most of the world, accustomed to substantial parliamentary majorities when one party gets nearly 60% of the vote, must have wondered why it was so difficult for the Democrats to take charge of the parliament of the United States. They do not understand that the US electoral system is largely a product of the 18th century, antedating the British Reform Act of 1834 by half a century, and designed to guarantee a stifling stability to the affairs of the United States. Men who had created a revolution to gain their own freedom tried to ensure that their descendants were as hobbled by 18th century mores as they had been by the British. Although the first casualty of the American revolution was a black soldier, Crispus Attucks, it took another hundred years to abolish slavery and another century after that, for all Americans to have the right to vote.

And although a great many Haitians, including Henri Cristophe, fought for American freedom, Thomas Jefferson and his successors, including George Bush, are still not reconciled to the idea of a free black sovereign nation. Nor do they have any sense of obligation to those from whom they extracted so much tribute and treasure over so many centuries.

Which is why, for instance, the electorates of so many American states approved referenda on Tuesday outlawing Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action had been intended to ameliorate the oppressed condition of former slaves in the United States.

The Republicans leadership, representing much of what is most backward, ignorant and atavistic in American society, were brought up short by an electoral insurrection on Tuesday Even that, however, could not overcome the racist slanders of the Republican National Committee. The RNC posted a sly, underhand TV commercial against Harold Ford in Tennessee, intended to excite the most primitive fears of Southern white men about the sexuality of black men.

This was not an isolated ‘error'. Similarly slimy innuendoes were made against many Democratic candidates of both sexes and all colours. The most egregious was one that continued the Republican tradition of accusing American war heroes of cowardice while the real cowards presided over the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and other lesser breeds in the name of freedom and liberty.

In Palestine, at the height of the US electoral campaign, Israel used the US Press' total preoccupation with trivia to carry out a genocidal attack on the Palestinians, and their Parthian shot was the killing of 19 people on Monday, eight of them children and seven women.

On Wednesday Mr Bush pledged to continue until ‘Victory' in Iraq because the terrorists never give up. Unfortunately he has never understood that ‘terrorism” is the weapon of the desperate – of those who believe that they cannot get justice except by taking revenge on their oppressors or their surrogates, innocent or otherwise

Sadly, the American Press have never asked Mr Bush how he defines ‘Victory' so that the rest of us would know when it was achieved. Although he said two weeks ago that he had abandoned the ‘stay the course' mantra and although he spoke of the need for ‘new perspectives' in the ‘War on Terror' it is apparent that Mr Bush's imagination allows of no new insights and that he responds only to stimuli that he cannot ignore – such as the rebellion on Tuesday.

Bush's news conference on Wednesday was in its own small way, an attempt to rewrite history. No one listening to him would have gathered that the people of the United States had, less than 24 hours before, rejected the entire corpus of Presidential deception, lies , dirty tricks and double speak, and the culture of corruption built up round the Department of Defense and his Vice President as well as among his supporters in the Congress.

What may have given him pause, however, was the news that his intellectual gurus, the neo-fascists of the Project for the New American Century, were beginning to publicly jump ship. These bozos, including The Prince of Darkness, Richard Perle, have had no scruple in biting the hand that fed them

In Vanity Fair ( ... cons200612) the writer, David Rose, describes what happened: “As Iraq slips further into chaos, the war's neoconservative boosters have turned sharply on the Bush administration, charging that their grand designs have been undermined by White House incompetence. In a series of exclusive interviews, Richard Perle, Kenneth Adelman, David Frum, and others play the blame game with shocking frankness. Target No. 1: the president himself.”

David Rose recalls meeting with Perle in London a few weeks before the start of the Iraq war and being lectured by Perle on Iraq's eminent suitability for western style democracy after a quick ‘Victory' was achieved..

Three years later – with the GOP facing losses in the then imminent midterm elections – Rose reports:

“As he looks into my eyes, speaking slowly and with obvious deliberation, Perle is unrecognizable as the confident hawk who, as chairman of the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, had invited the exiled Iraqi dissident Ahmad Chalabi to its first meeting after 9/11. "The levels of brutality that we've seen are truly horrifying, and I have to say, I underestimated the depravity," Perle says now, adding that total defeat—an American withdrawal that leaves Iraq as an anarchic "failed state"—is not yet inevitable but is becoming more likely. "And then," says Perle, "you'll get all the mayhem that the world is capable of creating."

All the millions of hapless fools like me who predicted exactly this state of affairs, were then derided as ignoramuses, unsophisticated trespassers into the sacred realms of Hoch Realpolitik.

Now, as the carnage and cataclysm advance, inexorably, the Perles and the Adelmans have turned and savaged their unsophisticated Neophyte NeoCon – the President of the United States.

“ … this unfolding catastrophe has a central cause: devastating dysfunction within the administration of President George W. Bush. Perle says, "The decisions did not get made that should have been. They didn't get made in a timely fashion, and the differences were argued out endlessly.… At the end of the day, you have to hold the president responsible.… I don't think he realized the extent of the opposition within his own administration, and the disloyalty." Pearle speaks of disloyalty with all the lofty authority of a scorpion.

But an even nastier specimen is Michael Ledeen, American Enterprise Institute freedom scholar who slyly confides to Rose: "Ask yourself who the most powerful people in the White House are. They are women who are in love with the president: Laura [Bush], Condi, Harriet Miers, and Karen Hughes."

Friends like Ledeen and Perle almost make it possible to feel sorry for Bush.

Whether Bush reads the newspapers or listens to the radio or television, he must be getting some information from somewhere.

The Great “Decider” has, almost overnight, found himself neutered, bereft of advisors he can trust, surrounded by men vastly more clever and less scrupulous than himself.

He has been playing a part scripted for him although he clearly believes he is writing the script, that he is the puppeteer and not the puppet.

Perhaps fortunately for him and for us, his father and his father's advisers have recently intervened. His father's Secretary of State and an eminent committee of conservatives is even now trying to draw up plans to bring some order to the chaos of the Bush foreign policy and perhaps to domestic policy also.

The election debacle is perhaps the best thing that could have happened to Mr Bush. The Democrat control of Congress will mean that he has a chance of leaving office with some credit, if his better instincts allow him to work with them. The Democrats have managed to overcome the elaborate system of traps and snares which prevent the American body politic having any real effect on the policies of their government, except by occasional electoral revolts such as the latest one.

The American system of re-districting (redrawing constituency boundaries) is so corrupt that only a small minority of seats in Congress are in any sense competitive. Seats have been drawn to preserve empires, electoral garrisons which rarely change hands. In the state of New York, for instance, not one seat in the State senate has changed parties for thirty years.

This principle, extended to the national Congress, means that unless by some fluke there is a ‘perfect storm' of adverse circumstance as happened this time, the Republicans will form a permanent government in the United States

This entrenched ‘rotten borough' system, abolished in Britain a century and a half ago, allows powerful vested interests to totally dominate American society and economy. The last piece of the plan was Mr Bush's systematic appointment of hardline born-again Christian Judges to the Supreme Court, ensuring a permanent Sanhedrin for the management of ‘democracy. rigged electronic voting machines should have taken everybody by surprise this time, except that everybody was on the alert, after previous unfortunate experiences.

If the United States is to survive, the new Congress not only must work overtime to restore some measure of social justice to the United States and to end the obscenely unfair tax system which subsidises the rich and pauperises the poor. The neocons and their allied ‘malefactors of great wealth' can buy autographed tins of ‘artist's' excrement for hundreds of thousands of dollars and indulge in other fantastically indecent forms of conspicuous consumption, financed by oppression of entire nations by war and the products of war. The whole purpose of globalisation is to bring these blessings to the formerly colonised of the earth, in a system which not only pauperises the people but attacks the earth itself, poisoning the air, deforming children, exterminating wildlife of all kinds and substituting a regimented, trademarked proprietary civlisation to which most of us are slaves..

In this kind of world there will always be the need for a war on terror, because the oppressed are never oppressed willingly, and desperation and hopelessness have no conscience. The natives are always restless and some population is always in need of pacification.

Copyright© 2006 John Maxwell

Empress Verite

Can We Really?

Post by Empress Verite » Sun Nov 12, 2006 12:15 am


This is a good article about the situation in the White House and the Bush administration. John Maxwell has a good perspective on the issues. However, I can't say that I feel like I can exhale right now. Can we trust these Blue Dog DemocRats to make things better? It is my impression that they want to run the war better not end it at all. And as the WSWS pointed out awhile ago, they fully intend to reinstitute the draft so that they can go spread their brand of Democracy on other parts of the world. And you know that our young black people will be the most victimized especially with white feminist like Hillary in charge! Under her husband, lower, working class and poor black men and black people from that background faired the worse! In fact, they destroyed the welfare system simply because she and her husband willingly gave in to the right and the moderate and agreed that the state could not continue to support folks (mostly white by the way not black as the powers that be would have us believe) for generations. Her argument was that folks on welfare tend to have children who go on to be on welfare! Yeah, that's because these kids are given no way out like opportunities to go to college, graduate school or professional school to get out of the cycle of poverty. I have been seriously victimized by these seemingly benovelent DemocRats and in Miami they are worse in their liberal racism than the self prescribed red necks. At least with the latter theres' no faking it.

I have not exhaled because I sit here with no health care, no employment, dealing with immigration issues that are kicking my rear end. Dealing with racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, classism, colorism and I see no end to it. And it is simultaneously frustruating, maddening as it is scary. I did what I was supposed to do. I went to college and graduate school and tried to get my doctorate twice and almost did but for all of the isms I faced. I wish that John Maxwell would do a story about that. Folks who don't fare that well whether the DemocRats or RepubliKKKlans are in. We need fundamental changes where elected officials are held accountable to their constituencies and that it is seen that they do their job! In addition, they should immediately appologized for the violence that they unleashed on people because of their fabricated 9/11. We need a lot of healing yet I see no beginning. The two parties are reaching out to each other but the work for the people has not been presented as their number one priority. They should have immediately addressed that and said that employment or lack thereof would improve immediately and so would the violence that many of us live with every minute of every day due to the fabricated 9/11.

I'm glad for those who feel that they can breathe. They are probably the same ones who lived on the fringes of the 2 parties anyway. For the majority though, people like myself, I am not very hopeful at all. I see that the same wicked liberals regaining their right to speak in public and to get media time while folks like me and my kids are sacrificed and ostracized or cast out as those who did not make it because the war was so harsh.

It's sickening and I need a real healing. I should start practicing my breathing exercises though because it is a very helpful practice in delivery which I will probably have to go through alone with no healthcare professional simply because I am who I am.


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Post by admin » Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:05 am

As far as the Democrats are concerned, I too wonder whether they will understand the mandate for change just extended to them. As a minority on Capitol Hill, they did not show much of a backbone on issues of torture, privacy rights, spending for the so-called war on terror, immigration reform, etc. Quite often they voted with the Republicans. Now that they have the power, will they continue in the same vein or chart another course? Qui vivra verra!

However, one can at least feel good that we no longer have to deal with the same set of "pongongon" in the Congress. In the White House, unfortunately, we have quite a way to go...

Exhale, pou'w pa toufe!

[quote]I should start practicing my breathing exercises though because it is a very helpful practice in delivery which I will probably have to go through alone with no health care professional simply because I am who I am.[/quote]
Empress, it appears that you are announcing another bundle of joy, and for that I offer you my hearty congratulations, but your statement is scary nevertheless. By the way, I thought you had several children already. Where do you find the courage and the energy? I have had three and I feel exhausted! Even though I love my kids to death, I am still looking forward to the empty nest syndrome. People tell me that I will regret it. I say "bring it on! and may each give me a grandkid that is as difficult for them too handle as they have been to me. I am the revengeful sort, you know."

What I think is scary in your statement is the reference to the absence of a health care professional. I don't fully understand. Whatever your income level, can't you secure some assistance from the State, because I am thinking "what is something goes wrong?" Perish the thought! I know that you have been through a lot already, and I do not want to say anything that might upset you. I just thought that it might be wise for you to secure health care, because you never know.

I do not wish to get exceedingly personal on this forum, but I wish the best to you and your family.

Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Sun Nov 12, 2006 7:33 am

You know, Guy and EV, what is very upsetting is the way that the American People believe that they can go on without Health Care!! Podyab!

You only have it if you are working... Because we are afraid of paying too much taxes???

Meanwhile, the Govt thinks it is OK to spend Billions for Defense and a wasteful of our money to explore wherever with their billion-dollar-Rockets which explode a few seconds post launching...

No Heath Care for over 50 million People!!! Student loan is kicking our butt... These problems should have been resolved. But, America has been brainwashed by the rich who claim that paying more taxes is wrong.

We are so brain-washed that an epithet which was supposed to be so humble and great is used to define evil, LIBERALS!!!

By the way, I was wondering why the US the so-called # 1 Superpower has one of the lowest minimum wages of the West? They can raise it to 10 dollars an hour, it still won't be enough.

"Chanje mEt, chanje metye. Pa gen anyen'k pi serye. Wout la deja mal trase, nou deja konn kote'l prale (by M.C.)."

For us Black People we have to do anything ten times better to be accepted. It is reality! Going to school and getting all the degrees possible. But we still have to face "Institutionalized Racism"!

Would the Democrats change this? I doubt it. Even though I always voted for a straight Dem ticket. But I always knew that they are not too far from the Republicans.

Let's take Iraq, for instance. Why would a Democrat or anyone agree on "Staying the Course"? Once you are in a Bad Relationship, you need to get out! Iraq is a "No Win" Situation. For, the Foundation was made on sand. Iraq started with "Lies and Deceit". About three thousand of "Our Kids Dead". While the People who sent them still can enjoy THEIR PRECIOUS SMART KIDS!! Some Twenty Thousand wounded or handicapped in the Name of Freedom. These Kids have to start to adjust with their new Lifestyle, while the big Bosses' Kids are having Fun at Yale or enjoying their Hetero- or Homo- Sexual Hobbies!!!

Who is paying these Nuts? We, the People.

What is the Plan for Iraq? Well, Mr President and Vice P., send Your Kids instead of Ours. I bet you would feel differently if someone from your immediate Family Members were getting killed or injured from that Senseless War.

Our Kids would defend America if America were being attacked! Not to help Halliburton Former C.E.O., and not for Oil.

The new elected House of Congress and Senate should send OUR Kids Back Today! You can replace Them by sending THEIR Kids to Fight THEIR War.-

L'union fait la Force,


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Post by admin » Sun Nov 12, 2006 9:53 am

Well said, Leonel! My sentiments, exactly.

Wòch nan dlo pa konn doulè wòch nan solèy, se sak fè y'ap banbile konsa.

Empress Verite

Health Care For the Poor

Post by Empress Verite » Sun Nov 12, 2006 3:19 pm


Yeah, I have a "bunch" already I've had 4 one was "sacrificed" by the warmongers with their post 9/11 hatred. But I guess since I am poor and downtrodden or hard up it still sounds like a lot. Funny, about a couple of centuries ago in Haiti and throughout the Americas I would be encouraged to keep having them because they could be sold and would make good field hands or house slaves depending on whom I was servicing I suppose.

Anyway, the fact that I have been denied welfare benefits for so long is one reason why I am against these wars. They have dried up Miami for folks like me who already had it hard. I couldn't go to school because of a couple of thousand dollars and I still could not qualify for foodstamps and medicaid because of my unemployment situation. Go figure. The middle class and the professionals constantly say to me "can't you find a way to get some help. You know they have help for people like you." Yeah, what country do they live in. Are you people purposefully trying to deny what you see, hear and sense? They have harassed me to no end and finally threatened me with jail time and then cut me off completely. My kids are US born and so am I and we still can't get none Nothing even a minimum wage job and if I had that I would then qualify for foodstamps and medicaid and even Section 8. Then I would join humanity and folks would treat me with decency and respect. I would have enough to go buy up at their stores and buy into their stuff.

I don't need sympathy just please stop the DENIAL. I am surprised that you did not know about the current state of the welfare system in the US since you seem to work with immigrants. In fact, a new law was passed recently where recipients will be visited (unannounced) and their homes checked etc. This is happenning in many states and I was harassed like that a few years back. In the same building managed by a Columbian who helped these folks to harass me. (The same Columbians that Wycleff is trying to befriend. ( I think that I even saw his father in law there a few times too. ) In fact what this new law will do is destroy the lives of many black children who will probably end up being taken away from their mother for various reasons. Some small stuff will be used and those kids will be lost and so will these women. The social workers are worthless pieces of kkkrap. They can't do their jobs and they are so in love with the system and the white middle class kids whom they feel are little angels because they have all of the trappings that the kkklan culture says that one needs in order to be a real human and to make it. Meanwhile, these kids go on to commit serious crimes against humanity. And of course they are protected and their parents are allowed to go on with their hate against the poor. Where's the sense in all of this. Many social scientists have criticized the social welfare system arguing that what these women need is some help to make life easier but the system chooses to punish them instead. The so-callled professional social workers who want to keep their job and play the game harass them for no reason and take their kids away.


I know that you probably know all of this because many of these activists are in that group. I wish them the best. I wish that they would stop the hate and stop selling us out.

Finally Guy, I don't miss not getting medicaid benefits. Going to the welfare place was hell. The social workers and the folks that work in the place were violent against me and my kids. They treated us with so much hatred and disdain. In addition, the folks in the lobby were thugs who listened to the gossip of the social workers to harass folks like me and my kids. More than that, the so-called healthcare professionals in Miami whom I have dealt with the past 9 years during my pregnancies have been incompetent fools who deal with me in hatred to hide their ignorance. They hurt us so much and I hated going to them for any help. Yeah, I am concerned about stuff going wrong. But so long as I live in South Florida I know that what they can give me at their offices is nowhere near as good as what I can give to myself. I have to stop relying so much on these miguided professionals. They are ignorant and hide behind racism, sexism, classism, ethnocentrism and colourism. Someday, my story will come out about my experiences with these kkklans and you'll see. I know that I am not alone but somehow folks like me have to scream it outloud constantly in order for it to sink in. STOP THE DENIAL.

You should think about what it's like living in my shoes before asking these questions Guy. Do you really think that I would not have tried to get help somewhere? Why else did I go to college and graduate school? I know that my poor class background is a consequence of my lack of connections but it does not make me dumb. To the contrary. My eyes have to be wide open at all times.

Best Guy.

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Post by admin » Sun Nov 12, 2006 4:26 pm

[quote]You should think about what it's like living in my shoes before asking these questions Guy.[/quote]
Peace! Truly, I am serious... You probably saw more in my two questions than was intended.

My first question was "Where do you find the courage and the energy?" and you may have taken it badly. That was much more rhetorical than personal, and to the extent that it was personal it was mostly a reflection of my personal feelings about family size and had absolutely nothing to do with your particular social situation. I have often wondered about people like me who have more than a couple of children in the U.S.A.? What were they thinking? What was I thinking??? But to take it to a personal level, I would be the first one to recognize that it is none of my business how many children one chooses to have and I would never try to involve myself inappropriately in your private life. I am sorry if you took my expression in a way that it was not intended.

My second question was "can't you secure some assistance from the State...?" Well, your answer is an eye-opener, and thank you for taking the time. I am sorry if my ignorance of the matter surprises you, but I have never tried to sell myself for something that I am not. Yes, I have worked with immigrants and immigrant families, but in most cases, we were dealing with people who were undocumented immigrants, not American citizens. Furthermore, I have already said it on this forum, my background is not in the social sciences. It is in MATHEMATICS and computers. I have not told anyone otherwise, so please do not blame me for your own assumptions. However, I try to apply my intelligence everywhere I can and refuse to pigeonhole my natural curiosity and interest in the world around me. Everyone who knows me, and my older siblings could testify to this, KNOWS that I ask a lot of questions. In my experience, when questions are not asked, most people do not learn anything at all. So I take the risk again and again. I do not care if people think of me as immensely knowledgeable or miserably ignorant. I do not care. I simply want to understand.

I also never thought of you as dumb at any time, so I don't know why you bring up the point. Poor or rich, this has nothing to do with your level of intelligence. I know at least that much.

Please do not ask me to stop the denial, because that is not what I was doing. I can't really think of what it's like living in your shoes nor can you think of what it's like living in my shoes without making some grossly erroneous assumptions, simply because we don't know enough about each other's background. Please understand that an inquiry can be made without attitude. Thanks for taking the time to inform us of the situation of American citizens who are trapped in poverty without being eligible for any sort of government relief. Now I know. Thank you for letting me know.

Empress Verite

Thanks Brother Guy

Post by Empress Verite » Sun Nov 12, 2006 8:20 pm


I was not necessarily insulted by your comment about the number of children that I have. I was simply responding to word choice especially since I feel strongly that the negative experiences that I have with the social welfare system, and with the medical establishment as well as with my school have been to a great extent because folks feel that I am too poor and so on to have anymore children. Some have been blatant about it but again that's my personal choice. I understand where you're coming from though about your feelings regarding having more children.

Secondly, I did not know your line of work at all. I thought that you were a social scientist because the computer folks tend to be stuffy. And more than that asking questions often lead to dialogue and inquiring minds have to know. I AM VERY SURPRISED THAT YOU WERE NOT AWARE ABOUT THE CUT BACKS IN SOCIAL WELFARE WHICH BEGAN UNDER CLINTON. Immigrants were cut off about 10 years ago from receiving foodstamps or medicaid and under Bush the ravage reached to the poor and unemployed or underemployed. You have to earn a few hundred dollars a month to qualify. I'm not trying to put my business out there but I am a kept woman. (Just so you know next time you use those nice vernacular terms we use to describe people like me).

Anyway, My comment about "STOPPING THE DENIAL" had to do with the issue of where is the US getting the money (and you even stated that it could be in the trillions) to fund their unjust wars abroad? Guy, I know that you've thought about that. And I also know that you realize that the post 9/11 atmosphere has polarized folks in this country based on race and class and that all of the layoffs and so forth has further disenfranchised the poor. The middle class is being eroded and EVERYONE WHO LIVES HERE SEES THAT. Folks have to accept lower wages and cut back on wages or be unemployed. In addition, most people have to work for minimum wage after being layed off from good paying jobs. Guy, I know in my heart of hearts that you know this or have read about it. Maybe it has not affected a lot of folks in your area but it has devasted Miami. The homelessness and poverty situation has escalated dramatically especially for Haitians. Right after 9/11 when the airport became federalized the biggest employer in Miami (the International airport) fired most of the Haiitans because they were not US citizens!) That was just the beginning. Think about the other industries associated with that where Haitians work. And then there is the travel industry that includes hotels here and throughout the Caribbean and their revenues were all down and continue to deteriorate.

When I said please put yourself in my shoes. I meant in context of a post 9/11 era in the US. What do you feel that it's like for a woman like myself who wears a headwrap all of the times? What shocks me the most is the reactions of ignorant Haitians (particularly the women) who attack me physically and verbally left and right just because they insist on fighting terror in their own turf to do their part for their new home country. Guy, perhaps you should get on the Arab defamation league's website to read some stuff about the astonishing rise in hate crimes particularly against folks who look like immigrants and who look religious or suspiciously muslim. And these are just the non-bureaucratic crimes. They do not include the isms in hiring and firing and in education and in other parts of social life that folks are barred from because of the perpetual war on terror since 9/11.

I wish you and yours the best.


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Post by admin » Mon Nov 13, 2006 1:28 pm

EV, of course I was aware of the situation, but not to the point of knowing all the eligibility rules. There is a difference between being blissfully ignorant and knowing it all. Please let's go beyond the point of expressing surprise about who knows this and who knows that, because this would only serve to humiliate people. Let's just accept people for where they are on any given issue and continue to help each other attain a higher level of knowledge and understanding, without making all sorts of assumptions. This is what the forum is for.

Empress Verite

Guy: Surprise as in Wow!

Post by Empress Verite » Mon Nov 13, 2006 11:54 pm


This issue made a huge noise in Miami! Back when I first got here the Haitians were up in arms about it and it was all over the news. I just thought that perhaps you were making me talk so I could show what I knew about the law. Don't make me out to be some kind of in your face black ghetto mama because I'm not. In fact, I know no more about this then the average person because they don't explain it to me either. All of this is kept secret until they either cut you off or give you some. There are no rule books unless you know a social worker who wants to tell you the ins and outs.

I see that our time is coming to an end here Guy 'coz you don't understand my tone at all and you are on a trip to get mad at what I say. I am SERIOUSLY SURPRISED AT THE FACT THAT YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOU THIS. Simply because how do undocumented immigrants or those who are in need around Jersey survive? I have relatives in that state and some have issues too and they use to go for help. You like many folks who work with these immigrants are often the ones who tell them where and how to go. But there are so many non-profits in the Haitian community in Miami and it's always on the news. In fact, I am sure that if I went to one of them they might be able to explain stuff better to me simply because the social workers tend to be activists too. Like I said, they are ALWAYS in the NEWS. Have you had a chance to read the Miami Herald articles on Haitians when Leonie Hermatin puts them on Corbett. The Center or Sant La where she works is typical of the Haitian non -profits in and around Little Haiti. Folks who work there are closely tied to the social welfare system. I see them in the offices working and they know how stuff work. And it's like that at least 2 or 3 other very well known non profits in Miami. And by the way, no offense they don't seem as learned as you in terms of their take on issues . In other words, you seem more knowledgeable about political stuff Guy.

Sorry again. That's the 5th time that you SERIOUSLY misunderstood me. I really feel that you think that I'm on some kind of trip to show you up as being not black enough or street enough when in reality we are in 2 different linguistics arenas. (If you know what I mean.) You seem to know so much about everyone and everything that I am literally surprised when you expressed "ignorance" about social things having to do with Haitians or the immigrants in this United States.

Like I said, I cannot tell you the elligibility rules at all because I don't know them. However, it was announced awhile ago that immigrants were no longer considered for social welfare. It's been on the news like NPR and in the papers and on the major networks like CNN, MSNBC. And Ann Pale had a thread about immigrant women being denied medicaid after delivering their babies. (Or Am I mistaken?) I have no time to find it at this time. And I remember making the decision not to post a response about that because although I knew a lot of undocumented immigrant women I have never asked them how they pay for their deliveries because I have been told that such questions are rude. ( I will be sure to ask around and see if they could contribute to that thread for you).

Best to you Guy.

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Dear EV,
You may have observed that I stayed silent for many days. I was away for a (long) week of intense training. You were not far from my mind however.

[quote]Don't make me out to be some kind of in your face black ghetto mama because I'm not.[/quote]
Far from me such intent. I have only sought to honor you for your high level of education and intelligence. I have also reserved the right to question (when I do not fully understand) and disagree, honestly, on occasion. I have never once thought of disrespecting you in such circumstances.

As I stated in a previous post, "there is a difference between being blissfully ignorant and knowing it all." I am neither. I am not a social worker nor am I a lawyer. I do work that is peripherally connected to social work and the law, however. I have assisted immigrants as a policy advocate and also by referring them to social workers and lawyers. I have learned a few things (yes, I am sure of it) through my work experience. I am on a quest to learn more every single day. I begin the act of learning by asking questions. In the present circumstance, I only asked you whether you had absolutely no access to health care relief, as an expectant mother of four and as an American citizen born in the U.S.A. (not an undocumented immigrant, like those I have worked with). I asked you a question because I felt some concern. I did not expect that in response to my question, you would say AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN how surprised you were that I did not know ANYTHING on the subject of social benefits to immigrants or U.S. born citizens with no/low income.

I meant you no disrespect, and in all that I have expressed in this thread I do not see any that was expressed. If you think that I am ignorant about all things that have to do with social welfare, then you are perfectly entitled to your opinion, and let's leave it as that. That was hardly the point of my question to you. If you cannot see that, then I will have to turn to others. All the same, I have the same concern as before.

This is not personal. You are right that I do not understand your tone and you certainly failed to understand mine. I was not "on a trip to get mad at what you say," because, let's face it, that would definitely not be in my self-interest.

My interest consists of engaging in an honest, enriching dialogue, because that will attract more and more people to the Ann Pale forum. Whatever other interests I may have are served only so far as this first "fundamental" is satisfied: that more people find a reason to come back to Ann Pale every single day.

Best to you too,

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