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Can we afford to go back?

Posted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 9:33 am
by Leonel JB
Almost everywhere in the World, the price of real estates goes according to job rates and a lot of other contributing factors. But unfortunately, back home things are much more different.
Any piece of land is outrageously high! Buying a home is out of the question.
My question is, why is it so high? On top of it all, one needs to have "Beaucoup US DOllars"!
For those of Us who can barely save a couple of thousands for our whole life. Going back is just an illusion.
You can go and check any Country on the internet. It seems like Haiti is the most expensive place to be. When you take in consideration the lack of basic needs. Do those People back home know the co-relationship between Real Estate and Jobs? What about electricity and other infrastructural needs? Are they nuts? Or were they spoiled by the Drug Dealers?
Take a look at our neighbour where one would get a lot for his money! Costa Rica is also a place where people are buying a lot. Spain and Italy are also in the game for vacation homes.
I think that I will need to focus more on Florida for retirement. It is more affordable!
A three-bedroom in Haiti costs on average two hundred thousand US plus. Mesye, nou fEk kare ap pran fredi, sak nan peyi frEt yo. Florida is expensive but at least there is infrastructure and all that jazz! M manti, Tidodo/Frantz?
Kidonk, mwen menm, ak Gi, Nekita, MichEl, SEj ak Jaf, antrave!
Unless some drastic changes occur, my hope or dream to go back is just a nightmare! I need to wake up. For, I and a lot of Us can not afford to go back!!!
Adios Amigos