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Leonel JB

Post by Leonel JB » Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:34 am

I would like to have more time on that. But, unfortunately, it will cost so much at Kinkos...
Anyway, it' being proven time and time again that most people living in Haiti or elsewhere are unable to manage the Country!!!
It's being proven that trying to alienate a certain group of people whom could have contributed much better than the so-called or self proclaimed Patriot was not helping Haiti...
Therefore, everyone is Welcome!!! Haiti needs to go forward. Enough silly Rethorics and philosophies!!!
I truly believe whoever holds a position like Gifrants is against anything positive for the development of Haiti... Sorry Gifrants!
By the way, Mevs is not from German ancestry (I believe).
Even so, that does not exclude Mevs from being Haitian. It applies to any other Family who contributed for a long time in Haiti where they are about three to four generations Haitian.-
What do you think of my Kids who are born in the US? Are they Americans?
Guys, we have to be careful or Cautious on some of the things we wrote. Some are really senseless and unfounded.
We can not fall into that Racist trap which some People are using to qualify who is or isn't part of their Society!!!
Male, mwen pEdi twOp tan deja nan Kinko...

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Post by admin » Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:59 am

[quote]This legalization should take effect after a referendum upon which the Haitian people would agree to the dual nationality.[/quote]
One big hurdle to the implementation of the ideas expressed by Marcien is that the Constitution of 1987 bans referendums that would have the effect of amending the constitution, leaving that option only to the Senateurs and Députés.

I, for one, am in favor of public referendums at critical junctures of Haiti's history, and most especially when the representative assemblies are non-functional for whatever reasons there might be (which, by itself, is a major problem that should not have occured at all, let alone as frequently as it has in Haiti's short democratic experience). I certainly trust the people of Haiti better in matters defining their political existence than the Friends of Haiti who have arranged to make solutions for them at every turn. When in doubt, Let The People Speak and Decide BY Themselves and FOR Themselves. Hence the desirability of referendums, properly conducted.

As it stands now, everyone is talking about "double nationalité" and not the constitutionality of referendums. So it is more likely that Haitian Representatives will debate and decide on double nationality, rather than entertain Marcien's ideas. That is so, because in order for that to happen as he promotes it, a critical middle step would be necessary and Marcien does not give any hint about how that would be accomplished.

[quote]the participation of all Haitians, specially those living abroad, is more than welcome and imperative[/quote]
Amen to that! And that is precisely the core of the argument for double nationality, the aim of which is not to attain Haiti's presidency but to facilitate the re-integration or full integration of Haitians who have resided abroad in the national life of their country of origin. Haiti simply cannot afford anything less. As for who occupies what political position, there should be laws regulating who can have access to the Presidential seat and other offices, based on specific requirements that should not delay the so-called "double nationality" in any way. Notwithstanding Siméus's deplorable and unfortunate run for the presidency, Haitians should understand that "nationality" and "presidency" are not marassa concepts. In every democracy, there are requirements governing the candidacies to high office. Henry Kissinger, for instance, at the height of his popularity could have never become a U.S. President. Also a 20-year old adolescent could never be elected to office either, though it is perfectly conceivable that a belligerent former addict, who hears the voice of God calling for him to dominate the world, can.

Therefore, it is erroneous and even pernicious to keep associating the concepts of nationality and presidency on a consistent basis. Ideally, one is born to serve his native or selected/adopted communities the best way he or she can, in conformity to the laws of that community. Very few people will ever be president, fewer will be elected, and even fewer than that may ever pretend to have received a genuine mandate from their people. Double Nationality does not change anything in that equation.

As Gelin constantly reminds us, only Respect for the Constitution can guarantee the safe and continued development of the Haitian people. Even so-called "divine laws" have (curiously) changed in biblical history (the old and new covenants), so it goes without saying that man-made constitutions themselves are subject to change. However, they should be amended only through an orderly process, so respect for the constitution continues unabated. Disregarding constitutional safeguards in a willy-nilly fashion, no matter how much you wish to justify the impatience of certain groups in society, only leads to unmitigated disasters.

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