Grassroots Haiti: News section coming to website

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Post by admin » Fri May 26, 2006 10:46 am

Sounds really great! I look forward to their news section, with a lot of anticipation. I hope that "Grassroots Haiti Solidarity Committee" stands for a true solidarity network and that, while they do not compromise their integrity in any way, they do not turn out to be another ideologically rigid group (as we have seen too many in recent memory), which appoints itself the community's thought police and does not accept any critique whatsoever. In other words, I believe that we need a news perspective, precisely along the lines that they described above, one that will provoke people to think in a non-partisan manner and that pledges allegiance to no one but the human potential of Haiti's collectivity at home and abroad.

This is not intended as an endorsement but I hope that it will turn into one.

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